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If you'll have time, I'd be interested in
- the Great Officers of State of NE, in the Black Rods of NE,
- the provincial symbols (flowers/ animals/ tartans/ mottos, etc.).
50k capacity stadium in New Brunswick

So Hassan is Labour’s interim leader? What’s going on with the leadership election?

It's set to take place the second week of November in a closed party caucus vote, where the top two will then be sent to the national membership. Hassan has stated she wants to stand to lead the party.
Hmmm, Joe Kennedy III sounds the favourite to me?

Could be. The party membership is still really high so round two will have a lot of voters. Hassan is widely expected to get a majority in the party House of Commons caucus, so it's a race for second to go to the general party vote


Maggie Hassan (Interim Leader, Ward 17 Boston)
John Larson (former Minister of Finance, Hartford East-Downtown)
Andy Filmore (Halifax)
Joe Kennedy III (Deputy Labour Leader, Southampton)

Obligatory meme about him (sorry not sorry)
Keep in mind Patrick Kennedy is the Minster of Science! So it's not ASB to suggest the Kennedy family could control three major parties in New England.

...I wonder what the conspiracy theories on that are like
Is Ciciline not running? I was hoping he was

Nope. The outgoing government is obviously not all that popular so having two former ministers doesn't make good political sense. Larson is a lot more popular with the limited caucus that still supports the former government's policies.
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