Nice Reference Site(s)

Odds and Ends

Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Specialized encyclopaedia for the Middle East and North Africa. In-depth articles with loads of illustrations.

Maps of the Middle East

The European Library
A portal which offers access to the combined resources (books, magazines, journals.... - both digital and non-digital) of the 45 national libraries of Europe. It offers free searching and delivers digital objects - some free, some for a fee.

Austro-Hungarian Empire Map Index

Hungary Historical Maps
Maps of Hungarian counties in different periods of time, Hungarian census information, Hungarian given names, and list of counties of the Hungarian Empire and what they relate to now.

Map of Odessa (1892)

Maps of Hungary, 1900 -broken down by religious distribution, demographics, ethnic groups and many others.

A Dictionary of Period Russian Names

Ships of the Orient on Postcards
Contains extensive exterior and interior images of past ships of the Orient and P&O Lines. - Vintage Postcards for Collectors -15,000 vintage postcards for viewing and purchase

Vintage Postcards For Collectors -Another site with a large collection of vintage postacrds

Old Postcards from Brazil -and yes, they have a few on airships…. ;)

America As It Was-A Tour of the USA in Vintage Postcards

Images of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Reminisce about historic Lake Geneva by browsing this collection of over 500 souvenir-quality photographs and postcards selected from the Lake Geneva Public Library local history collection. Text-based materials include: Everts, Baskin, and Stewart. Combination Atlas Map of Walworth County, WI (1873).

Jacksonville, Texas: A Collection of History and Memorabilia
Postcards, photos, maps, books, phone directories and other items dating back to the town's founding in 1847.

Courthouse Postcards

Shipwrecks in the Atlantic
Database of shipwrecks in the North Atlantic from 1841 - 1978.

The Canal Age - Covers the years 1790 to 1855
Photos, links and other resources for paddlewheel riverboats

A Comprehensive Listing of Ohio Canals and Their Feeders

George's: Canal Boating in the U.K. and Europe
Links and information for every topic related to canals.

Jim Shead's Waterways Information
An encyclopedia of the canals and rivers of England and Wales, including historical data.

Inland Waterways of England and Wales : Their History in Maps
Maps from 1750 to 1950.

17th Century Colonial New England, with Special Emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692

Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project
Includes transcribed and scanned court records, maps, and more.
A few more.....

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Constitution Finder
This database offers constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents of nearly every country in the world. Nations of the world are linked to their constitutional text posted somewhere on the Internet.

Imperial Ethiopia - Ethiopian History, Culture, Tradition
Official site of the Imperial Crown Council of Ethiopia, the governing body of the Imperial Family of Ethiopia, Africa's oldest royal dynasty. This site presents the history of Ethiopia and its kings and queens, as well as information on the Imperial Family's various cultural and humanitarian activities, the Ethiopian aristocracy and Ethiopia's religions.

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia
Digital collection of advertisements for runaway slaves, captured slaves & servants in 18th- & 19th-century Virginia newspapers. Over 4000 advertisements for runaway slaves and indentured servants from newspapers in Virginia & Maryland from 1736-1803. Keyword searchable database.

Virginia Runaways
Runaway slave advertisements from 18th-century Virginia newspapers. Similar to the site above but focuses more on the 1736-1776 time period.

Remembering Black Loyalists, Black Communities in Nova Scotia

Maps of Liberia 1830-1870
From the Library of Congress, American Colonization Society Collection.

The Underground Railroad @ - Routes to Freedom Map

African American Newspapers in Kansas

Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy 1719-1820
Online searchable database of over 100,000 descriptions of slaves found in documents in Louisiana between 1718 and 1821 from Dr. Gwendolyn Midlo Hall. Scans of original documents as well as detailed information on the slaves involved in various revolts and rebellions. Dr. Hall appears to be a big fan of charts and statistics so one can find charts on such detailed things as 'age group of slave by decade', 'Average price by place of origin' and 'Number of slaves with Islamic names' for example.
Coat of arms and characters of the Albigensian crusade.

Heraldic Primer: Table of Contents

Heraldica - François Velde's Heraldry Site

The Heraldry and Coat of Arms Web Ring

International Civic Arms
Over 32,000 arms of towns, states and countries.

