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    I have this habit of not posting until I get a clear picture out of a subconscious sickness of negative comments, so I decided to ask first from veterans: And yes I READ the stickies.

    1-From my nickname as you see, I am fascinated with a tyranny that recognizes that oppression can be overdone and mutilated into literal acceptance into a horrid mindrape of genetic, social and pheromonal level. The Draka. One evil worse than Nazis.

    2-I wrote it but lost will in many ways, can I get encouragement and advice as I post it incomplete if people decide to act like jerks? I simply want an enjoyable story made.

    Idea was this:

    This struck a chord with me. What if the nations in its way would sudden get a rush of blood to the brain and see the "HUGE EXTINCTION AND SLAVERY IMMIMENT GODDAMNIT DO SOMETHING" signal blaring in their heads?

    Russia did it in this timeline event. So... Why not the Ottomans? POD: Around 1820's when Draka approach Sudan.

    I know, an alternate timeline's alternate timeline's alternate divergence. Would people be interested to read? There is a quite a bit, and no, it won't be a Turkwank. Ottomans what a cornered animal does with no hope of escape.

    Is anyone else interested to hear more? Where I should start putting the nearly done drafts?
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    Fandom AH is likely the place you'd want to post in.
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