Operation Sealion, A German Success

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OK, why not, for a change?

From BBC World News: ....and in other European news, Die Weit reports thatKustenwache officials in Cuxhaven have declared the freight container which became overloaded with copies of the board-game 'Operation' and chocolate 'Lion' bars for the christmas market, blocking sea-access to the Elbe, has now been safely towed into port.
"Operation Sea Lion was a complete success", said Kapitan Unwarscheinlick....
The Unmentionable Mammal wrinkles Its Whiskers in Approvation at this thread

Maybe Operation Sealion may have succeeded if the Germans had used actual sealions as troop carriers. They will be a lot less conspicuous then conventional troop carriers, and they can provide a tasty meal for the German soldiers once on British soil.

Well, at least im trying to think of an original twist on this...
If the German Army was the "supermen" they claimed to be, they could have floated across the Channel on the force of their awesomeness. However they did not, because they were not.
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