Chris Puncher's Heraldry Drawing Software
Allows simple designs to be drawn by selecting the appropriate heraldic terms from drop down lists. Requires no real knowledge of heraldy.

The Political Graveyard
"The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried". A little morbid but fascinating website.

Roman Emperors - The Imperial Index
An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors.

History of Europe in Medieval Times, Scandinavia
Historic and genealogical information about royal and nobility family lines. Numerous photos and pictures to be viewed online.

Digger History
Massive collection of propaganda posters and pictures from WW1 onwards. Main site has numerous photos and information on many aspects of military life of many european and North American countries, including wartime guidebooks, weapons and uniforms from WW1 onwards.

Regimental Warpath 1914 - 1918
Compostion & dispostion of the British and Empire Armies of the First World War.

Virtual Ani - A building by building tour of the deserted medieval Armenian city of Ani.

Life in a Medieval Castle - Brief account of daily life in a Medieval Castle. Touches on such aspects as religion, hygiene and water.

Medieval Life - Everyday life during medieval times. A description of the history, literature, chivalry, commerce, customs, food and life of people living in Europe, Asia and Africa during the Middle Ages.

Medieval Clothing - Medieval costume. Men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, sanitary napkins, diapers, wool, linen, silk, leather, fur

Medieval Technology Page - A very interesting look at medieval technology; how it was created, how it worked, and how it was used.

Waystation Central - The internet guide to paperbacks, pulps, and magazines. Some good articles on American pulps and paperbacks. Information on, and cover scans of the British and Australian equivalents to the American pulps, as well.

Conelrad: All Things Atomic - Extensive resources about 'the bomb' and all its attendant pop culture fallout. Includes song lyrics, audio, and video.

Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1920 - Over 9,000 images, with database information, relating to the early history of advertising in the United States

Mr. Pop History - A look at pop culture of the preceding five decades week by week.

Nuke Pop - Nuclear imagery in popular culture.

Poorfarms and Asylums - Index page with web sites pertaining to poorhouses, sanatoria, and asylums

Odd Notes on Asylum Architecture - Scholarly article from 1841 on the construction and management of hospitals for the insane.

Medical Heritage of Great Britain - A gazetteer of historic hospitals, dispensaries, spas and other medical heritage from the Bath and Wessex Medical History Group, arranged by county.

Mass Asylums - Site that features photos and history from state hospitals, state schools, and sanatoriums from Massachusetts and beyond.

Hospital Architecture In Montreal - Mcgill University provides a searchable database of images, a case study of the Royal Victoria Hospital, and a bibliography. The first hospital that was built in the city was in 1646--parts of it still remain.

Historic Asylums of America - An attempt to catalog and present America's historic state hospitals (insane asylums) founded in the latter half of the 19th century.

Bedlam: Custody Care and Cure 1247-1997 - An old Museum of London exhibition telling the fascinating 750-year-old story of Bethlem Royal Hospital, popularly known as 'Bedlam', the world's oldest institution caring for people with mental disorders.

Abandoned Memories - Photos of abandoned children's asylum buildings in Northville, Michigan called Wayne County Child Development Center. Now totally demolished. Also added is Clinton Valley Center from Pontiac, MI and Northern Michigan Asylum in Traverse City. Click on each picture in the main page to see additional photos of that hospital.

The Ascelpion - Features topics about ancient medicine. Contains texts and illustrations.

Classical Islamic Biomedicine - Index website maintained by the Karolinska Institute.

Global Project on the History of Leprosy - The International Leprosy Association is developing a database of leprosy archives around the world.

Spanish American War Medicine - Medical practice in the Spanish American War, primarily by US Army medical staff and DAR Volunteer nurses upon US soldiers.

Medicine and Madison Avenue - Explores the complex relationships between modern medicine and modern advertising. Presents images and database information for various health-related advertisements printed in newspapers and magazines.

American History Sweatshop Exhibition - A pictorial tour of sweatshops from 1820 to the present. From the National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution.

