Nintendo's New Groove: An Alternate Nintendo Timeline

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While things are looking up here in Nintendo, there’s a downside for Nintendo. They want to go deeper, as their games, their anime, and their movies so far won’t even cut it by a notch. They’re planning on a Nintendo theme park known as “Super Nintendo World”, new animated series and movies based on their IPs, plans for a Super Mario graphic novel series, a return to what they have worked on before stepping into the video game industry (minus the love hotels), rebooting older franchises, and more!

Also, something, something, DLC expansions for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Also, Ubisoft celebrates Rayman’s 25th anniversary by releasing Rayman Redemption!

Also, DeviantArt doesn’t make Eclipse mandatory (I should have said that DA accidently shuts down Eclipse, but that would be really weird, even when put out of context). And the 2016 president was not Donald Trump, but a man named “Gilbert Sullivan”. He’s known for convincing China to prevent COVID-19 from happening, has prevented World War III from happening, so on, and so forth.

Ok, about this alternate timeline of mine, people have been wondering about why my timeline can cause some *clears throat* problems. That’s because of one thing. I think it was rather complicated to explain the details of what’ll happen, so...

Come to think of it, I wasn’t sure about what to think about in this threadmark. Got any ideas left for me?
That would be a wonderful future isn't it?