Peshawar Lancers Redux: Asia

The Chinese 40th Army slugged it out with the Han Army and the Russians. The Chinese troops were some of the best Chinese troops and their commanders were well aware of the modern tactics to be used.. The Chinese T-59 tanks had the benefit of western technology which allowed them to more than match the Russian T-55. Super shermans had reportedly knocked out several IS-3 tanks. The Chinese Used firepower to break open a hole forcing the Russians to fall back. Then with aircover the Nationalist dropped a reinforced Parachute division near Shanghai releaving the pressure on the Shaghai International Airport.
A cease fire was arranged in the conflict in the Han Kingdom. The Chinese army had pushed to within 15 miles of linking up with the Airborne and western troops who held the city,port and airport. Still the Republic of China had made a massive gain along the coast.
The result of the war was that the government of Prime Minister Kao in Hawaii fell in the next election with the Liberal Democrats having a razor thin majority. Ambassador Kamehameha was expecting to be recalled by the new government but Prime Minister Paul Mercier decided against recalling the Ambassador. He did press for a withdrawal of Hawaiian forces from Shanghai but agreed to a phased withdrawal over 6 months while the Bombers that were in Hong Kong were recalled immediately.
Katherine Kamehameha visited the Republic of China as one of her first foreign diplomacy actions. She met with the Chinese President and addressed the Chinese Congress.The Hawaiian leader reassured the Chinese Government of Hawaii's friendship and support. Hawaii sold the Chinese its remaining stock of F-84 fighters and concluded a new trade agreement.. From China she and the Secretary of State flew to Japan where she discussed mutual concerns regarding Russia.