Germ Theory Calendar - A time line of all speculation on and experiments pertaining to the germ theory of disease beginning in 50 BC and going to 1900

Antique Spectacles and Other Visual Aids - A comprehensive site devoted to antique spectacles and visual aids. Historical and educational links augmented with good pictures.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow - Online exhibit of varieties of medical ephemera. The exhibit presents a lively and colorful collection of medical and pharmaceutical ephemera, dating from the 18th century to the present and contains nearly 400 items, including posters, informational pamphlets, trade cards, handbills, postcards, broadsides, and other types of printed ephemera.
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Food & Stuff

Antique Roman Dishes- Collection - Native Roman Ingredients and conversions, as well as recipes.

A Chaucerian Cookery - An examination of the foods found in the writings of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Included is A Chaucerian Feast, which contains recipes and instructions for presenting a feast based on Chaucer.

History of Food - Histories of tea, coffee, cheese, chocolate and a compliation of mediveal recipes from a variety of cultures.

Lothene - A Short History of Porridge - A brief history of the traditional Scottish dish from Roman times to the present.

Medieval Cookery - Recipes,
information, and notes about cooking in medieval Europe.

Tips on Tables - Vintage reviews of famous nightclubs and restaurants, mostly from the New York City area, viewed here for the first time since they were published in the 1940s and 50s.

Maps & Stuff

3-D Starmaps - An attempt to assist science fiction fans and authors of science fiction novels who lack the knowledge to construct maps.

Discus Media 1900 European Maps Collection - Collection of over 800 images of maps displaying the Old World as it looked like about 100 years ago. City maps, area maps.

FEEFHS Map Room - 50 detailed maps of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, the Balkans, and the Baltics from the 1882 Blackie and Sons atlas. Federation of East European Family History Societies.

Finland History - Maps showing the history of the Finnish-related people of Russia. Includes maps of city locations, name changes, and much commentary.

Panoramic Maps Collection - The Panoramic Maps, 1847 - 1921, collection contains about 1,700 idealized schematic views of towns and cities; a wealth of detail in setting, streets, and buildings. - Demographic, lifestyle, and economic data covering over 1300 US cities portrayed as thematic maps,
informative reports, detailed tables and colorful charts.

Rare Map Collection - The Hargrett Rare Books and Manuscripts Library at the University of Georgia maintains a collection of about 800 historical maps spanning nearly 500 years, from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century. - Blank Outline Maps -Printable blank outline map of each US State. Excellent homework helper.

Airplanes, Airships & Flying Machines, Oh My!

The Aerodrome - A comprehensive database on World War I aviation. Aces, aircraft, medals, forum, news, links, this day in history (events, births, deaths relevant to the topic).

Army Zeppelin LZ85 - The story of the Zeppelin LZ85 and other airships. Description of the Zeppelin along with pictures and other useful information.

The Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Foundation - Dedicated to the American pilots who flew for France before America's entry into World War I. Information and photographs about the Memorial, foundation, history, pilots, airplanes.

Rosebud's WW-I Aviation Image Archive - More than two thousand photographs of aeroplanes, airships, and kite balloons from the first two decades of flight.

Zeppelins: Monsters of the Purple Twilight - Describes the use of Zeppelins during WW-I.

Air Racing History -
Information on the development of air racing from 1909 to the present.
Contains details of various races, pilots and aircraft.

The AirShow - Information on the Golden Age Of Aviation, from the end of World War I to the start of World War II. Barnstorming, air racing, flying circuses, and Lindbergh's Atlantic
crossing were all part of this exciting period.

Allstar Network - History of early
design and development of airborn machines. Find biographical information
about and photographs of Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, the Tuskegee
Airmen, and Ben Davis. Also has information about the properties of flight
and related careers.

Early Birds of Aviation, Inc. -
Stories and photographs of the 598 original members of the Early Birds of
Aviation, and some 220 "Other Early Flyers." from around the world.

Early warning sound mirrors - Andrew Grantham provides photographs and details of surviving early 20th-century acoustic mirrors on the British coast designed to provide
early warning of enemy aircraft.

The Flying Machines - Covers attempts to fly before the Wrights. Includes images and factual information
about thoughts, experiments and attempts to fly before 1903.

Flying Machines: Construction and Operation - Complete, illustrated text of the work by W.J. Jackman, Thomas H. Russell, and Octave Chanute, published 1912. Subtitled "A Practical Book Which Shows, in Illustrations, Working Plans and Text, How to Build and Navigate the Modern Airship."

