Onward to Utopia!: A graphics timeline


Onward to Utopia!

Welcome to yet another attempt of mine to try and build a TL!
The main POD will be that the First World War ends in a stalemate and the ensuing peace leaves no one quite satisfied. It is based on a map of mine I've posted on here some time ago which I will use as a jumping off point to expand the TL. It also takes inspiration from the Red Flood mod for HOI 4 as well as several other places. This TL will feature maps, wikiboxes etc, but instead of typing out a cut and dry "loredump" I will try accompany the pieces shown with little vignettes (newsarticles, diary entries) that will hopefully give it all some more context.

Flag of the League of National Rejuvenation


"For the old motto of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity no longer rings true in France, it seems that in their eagerness to destroy everything associated with the old order they have replaced it with something more in line with the current regime; Vigueur, Vitesse, Revanche! (Vigor, Speed, Revenge!)"-Unknown Author

Flag of the Italian Futurist Party


"Comrades, I stand here before you with only one question; QUIS CONTRA NOS?"- Il Vate

Map: Europe in 1919

Regency of Trentino New

Italian Regency of Trentino


Poet turned War Hero seizes control of the town of Trient
"As Civil strife rages on in the Triple Monarchy, paramilitaries under the leadership of Gabriele D'Annunzio have seized control of the town of Trient as well as several strategic positions throughout the region, they have proclaimed the Regency of Trentino and seek to attach the territory to Italy, while several similar initiatives in the Adriatic were repulsed by loyalist forces, the successful seizure of the region by these so called modern day legionaries leaves the door open for other foreign powers to meddle in the conflict."
-Newspaper Article dated the 13th of September 1920

"They called themselves the Bureau of slight of hand an lightning attacks but as far as I am concerned they are just an ordinary bunch of thugs. Just yesterday they raided the town for provisions and food to provide supplies for the main force that's hold up in Trient. Not only did they rob the very people they claim to protect they also treated the townsfolk very harshly. When one of them spoke out against the violent tactics committed by these brigands, he was beaten within an inch of his life while others who did the same where treated to the infamous "castor oil treatment". You would almost hope the Reds would come and push these fanatics out."
-Dairy entry by an unknown author

"The Regency became a proving ground for the ideas that would form the foundation for the futurist movement, it's ideas as well as it's leader would go to dominate politics in Italy and beyond, Culminating in the annexation of the territory into Italy as soon as the Futurists came to power."
-Excerpt from the book: The Endeavor of Trentino