Obesity Epidemic: Compulsory Rationing


25% of the US population is now considered obese (ie 20% or more above their optimum weight). Some say it will be 50% by 2015. In the UK it is set to reach 30%.The reason: too much food & a sedentary life style! Until this generation, all mankind could think about was getting food. Today, such is the abundance that food literally means NOTHING! Plus the effects of growth hormones, GM franken-foods, hidden fats and sugars etc. I saw a whole busload of US Hawaiian Polynesian-type tourists literally tumble out of their bus and attack pentuple-decker felafels and schwarmas quaffed down with gallons of regular coke. They were ALL HUGE! Massive torsos, thighs and arms. It was sad & grotesque. WI obesity reached such an epidemic level, collapses the medical and caring services with heart attacks, diabetes, blindness, a non-ambulant, non-productive populace, on a scale much worse than cigarette smoking damage? Could the government actually enforce compulsory food rationing to save the nation from collapsing under its own weight?!
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Leo Caesius

I think that the most amusing thing about this whole epidemic is the fact that many of these fatty foods have the nutritional value of a discarded gym sock (and less, considering the fiber content of aforementioned gym sock). In theory, one could actually die of malnutrition while remaining grotesquely obese.

Then again, I have a rather odd sense of what constitutes "amusing."

In such a time of crisis, the FDA could begin by regulating the nutritional content of foods and and the states could start rationing school lunches and perhaps breakfasts as well. This would go far to eliminate child obesity, which almost inevitably leads to adult obesity.
I remember reading a list of famous people considered obese by Federal standards. IIRC, this list included:
Tom Cruise
Russel Crowe
Michael Jordan
Oh, the dangers of being obese! :D
I don't think rationing would go down well in America, but couldn't you just see politicians talking about how to spend their state's share in the McDonald's/Kraft Foods lawsuit settlement of 2014 :D ?
hmm.. let's all go out and elect radical left wing socialists... they'll use federal money to buy up most of the food and give it to the starving people overseas.. then the rest of us will have to diet, right? :)


It might be a good way of making sure that everyone in america gets enough to eat.

is it a matter of eating too much, or eating badly? Perhaps the government, instead of rationing food, would step in and change the way snacks are made... more healthy, more bland, fewer fats and carbs, etc... In the meantime, we could send all our potato chips, Twinkies, etc. to the starving people overseas (they could use about anything to eat, high carbs or not)...
No way, no how

What are they going to do? Take away my cattle that I have on my property? It's organic and almost as low fat as bison. Heck, it's so low fat, I have to add an egg to make the hamburger stick together. Oh, and are they going to raid my hen house as well? Take away my egg hens. There is a law in my county, to where if you see a varmit (fox, racoon, dog, coyote, etc) attacking your farm animals, you're allowed to shoot.

Oh, and are they going to make me till up my garden as well? Cause you know those potatos have all of those carbs. When I wrestled in High School , I weighed in at 170 my senior year. Felt sick all of the time. After High School, I packed on some weight, but I still jogged 3 miles a day, six days a week, and weighed 225. I'm 5'6". There is no way I will ever make one of those mandated obesity chart thingys.

Admitedly, I'm over 350 now. (Accident prevented any form of excercise), But now that I am healed, I am starting to lose it again. But I'll never be thin. It's not in my genes. Heck, when I weighed 170, I still had to wear a size 50 lettermans jacket, thats how wide I was.

So I don't think they are going to be able to regulate this like they would want to. I could just see the black market for twinkes, and candybars. And people growing sugar beets so they can make thier own sugar.

:D :D :D :D :D
I think that it will happened in the middle of the century when pollution combined with the effects of the obesity epidemic the UN will introduce complusory worldwide food rationing.