The Granville Brothers and Their Fantastic Gee Bees - Famous racing planes designed and built in the 1930's

Holcomb's Aerodrome - A photo gallery of pre WWII aircraft, annotated with specifications.

The Jay Miller Aviation History Collection - A reference library with many images online and contact information for researchers.

Military Aviation in Sweden - An annotated photo gallery of Swedish aircraft.

Naval Airship Association - Pictures and information on Naval airships.

Randy Wilson's Aviation History -
Technical and popular articles and stories, operations manuals, and humor
from early to middle twentieth century.

Vintage Aviation - Features original documents and images of aircraft from the 1930's.

Vintage Ultralight & Lightplane Association -
Preserves information about lost and forgotten light airplanes, blueprints
and designers.

Williams Antique and Classic Aircraft Site- Indexed and searchable antique aircraft photo archive, historical
information and U.S. aviation museum reviews

Wings For Freedom - The history of the Royal Canadian Air Force from its inception in 1924 to the present day.

Air Pirates World War II Aircraft Recovery - Offers photos and information on the recovery of historic aircraft
around the world.

Aircraft of the Pacific War - Combat aircraft from the Pacific War, 1941-1945. Includes information about Allied fighters and bombers, Japanese aircraft, campaigns and battles, specifications, and photos.

Aircraft of World War II - Large
collection of WWII aircraft in searchable database. Features include color
photos, wi-resolution wallpapers, and warbird forums

Aviation Archaeology - Site recording the recovery of crashed WWII aircraft from around the world and the stories of the men who flew them.

Battle of Britain - An annotated photo gallery about the men and machines on both sides of the 2nd World War.

Combat Aircraft of the Pacific War - Alphabetical index of Allied fighters and bombers, Japanese aircraft, and aircraft of other theatres. Site includes new pages, contact information, photos, and links.

Combat Aircraft of the Pacific War (different site) - Offers specification and data about Imperial Japanese Navy dive-bombers Aichi D3A and D4A, US naval dive-bombers, Mitsubishi A6M Zero, shipborne torpedo-bombers, fast carrier force, and battles of Leyte Gulf and the Phillippine Sea. Includes photos and history.

Fighter List - An index of fighters and bombers from all different countries and wars.

The Internet Museum of World War II Aviation - A great site for general reference of ANY plane used in battle during World War II.

Nazi UFOs and Wonder Weapons - Deals with the news, rumours, and stories about the alleged revolutionary
saucer-shaped aircrafts reportedly developed by the Germans during the last
months of the WWII.

Pacific Ghosts - Webpage about intact World War II Japanese and American aircraft wrecks in the Pacific.
Contains profiles of dozens of intact fighters, and bombers, with photos,
video, and complete histories.

Pacific Wreck Database - Provides World War II Pacific locations then and now, wrecks and relics, veteran interviews, MIA cases, book reviews, and information related to aircraft, ship and abandoned equipment still in the Pacific.

Spitfire and ME BF-109 - Spitfire diagrams. Also includes engine sounds, downloads, and pictures.

Stof's Plane Information Center - A World War Two aviation resource. Offers Allied and Axis aircraft, photos, descriptions, performance, and information.

The Wartime Airfields of Great Britain - UK Airfields of World War 2 "Then & Now". A study of the architecture and history of these airfields. Includes UK airfield listing, USAAF in the UK, control tower designs, references, and links.

Zeppelin Library - Facts and photos of the different uses for the German rigid airships. Includes
use in war, models, references and links.

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society - Preserving the heritage of the New Jersey naval airship station. Membership and contact information, historical articles, photo galleries.

Larry's U.S. Navy Airship Picture Book - Navy blimps in the 1950's as submarine hunter-killers. Links, image galleries and stories told by a radio crewman.

Airships - Features photos of the
Hindenburg, Graf Zeppelin, Akron, Shenandoah, Los Angeles, and other dirigibles. Includes brochures, collectibles, webring and contacts.
Just one...but it's a nice one...

Thought you might find these interesting.

Surviving radio show recordings (169 series--over 12,000 individual shows) from the 1920's to the 1950's--all in mp3 format and downloadable
(most of the time in any case--site seems to be a bit dodgey due to being a beta version). There's a few science fiction shows (Dimension X, X minus One, Mysterious Traveler, etc) that became the basis for the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits and so forth, as well as numerous comedy and variety shows. There's even some old newscasts (including BBC's copies of Churchill speeches).


