OTL Map Thread Mk IV., 2014-

anyone out who could fill in Antarctica's topography for this Map?

This map is very old, yet Antarctica remains blank.

I mean there's anothr a that does show antarctica's topography, but the format and rojection are different, secifically in the Wolrd-M format.
It shouldn't be so hard.
Florida not being alligators is baffling to me

But on the other hand I can totally see the headline “Florida man dies after trying to eat entire nest of fire ants”

Maybe because people in Florida might expect alligators to be dangerous but non-venomous insects to be less so. And the map says that it depicts death couses above the national average. Maybe there are numerous deaths by alligator in Florida but Missouri and Illinois raise the median so much that Florida just happens to be below the average, who knows? (well, apparently the map makers would know)

next map rather unrelated: