OTL Election maps resources thread

I had to get this done before Derry Girls ends. :p


As with my 2020 Irish election map from the last page, I've mapped it two ways- first preference by candidate, and first preference by party. It kinda shows the idiosyncrasies of STV in a much more interesting way doing it like this IMO.

Speaking of idiosyncratic, I think the results kinda speak for themselves! Norn Iron has certainly changed a lot in recent years, and it'll be fascinating (and hopefully not frightening) to see how and if it continues to change because of this election...
Very nice. Were the smaller islands also divided into constituencies, or did they elect by bloc vote?

Apartheid-era South African elections are one of the longstanding "holy grail" projects of election mapping - as you say, constituency maps are elusive (it doesn't help that the current system is nationwide list PR, so the Electoral Commission doesn't have a natural incentive to store constituency maps, current or old, on its website), and I suspect you would need to physically go to Pretoria or Cape Town to have a real chance of ever finding them.
I can send you a map of Magisterial districts, which could be a nice basemap for the project


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Yesterdays elections in NRW, from Wikimedia Commons
Cool to see one of my maps being posted. The version you is actually slightly wrong; two districts were won by a slightly larger margins and a levelling seat was moved from the SPD to the Greens. That has been fixed now.
Just to confirm - in state elections in Germany, are the list seats always at large?
No. Not in all states. Bavaria use separate elections in each government district, Berlin allows parties to allocate their list seats across the city buroughs, Baden-Wüttemburg uses a best-loser system in each government district, and Bremen has separate elections in Bremen and Bremerhaven.