Old Time Radio
A few odds and ends...

Silk Road Seattle - Maps, photos, historical texts, and other resources on the cultures of the Silk Road across Eurasia, from the beginning of the Common Era (A.D.) to the 17th century.

Oriental History- Links to the history and cultures of Asia from ancient to modern times. Articles, discussions, maps, and other resources.

Emperors of the Sangoku - Rulers of the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, and Japan. Includes tables, maps, and chronologies.

The Spice Routes - Details on the ancient spice routes between Southeast Asia and Africa.

Southeast Asian Monuments - Shows 100 slides of monuments in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam documenting Hindu and Buddhist structures, dating roughly from the 9th to 15th centuries. With overview, sculptures, and ornamental details.

The Red Kaganate - Focus is on Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Central Asia, including Arabs and Jews. Events calendar, clothing and weaponry, heraldry, food, public forum, newsgroup, and resource links.

Lisa's Time Machine - Multi-media tours of the 1960s, '70s, and '80s. Includes views of music, lifestyles, fashion, and fads of the three decades.

Mr. Pop History - A look at pop culture of the preceding five decades week by week.

Crazy Fads - Information about fads from the 1920's till now.

The Straight on The Haight - Stories and history of the Haight Ashbury. 60's styles, music, fashions and accessories in picture and text.

Pulp Fiction Central -Part of Vintage Library, this online store gives much information about the pulps, including cover art, writer profiles, and sells print and electronic reprints of the mags. Secure ordering. Requires Adobe Acrobat to read the online reprints.

Classic Noir Online - The Hardboiled World of Classic Film Noir includes articles, recommendations and more than 600 films.


Nice find, Doc. Doesn't seem to have been written by someone who had English as their first language, but good source of data. Pity the population stuff doesn't go back beyond the Sixties - I've been trying to find decent population data for the UK and elsewhere back in the C19 and C18...

It's not online but a facsimile edition of Whittaker's Almanac for 1900 just came out and has detailed information for 1899.
Movitone News!

Here is a real gem you can register for free and access the entire catalog of their clips!

Chumleigh Warner eat your heart out:cool:
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An absolute goldmine of stuff. American foreign policy from the start until now, masses of treaties, speeches and so on. The list of available thingies:

Papers and Speeches

Convocation Address, "Overcoming Fear," Mount Holyoke College, 6 September 2006

"A cease-fire won't get Israel what it wants," Newsday, 30 July 2006

Baccalaureate Address, Mount Holyoke College, South hadley, MA 101075, 27 May 2006

"Overextended, the US gets real," Newsday, 12 March 2006

Keynote Address, "The Bush Doctrine: Did America Change or Did the World Change," Annual Conference on Global Issues, Manchester Community College, Manchester Community College, 25 October 2003

"Another Motive for Iraq War: Stabilizing Oil Market," Hartford Courant, 12 August 2003

"Globalizing Weakness: Is Global Poverty a Threat to the Interests of States?" Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Environmental Change and Security, 8 August 2003

"Ideals And International Relations," A Talk to the Antioch New England Graduate School, Keene, New Hampshire, 3 March 2003

"Saving the World," Convocation Address at the Pomfret Shool, Pomfret, CT, 14 September 2002

"The Myth of Engagement: America as an Isolationist World Power," A Talking Paper Prepared for the Five College International Relations Program, South Hadley, MA, April 2002

"The Global Trading System," Vincent Ferraro, Ana Cristina Santos, and Julie Ginocchio

Vincent Ferraro, "The 'Seed of Enlightenment' and Humanity's Future," International Studies Review, Vol. 4, Issue 1 (Spring 2002)

"Dependency Theory: An Introduction," South Hadley, MA, July 1996
The Policy Implications of Global Economic Inequity, A Talk Delivered to the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies 1996 Summer Faculty Institute on World Security Affairs, Friday, 14 June 1996

Vincent Ferraro, "The Challenge of Tradition," A Talk to the Mount Holyoke College European Alumnae Council, Amsterdam, 22 March 1997

"Global Debt and Third World Development" by Vincent Ferraro and Melissa Rosser in World Security: Challenges for a New Century, edited by Michael Klare and Daniel Thomas (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1994), pp. 332-355

