Peshawar Lancers Redux; Australia and New Zealand

The Royal Hawaiian Navy had established an office in Melbourne to help oversee the construction of ships in Australia. The office also provided advise to the shipyard on the construction of vessels being built for the Royal Hawaiian Navy and for thethe Royal Australian or Royal New Zealand Navy.
The Aushaw Shipyard in Melbourne now had orders for two Battleships and three Battlecrusers which would keep the yard busy for at least 8 years. But the shipyard was already planning an expansion which would allow construction of smaller warships. AUSHAW Maritime was the name of the new Australian-Hawaiian company and it promised to be the largest shipyard in the Pacific.
With the reopening of Great Britain the Royal Navy was hoping to begin construction of several new capital ships there but there was a pressing need to replace the predreadnoughts and the British Admiralty turned to Aushaw Maritime to build some of the new ships. Two vessels of the new Iron Duke Class of Battleship would be built in the Melbourne Yard and a Royal Navy team would arrive to oversee the project and hold talks about building 2 even more powerful capital ships.
Australia by 1920 was still on a boom as the economy continued to grow .The same was true with New Zealand but there the growth was slowing. Indeed the United States and Canada as well as Europe was clearly seeing the climate return to normal. Great Britain was building its population back up as many who had fled to India or South Africa returned to the British Isles.
Australia was now less dependent upon Britain and had a greater capacity to produce stuff that had previously had to be imported. Indeed Both Australia and New Zealand were quite close to Hawaii and had begun to develop relations with the US.
There was a lot of development of the outback as the 20th century began. There was and Australian National Development which allowed the irrigation of the Western desert using the lakes that had been created by the Fall. By the 1920 there were quite a few ranches and farms in the region.
Aushaw Maritime managed to win all of the contracts to build warships for the Royal Australian Navy and it also won contracts for New Zealand and some Royal Navy ships. It was believed that once the British Government and a large part of the European population returned to Britain those contract would all but vanish. Still businesses in Hawaii and New Zealand were subcontractors for critical parts. Hawaii supplied the weapons and did a lot of the design work.