Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck of the East : A story of World War 2 in Tibet

So the Amerikabomber and fixing the Enigma machine, and all the different Nazi race policies are a result of the effectiveness of guerrilla war vs. the Allies/ colonial powers being demonstrated and the war being drawn out longer?
Butterfly effect can influence people’s thinking
To be clear, you can write the timeline however you want.

I understand the butterfly effect to mean that in a system with a high degree of complexity or chaos, like weather or history, small changes in the initial state can create large changes downstream. But these changes have a mechanistic chain of causality.

I find, as a reader, that the man-of-few-words writing style leaves me unsatisfied as to how later events were caused by preceding ones. Your timeline list gives a series of dots, but as a reader I cannot connect them.

Going back to the ranking of probability that I posted before, the index rank stories that closely follow a chain of causality from the initial POD as more plausible, even if the POD is a weird one.

Although you might not intend it, the lack of detail make this timeline look like a grab bag of unrelated “Germany does better, Allies do not react” changes. This kind of storytelling ranks lower on the plausibility index.

One remedy might be to connect the dots.
Not hard to find when reading previous posts
Actually, yeah! I think I have discovered your sources. Like, say, from this one...
August 1945 : Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter becomes a salaried official of the Tibetan and Japanese governments, translating foreign news and acting as the Court photographer
You just copied the Wikipedia page on Harrer nearly verbatim:

"In 1948, Harrer became a salaried official of the Tibetan government, translating foreign news and acting as the Court photographer."
October 1945 : Malaysian fascists declare allegiance with Japan. Malaysian civil war, German advisors sent to assist local Malaysian collaborators

October 1945 : Japan suffers heavy naval and air bombardment. Kamikaze strikes continue on Allied fleets but fail to have a substantial impact

October 1945 : Bulgaria declares war on Germany

October 1945 : German 6th and 8th armies reenters Romania. A battle between German and Soviet forces ensues

October 1945 : New IS-3 and T-44 tanks meet new German E series tanks

October 1945 : Wiesbaden nuked


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August 1945 : The US population is unprepared for a chemical attack and several thousand Americans die. The US quickly manufactures gas masks and anti chemical warfare equipment for civilian use

August 1945 : Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter becomes a salaried official of the Tibetan and Japanese governments, translating foreign news and acting as the Court photographer

August 1945 : Hitler orders V2 rockets to be fired directly at the Buckingham palace and Big Ben. Allied spies are sent to the gas chamber.

August 1945 : Japan begins construction of national redoubt. Japan is shocked upon news of it’s ally Germany nuked and fears for the same to happen to Japan

August 1945 : Harrer and Aufschnaiter celebrate moon festival and have some moon cakes and tea

August 1945 : Operation Montclair : American, Dutch, ANZAC, British, Canadian, Indian, Mexican, and Brazilian troops land in Java. Sukarno, Hatta, Suharto and other Indonesian nationalists join forces with the Allies against the Japanese. Indonesian civil war, Japan installs Dr. Notonindito to lead the Indonesian puppet government as the “legitimate” government. PETA units loyal to Axis fight the Allies under the command of Von Paulus. Indonesian gestapo style units make mass arrests across the Indonesian population. Chinese Indonesians go through a Holocaust style genocide under Japanese and Indonesian collaboration

August 1945 : Soviet marines land in Riga
I know it's only a sentence, but come on, is it that hard to change it enough to not be and opbious straight lift?
Australia. The "Great Southern Land"/Downunder the place between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

May I ask what you exactly mean when you say that? What did they exactly get wrong? I'm just curious.
As I mentioned, his claim that pressure from Washington needed to be applied to Canberra to have Australia further participate in the war were unfounded. The American decision to limit Australian participation was based upon the idea that America did not agree with the ANZAC Pact and did not want to share any deliberations WRT a possible peace settlement with another power...