"How the New Information Technologies have Changed my Ideas About Teaching," A Talk Given to the Library and Information Technologies Service, Mount Holyoke College, 13 April 1998

"Current Problems in American Foreign Policy," A Talk Given to the Mount Holyoke Alumnae, 22 May 1998
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA 01075


Politics 112, "Speaking and Arguing: The Rhetoric of Peace and War"
Politics 116, "World Politics"
Politics 240, "International Political Economy"
International Relations 270, "American Foreign Policy"


Useful Links

European Human Rights Centre
Five College International Relations Certificate Program
Five College Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS) Home Page
Federation of American Scientists (the very best source of contemporary primary documents)
Biography Center
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Country Indicators for Foreign Policy
Infonation, Statistical Information about Members of the United Nations
U..S. Library of Congress, Country Studies
Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
International Relations and Security Network, Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research, ETH Zurich
Governments on the WWW
History Online
Citing the World Wide Web in Style: American Psychological Association and Modern Language Association Formats By Jay Brandes
International Intergovernmental Organizations, Web Page Finder, maintained by Bob Williams
Gene Shackman, Social Change Page
WWW Virtual Library, International Affairs



Documents Relating to the History of International Relations
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Pre-1898
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--1898-1914
Documents of World War I
Documents of the Interwar Period
Documents of World War II
United Nations Documents
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Hiroshima
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--the Cold War
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--the Korean War
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--The Cuban Missile Crisis
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Democracy and Foreign Policy
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Human Rights
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--NATO
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Nuclear Weapons
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Vietnam
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Reagan Administration
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Clinton Administration
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy--Bush Administration
Documents Relating to the Historical and Contemporary International Petroleum Industry
Documents Relating to Iraq-US Relations, 1904-present
Documents Relating to the Iranian Nuclear Crisis
Documents Relating to International Relations Theory
Documents Relating to Strategic Doctrine
Documents Relating to Jammu and Kashmir
Documents Relating to the Middle East
Documents Relating to Global Economic Issues
Documents Relating to International Relations Theory


Governmental Home Pages

American Foreign Service Association
Asian Development Bank
Central Banks of the World;
Danish Institute of International Affairs
The Electronic Embassy (links to Embassies and Consulates)
Irish Department of Foreign Affairs
Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
United States
United States Air Force, Institute for National Security Studies
US Congress, House, Committee on National Security
US Department of Defense, DefenseLink
US Department of State Recruitment Page
US Department of State, Freedom of Information Act, Electronic Reading Room
US Department of State, Web Site Index
US Information Services, Stockholm
US, Joint Chiefs of Staff
US National Endowment for Democracy
US National Security Council
LinxNet, Comprehensive U.S. Government Links


Intergovernmental Home Pages

Asian Development Bank
Bank for International Settlements
G8 Information Centre, University of Toronto
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Court of Justice
International Finance Corporation
The Non-Aligned Movement
NAFTA Secretariat
Organization of American States
Organization of American States, Department of International Law
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
UN Pulse, Source for UN Information
World Health Organization
World Bank


Non-Governmental Home Pages

Amnesty International
Arms Control Association
The Atlantic Council of the United States
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Business Executives for National Security
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
The Carter Center
Center for World Indigenous Studies
The Commission on Global Governance
European Human Rights Centre
The Foreign Policy Project, A Collaboration of the Henry L. Stimson Center and the Overseas Development Council
The Fund for Peace
Human Rights Interactive Network
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Web
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada
International Institute for Environment and Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Relations Online: People-Centered Policy Alternatives Since 1979
The Japan Foundation
Multinational Monitor
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
North American Congress on Latin America
One World Online
Overseas Development Institute
The Progressive Directory
Social Science Research Council
Winston Foundation for World Peace
World Federalist Association
Women in International Security


