Panama canal never built

what would have happend if great britian and the United staes hadn't been able to agree on the panama canal and it never got built
Plowshare or Diolkos ?

The need for rapid naval deployments between the Atlantic and Pacific existed by the Great War, let alone in World War 2. At the latest, the 1950s might see the construction of a canal. I suggest a sea-level one excavated by deeply-buried nuclear detonations.

Alternatively, a modernised equivalent of the Diolkos at Corinth (an Ancient Greek portage road) might be put in place - a massive railroad-based transporter system to carry ships from one side of the Isthmus to the other. Certainly you'll need an oil pipeline either side with loading terminals.:D
The cities of the American and Canadian Midwest would remain booming because of the continued heavy railroad usage.

Don't forget tho that there was the isthmian railway before there was a canal, and if there is no canal its likely that this railway becomes massive overtime, with transhipment of goods from the Caribbean side to the Pacific side

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Railroads in war

Grey Wolf, him right...

But, if no ships transported overland, there might be an enhanced ship construction and repair industry on the US Pacific coast, maybe with steel transport from Duluth. Means larger rail networks from the Midwest to the Pacific - massive knock-on effects, maybe extending to increased fossil fuel usage and earlier global warming. And more railways = more sleepers = more deforestation.:mad: Panama Canal Rules OK!