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No Kim il-Sung: How does North Korea develop?

In a scenario where Kim il-Sung died before he could take over North Korea, how does North Korea/the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" develop? Who takes over North Korea in lieu of Kim il-Sung? What does North Korea look under his rule?
Granddad Kim kept the Norks out of most of the China versus Soviet stuff and was basically isolationist except when they wanted to get crap from the Soviets. He also kept the lid on the pro-Chinese groups in the DPRK (both real and perceived) and this is something that the North Koreans have kept up with even in our present times.

Without Kim you could end up with a Pro-Chinese North Korea at some point down the line. In any case, North Korea would likely not invade South Korea so it would be better off industrially and economically and may remain ahead of the South until the 80's depending on how the south goes.

In any case, without someone like Kim Il-sung I feel that the North Koreans would not be able to withstand the 90's. Or, perhaps, they end up as a PRC satellite state and end up following Deng's reforms and we end up with an economically successful North Korea. That would be a cool thing to see in a TL.
Two possible scenarios

1) With continued Soviet support, they will follow the soviet model of industrialization with a heavy focus on heavy industries and capital goods.

2) Or, the North Koreans go the Vietnam way with their own Doi Moi based on what they see from Deng
Would the non-Kim ruler set up that crazy personality cult as well? There's a difference between generic "our leader is great" and "our leader is divine and has no anus" propaganda.