Graduate Programs in International Relations

Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs


Think Tanks

American Foreign Policy Council
Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
Boston University, Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy
The Brookings Institution
Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
The Cato Institute
The Centre for European Policy Studies
Center for Global Security and Democracy, Rutgers University
Center for International Policy
Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research
Center for Strategic Studies, Belgrade
Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers
Commission on Global Governance
Commonwealth Institute Project on Defense Alternatives
Council on Foreign Relations
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Danish Institute of International Affairs
The Eisenhower Institute
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Europanet, Council for European Studies, Columbia University
European Institute for Research and Information on Peace and Security
Foreign Policy Association
Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Institute of the Americas
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi
International Institute for Policy Studies (Japan)
International Institute for Strategic Studies
International Studies Association
Iranian Institute for Political and International Studies
Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, Woodrow Wilson Center
Kettering Foundation
National Defense Council Foundation
Netherlands Institute of International Relations
The Nixon Center
Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre:
Program on International Policy Attitudes, Americans and the World
Project on Government Oversight
The Rand Corporation
The Royal Institute of International Affairs
The Swedish Institute of International Affairs
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
The Twentieth Century Fund
United States Institute for Peace
University of Sydney, The Resarch Institute for Asia and the Pacific
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University
Women's Foreign Policy Group
Woodrow Wilson Center
World Affairs Council
World Policy Institute



Augustine, "The City of God"
Francis Bacon
Caesar Beccaria, "A Discourse on Public Economy and Commerce"
Bulfiinch's Mythology
Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790
Speeches by Winston Churchill
Dickens, Hard Times, Chapter 2
Euripides, The Trojan Women, 410 BC
Emma Goldman
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan
John Hobson, Imperialism, 1902
Jefferson; Letters of Thomas Jefferson
Perpetual Peace, 1795
John Stuart Mill
Machiavelli, The Prince
George Herbert Mead
George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language"; The Political Writings of George Orwell
Thomas Paine
Plato, The Republic
Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations
Max Weber, "Politics as a Vocation"
Great Books Online


Current Events Topics

Maps in the News
National Geographic Map Machine
Information Technology and International Affairs

Arms Sales
Central Asia
Central Europe
Ethnic Conflict
European Union
Global Environment
The Holocaust
Indigenous Peoples
International Law
Iraqi Conflict
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Military Spending
Multinational Corporations
Northern Ireland
Nuclear Proliferation
Peace and Conflict Studies
Political Islam
South Asia
South East Asia
Sri Lanka


Online Electronic Journals

American Diplomacy
Arms Sales Monitor
The Atlantic Monthly
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Canadian Journal of History
Canadian Disarmament Digest
Canadian International Relations Chronicle
Consequences: The Nature and Implications of Environmental Change
Current History
Der Spiegel
The Economist
Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography, University of Iowa
Ethics and International Affairs, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
European Journal of International Law
The Far Eastern Economic Review
The Financial Times
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy Forum
The Global Review of Ethnopolitics
The Guardian
The Independent Institute, On Power
Intermarium, Journal of East Central European Postwar History and Politics
International Organization
International Security
Journal of South Asian Women Studies, Australian National University
Journal of World Systems Research, Johns Hopkins
Middle East Report
Military History
Mother Jones
NACLA Report on the Americas
The Nation
The National Review
Natrional Security Studies Quarterly, Georgetown University
The New Republic
New Perspectives Quarterly
The New Yorker
Parameters, US Army War College
Peace Magazine
Policy Review
Political Science Quarterly
United Nations Foundation, UN Wire
The Washington Monthly
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
World War II


News Sources

ABYZ News Index
Committee to Protect Journalists
Kidon Media Link, News Sources in English
Non-Western Sources on Politics
University of Michigan, Documents in the News
Asian Times Online
BBC News
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Medical and Scientific Antiques

Weights of an Apothecary - A resource site for the antique weights formerly used by apothecaries, chemists, druggists and pharmacists. Most British weights of the 19th and 20th centuries illustrated and described. A forum for exchange of information and discussion

Scientific Medical & Mechanical Antiques - Complete articles are posted from the journal, American Artifacts, on early microscope makers, hand corn shellers, early surveying instruments, a variety of quack medical devices, as well as information on early patents.

Scales and Weights - A collection of all types of historical scales and weights from different periods of the past 3000 years.

Phisick - Presents a collection of medical antiques grouped by specialty, with photographs and descriptions of each item.

Eye Antiques and Collectibles - Eye antiques display items from the ophthalmic past including glasses spectacles, ophthalmoscopes, microscopes, and eye exam items.

