New England Budget 2019-2020 Breakdown

You're doing a great job here, @Kanan . I'm not the only one who appreciates your good work, either.

Haha thanks :closedeyesmile:! I hope to have some new stuff out this weekend too!

Quite honestly I have no idea why anyone would say such negative things about you, favorite timeline on the site, keep up the good work!!! @Kanan

Some people just have nothing better to do I guess? Kinda sad. Ah well! :coldsweat: I'm glad to hear it!! I have no plans of slowing down.


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I have received several requests to deletes these undoubtedly offensive posts.

However, please keep in mind this following bit of formal Board policy:

Public administration.

All warnings, kicks, and bans are posted on the board. Courtesy copies of these messages may be sent in PMs as well, but the principle is that everyone gets to see exactly what the administration is doing. The idea is that it's not enough for justice to be done, justice must be seen to be done. This also allows members to criticize mod decisions, because everybody knows exactly what is going on and the people participating in a thread will almost automatically see any disciplinary action that happened in that thread.

Transparent means exactly that. People get to see why actions are taken.
Weird how there are just a lot of blank, empty messages for the last few pages with absolutely nothing in them. Very strange, doesn't look like anything to me. Anyway, look forward to more as always Kanan, your work is toppest of the top tier.
Just chiming in to say keep up the *amazing* work you do, @Kanan! Sorry you had to deal with that utter rubbish!

Now for an actual question, because I may have missed something: the poll graphic you posted, is that Great Britain/UK only or the full Commonwealth?