Paperback books, June, SFP

Two books out this month from SFP.

Why The Titanic Sank, by Brad Rousse.
One of the iconic tragedies of the modern era, the sinking of the Titanic has become shrouded in legends, true and false, about exactly why the ship sank. Yes, OK, it hit an iceberg. However, the details of why the ship was where it was, how the crew responded before, during, and after the collision, and many other factors, have become "common knowledge." Like so much of common knowledge, it isn't always accurate. This book separates fact from fiction regarding that fateful event.


Escape From the Tower, by David Flin
If the Ravens ever leave the Tower of London, Britain is doomed. So goes the legend, and for hundreds of years Ravens have been held at the Tower, guarded and protected, pin feathers drawn so they can't fly away and escape. For hundreds of years, they have been held secure, protecting the safety of the Realm. But what do the Ravens think about this? And what are the designs of the magpie helping them, the magpie known as Colonel Blood?


Two more in the system, but these are the first fruits of June.
A third paperback this month from SFP:

Prometheus Unchained, by Andy Cooke.
"Growing up in Deep Space can be difficult. When the revolutionary spaceship they're developing there - and on which you hope to earn a position - is having problems and may never fly, tensions can rise. Stumbling across a terrorist conspiracy to wipe out most of humanity? That puts the pressure up to a really unfair level. How are a fifteen-year-old, an eighteen-year-old, and a twenty-one-year-old going to sort all that out? From deep space, to the Moon, and to the endangered Earth, Ashley, his older brothers, and his friends, have a lot to do..."
A mystery adventure in the near future, with the fate of the world at stake.

And, finally, after much fighting and struggling, the fourth book of the month from SFP:

Green and Pleasant Land, David Flin
The first book in the Building Jerusalem series. Set in 1920, in a world in which the start of WWI was avoided, this follows the fortunes of four soldiers newly joined the British Army. This book focuses on their training and misadventures in England, before their setting off on deployment. It is an unashamed look at life from the people at the bottom doing the work, rather than the decision makers who stay aloof from the dirty end of things. Alternate History combined with slice of life.