American & Civil War Surgical Amputation Sets - Information and photos of American made surgical and amputation sets made between 1800 and 1870. Detailed data on Civil War surgical sets as well as advice on how to collect and price medical antiques.
US Cities Gazetteer

Data for 42,500 Cities, Towns & ZIP Codes. HTL profiles include census, demographic and income data, parks, schools, libraries, hospitals, airports, hotels, environmental conditions, local newspapers, media outlets, employment, maps, coordinates and aerial photos.


From the website:
We've collected and analyzed data from numerous sources to create as complete and interesting profiles of all U.S. cities as we could. We have over 43,000 city photos not found anywhere else, hundreds of thousands of maps, satellite photos, stats about residents (race, income, ancestries, education, employment...), geographical data, state profiles, crime data, sex offenders, housing, businesses, local news links based on our exclusive technology, birthplaces of famous people, political contributions, city government finances and employment, weather, hospitals, schools, libraries, houses, airports, radio and TV stations, zip codes, area codes, air pollution, water systems and their health and monitoring violations, professionally written city guides, a forum with over 120,000 registered members and 1,000,000 posts, 5000+ user-submitted facts, 5000+ exclusive local business profiles with photos, comparisons to averages, and more. If you ever need to research any city for any reason, from considering a move there to just checking where somebody you know is staying, this is the site for you.

Figure somebody here will find this useful.
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Map sites and stuff

Your Old Maps Online - Scans of out of copyright maps and etchings, organised by country and county. You need to sign up to see larger images of the maps but the fee (4 Euros for 1 year access for standard access; 13 euros for the premium access) is very affordable. - works more or less like google map--only old maps of the regions in question (1870 to 1930 mostly) are used.

Old Ordnance Survey Maps - Scans of a selection of the Popular Edition (1920s and 30s), 1 inch to the mile, England and Wales, Ordnance Survey maps displayed using the Google Maps interface.

Old Maps - Maps of towns in England, Scotland and Wales as they were in the 1950s.

Francis Frith Collection - Photographs of 7,000 towns and villages taken between 1860 and 1970. Available as prints and in book collections. Thumbnail views, watermarked
enlargements and ordering details. - Demographic, lifestyle, and economic data covering over 1300 US cities portrayed as thematic maps,
informative reports, detailed tables and colorful charts.

Panoramic Maps Collection - The Panoramic Maps, 1847 - 1921, collection contains about 1,700 idealized schematic views of towns and cities; a wealth of detail in setting, streets, and buildings.

Maps By You - Customize U.S. maps of selected states for outdoor activities, with lakes, rivers, campgrounds, and places of interest

Voyager Antique Maps - Dealer offering antique maps from the 16th to 18th centuries, specializing in maps of Asia.

Steve Bartrick Antique Prints and Maps - Features maps and prints. Located in the UK.

Livius is a website on ancient history. It is essentially a one-man endeavor that has been maintained since 1996 by Jona Lendering from Amsterdam, Holland.

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World - extensive collection of links,
information, pictures and maps of all things Roman.
Came across this site while doing some research at work yesterday.

It's a site that basically combines all data about different countries onto one site.

Find all kinds of information on more than 100 countries listed in alphabetical order. Hundreds of stats for most countries grouped in 16 comprehensive categories, viewed by bargraph, scattergraph, maps. Cross variables, add parameters and you can even make your own graph for some of them.

Figure this would be useful for someone.

World Perspective

Hello Doctor What, :)

It is nice to see someone else from Ottawa.

The Sherbrooke University website is a great resourse indeed, thank you very much for pointing it out.
However, is does have some MAJOR errors.
Specifically in the Independence category.

Countries with a screwy "Independence" entry

(1). Egypt (founded: 1922)
The British Empire granted independence to the Egyptian Kingdom in 1922. The Website lists 1936.

(2). France (founded: Kingdom 848, Republic 1790)
The earliest possible founding of an independent French State would be in 848 at the beginning of the Partition of the Carolingian Empire. The Website lists 486, which would be 10 years after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476. That is pretty ridiculous.

(3). New Zealand (founded: Dominion 1907)
The Dominion of New Zealand was founded on September 26, 1907. The Website lists 1947, which is its adoption of the Statute of Westminster 1931.

(4). South Africa (founded: Dominion 1910)
The Union of South Africa was founded on May 31, 1910. The Website lists 1934.

Take care, and best wishes eh,
Dominion of North America
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