Peace after Dunkirk: When does the UK rejoin the war (if at all?)


why would we think the Soviets are going to take a hard line with Germany if the UK is out of the war? still think a conflict is more likely than not, but it seems the Soviets would still be trying to avoid one for a couple of years?

I think the Soviets would be happy to see the "capitalist powers" of Germany and the United Kingdom bleed each other dry in a long, protracted war.

In the meantime, if they can work out an addendum to the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact with Germany that gives them influence in Bulgaria, removes German troops from Finland, forces Japan to recognize Soviet control of North Sakhalin, facilitates territorial revisions with Turkey and Iran, all while not being obligated to declare war in Britain? - all the better.

in this scenario UK has been forced out of the war, doubt the Soviets would present such a laundry list of demands?