Peshawar Lancers Redux: Europe

The Treaty Creating the Commonwealth of Nations was signed in London in April of 1935 A proposal was to locate it in French Morocco's Tangiers but some proposed building it in what hat once been the Spanish Sahara but was now part of the French zone.
Signing the treaty were: Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Austrian Empire, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Kingdom of Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Central American Republic, Neuva Granada, Peru, Empire of Brazil,Chile,Poland, Ukraine,Russia,Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,Finland, Persia, Kingdom of Arabia, Thailand, Republic of China, Empire of the Rising Sun, Australia, New Zealand.
Construction of the new city in Northwestern Africa began. Three companies would be involved in the Project. The Hawaiian Group was named as the General Contractor and it had just completed an expansion of the America Canal in the Central American Republic and building the new Royal Hawaiian Air Force Academy building. An American Company was also named and it would begin to work on the port and infrastructure. Final a French Company would be working on the rail connection. The Americans brought in a Spanish partner to help with the construction of the power plant.
Work on the new City in western Africa which was to be the Headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations continued. The Port was being enlarged to handle the landing of construction equipment. A Quarry was busy trying to supply building materials for the construction of buildings. If anything unemployment in the region hit an all time low. While a lot of European Construction companies were busy in places like France, Netherlands Italy and Spain rebuilding those companies sought to get a piece of the largest construction project ever attempted in modern times.
Germany lead the opposition to the amount of money being asked for to fund the Commonwealth of nations project. Germany proposed that it give 4 million dollars and that a similar limit be placed on France,Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland and Italy
The German proposal to restrict the amount of money that they government could spend on the Commonwealth of Nations project gained support in other countries. Norway and Finland still facing a lot of rebuilding limited their contribution to $500.000 each. The Ukraine also limited its contribution to a similar amount. Belgium contributed $600,000 and Ireland $750,000. In Austria there was a big struggle as the opposition opposed the $12,500,000 proposed by the government. It was reduced to $10,000,000 but the opposition was using every maneuver to delay and reduce it. The Austrian Kaiser then pledged $2,500,000 out of the Royal family's personal fortune to the project and the Government was able to get $6,500,000 in funding. Russia agreed to match the Austrian amount and its Czar added $1,500000 from the Royal family to the Account.
The Commonwealth Of Nations funding Proposal by Chairman Charles B Kamehameha of the Hawaiian House Ways and Means Committee addressed the question of how much money would be requested. His proposal shattered the opposition and set up the Commonwealth of Nations foundation with contributions from a lot of the world's richest people. He also set up a construction review board and suggested that there be strict accounting. His proposal was apposed by the member nations, By 1939 the city was really taking shape.
Great Britain had seen a lot of activity over the past 30 years. London was rebuilt with a lot of changes. Lots of damaged buildings were removed. Infrastructure that had been damaged was replaced with more modern facilities. A lot of infrastructure was built including new telephone, telegraph lines, new rail lines and the construction of better highways. The population grew with the improvements and the return of people that had fled to Africa, India and Australia. By 1940 the population of London had grown to 190,000 and the government believed that it could grow to 500,000 by 1950. In fact the population of Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) had now grown to 9 million and it was believed that it could grow to19 million.. The shipbuilding industry had returned to Britain and the small aviation industry was growing.
France was another country that had being spending a lot of money to rebuild what had been lost. There had been a massive change to Northern France.An effort had been made to regain some of the land that had been lost to the giant pouring of waters from the Channel into France. Finally a decision was reached in 1936 to give up on the idea of total restoration and instead complete that which was possible. In 1910 the population of Metropolitan France was about 900,000 but by 1920 it had risen to 2 million. By 1940 the number of people that had resettled in France had increased the population to 8 million. With improvement to the rail lines ( Brazil,Hawaii, Portugal,Spain and France had worked together to restore the rail connection that ran from Lisbon to Nice. every month it expanded further to the east and the Austrians,Italians and Swiss were working to try to connect it so that it could allow Europeans to travel back home.
Napoleon V was coordinated as the New French Emperor. He replaced his father Napoleon IV better Known as the Prince Imperial who stepped down due to ill health. He had suffered from an injury caused during the 1912 assassination attempt.> Napoleon V was at the opening of the Commonwealth of Nations complex along with King/Emperor George VI
Britain reported an attack by an unknown group on the Suez Canal some damage was done but 5 of the attackers were killed by security forces and Britain had moved forces from India to protect the Canal. British Military explosive experts believed that the explosives used was of the same type used in the Hawaiian and Crimean attacks. The issue was brought up in the Commonwealth of Nations Security Council. Russia agreed to investigate and would provide records. General La Pietra put the security forces for the Commonwealth of Nations on a higher alert status thus tightening up security.
The Russians provided copies of the reports of its investigation to the Security Council. Copies were forwarded to Interpol. The idea being to prevent any more attacks.
April 12,1943 an explosion was reported at a Russian prison facility. It was reported that 4 suspects in the theft of explosives were being held there. Russian Security forces responded quickly to the matter and 20 of the 100 escapees were recaptured. There was a shoot out between the Russian Secret police officers and a group of escapees. Six escapes were killed and 5 wounded as well as two secret police officers. Ivan Chernenko was identified as a suspect in the Bombings in Russia and the Ukraine.
the German and Austrian security services went on a heighten sense of alert after reports from Russia. Kaiser Wilhelm II had passed away in 1941 and his oldest son took the throne as Wilhelm III. But there had been three assassination attempts and the last one had left the German Emperor injured. Intelligence services had traced the attempts to a German Marxist group with ties to the Russian terrorist. There were reports that a Turkish Nationalist group had started a conflict along the Austrian-Ottoman border.
The German, Austrian, French, Dutch Belgian and Polish Security services reacted to the attacks on the German Emperor by mutual cooperation in intelligence and a series of sweeps by the Security services and regular police on suspected terrorist groups.. The German and Polish security services succeeded in capturing a terrorist German group hiding in the border region. The French Gendarmes D' elite crushed a group of French Marxist that were plotting on blowing up a train and a reclamation site. Documents found indicated a larger plot and a massive co-operation among the Marxist groups in France, Germany , Austria and Russia. Intelligence was carefully shared.
Donald Fitzpatrick of Donegal was coranated as King Patrick II of the Kingdom of Ireland. He replaced King Sean I who died of a heart attack, Donald was 21 and was well regarded by the people of the Kingdom. He was distantly related to the late Kin and had been named by King Sean I as his heir.
The Kingdom of Ireland had hammered out trade deals with Hawaii, the United States, Canada and was currently working on a trade deal with Great Britain. Austria had formed the European Common Market to facilitate trade in Europe. Currently its members were: Austrian Empire, Poland Ukraine Lithuania , Latvia, Estonia, Germany,Netherlands, Denmark and Italy. Talks were currently going on with the French, Belgians,Spanish and Finns. This was to be solely a trade Pact
The Kingdoms of Hawaii and the Kingdom of Ireland signed a new Mutual Security Pact. It renewed the Hawaiian Naval and Air Base in Ireland. The original Pact dated from the 1880s when Hawaii first began to reach out to help assist in the reconstruction of the world . Hawaii helped to build the modern infrastructure in Ireland and to improve conditions in the Nation. Eventually a Naval Base and a Naval air station were built.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed in 1946 with the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Iceland being the first five members. In 1947 the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway,Denmark. Portugal and Brazil joined. Hawaii was considered an associated member.