New York builds skyscraper-bridges?


So the Petronas Towers mentioned in the original post? They should qualify.
Very futuristic!
In the early 20th century and 1950s/60s retro-futuristic art, the Marina Bay Sands was just a thing of fiction! Same with all designs which were considered "impossible" such as the The Petronas Towers, the Seattle Space Needle, CN Tower, Sears/Willy's Tower, Taipei 101, Burj-Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa.
With or without mooring masts for airships?

Depends, is someone planning a taller building? Then yes, if not they might get in the way of the aircraft...

Hey let's build a half dozen MORE of those buildings on each side and put a pivot in the center of that deck and a set of rails between the tops of the buildings and we can ROTATE the airport for better take off and landings! Or rotate it faster and "help" toss the airplanes off the end of it! Isn't "science" fun!

In Amsterdam I saw a 3-4 story apartment building built over a smaller river (or canal). No where near as grand as the buildings depicted in the posted drawing.
it was done elsewhere too. Old London Bridge is an example
I'm not sure that deafness would work so well under such conditions. If the vibrations are sufficient, you would still be well aware of them no matter how deaf you might be. Those skyskraper bridges do look quite neat and I actually like them. But I remain very sceptical that they would be a viable choice outside of some movie or other.
Is the engineering practical? Consider: there's no reason you'd need to be limited to a single suspension cable per side... Nor a need to make them suspension bridges (though the skyscraper towers make that a reasonable approach): most of the (real) "inhabited" bridges I've seen aren't.

Traffic congestion strikes me as an issue. IMO, that might be solvable by having two (three?) decks: one for driving; one for trains/subway, and one for parking ("locals" & {if any} business customers).

Cost would seem the big issue. Skyscrapers themselves aren't cheap; nor bridges. Who's going to pay to build one of these (let alone several)?

As to where they might (first?) be built, I tend not to think it'd be NYC. I'm seeing this needing to begin somewhere population is very high and geography limiting: Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Shanghai, frex.

All that said, this idea is just too cool for words. :cool::cool: