New Deal Coalition Retained III: A New World

Hmm, now what was that that Nguema whispered to Bundy, I wonder? Bet that'll be important later.

Anyway, looks like there's a new war looming in Africa. Can't wait to see how that's resolved.
I just wanted to confirm something. I've read harsh criticism to this TL from people calling it a Neo Fascist/ Conservative Wank. While obviously I don't like Neo Fascists, have to admit that seeing a Conservative wank
so is that a compliment or a criticism? I would say we dont actively aim for building a conservative wank,more like were building the world of a Tom Clancy novel, a element of this youll see very soon.
Ted Bundy was a campaign aide to Daniel J. Evans, a pro-business and tough on crime, but moderate and pro-environment and pro-ferry (Washington State has one of the world's largest ferry systems thanks to Daniel J Evans), Republican Governor of Washington OTL.
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The World set Alight Again

“Allah bless America for the fact that Ted Bundy leads their nation.”

-Reportedly attributed to Idi Amin after hearing the news of the dissolution of NATO

After the dissolution of NATO, all hope of preventing a war between the Entebbe Pact and the Concordat had disintegrated. The conflict only needed a spark.


It started at the Lozi border.

Ever since the partition of Zambia and the creation of the Lozi state from much of the nation’s former soil, the Entebbe Pact-aligned monarchy had looked longingly to the South, seeing oppressed ethnic brethren in the province of Southwest Africa. The Entebbe Pact only further encouraged such irredentism as part of many attempts to provoke the Concordat-aligned Rhodesia and South Africa. Separatists were secretly funded in the Caprivi Strip, committing attacks against government institutions and non-Lozi in the region, their propaganda portraying both black and whitek as Western backed colonialists, and calling for arms. Car bombings and bank robberies throughout the province took their toll, and the eventual crackdown against terrorist cells were denounced domestically as being heavy-handed. Closing ranks behind their ally, a pan-African peacekeeping force was sent to the South African-Lozi border, just in case.

It came to a head on September 5th, 1997. A South African state police task force, led by Lt. Col. Vusumuzi Masondo was pursuing suspected Lozi separatists thought to have conducted a recent car bomb attack that had killed members of the governor’s entourage, and nearly killed the governor himself. The chase, starting at Katima Mulilo, had lasted for nearly 5 hours, before the fugitives suddenly turned back north and into a lightly defended portion of Lozi territory, near where the border merged into the Zambezi River. The pursuit continued until near the border where the team stopped. Part of the pan-African border force on the other side of the border had come to warn the police caravan off. Masondo demanded the extradition of the rebels, leading to the border force to refuse. Two hours later, the rebels were thought to have been seen crossing the border yet again. They were shot at soon after crossing, with some attempting to flee. The border force began to shoot back to defend the group, leading to an all out skirmish.

Within an hour, a dozen were dead on both sides, and both sides withdrew. While going over the dead, it was discovered that the “rebels” were wearing the Angolan flag on their fatigues, and carrying Congolese weapons.

The skirmish had international implications. Immediately the French denounced the actions of the Entebbe Pact for starting the short fight, while Idi Amin shot back by denouncing “the colonizers of Africa and their lackeys” for shooting at their military force at the Lozi border. Attempts at negotiation and a peaceful resolution to the conflict was left at a standstill as neither side would budge, and Amin made even more fantastical claims on South African soil, angering the Concordat’s diplomats. The British Commonwealth mobilized their forces against possible war, but Prime Minister Roy Mason heeded the pleadings of his African allies to remain neutral, at least for now, offering London as a potential site for a mediation summit. The Australian government under Hawke also tried to support negotiations between both sides, but was ignored. Some on both sides joked about how Australia was trying to assert itself as a world power now that it had gained middle power status.

The French president personally pleaded to the American government for a sign of support in diplomatic negotiations, to show the Entebbe Pact there would be consequences for their warmongering. The dick measuring contest came to an abrupt end after two Entebbe Pact armies on different sides of the continent - after a quick agreement between all the leaders via encrypted communications - had struck against the European-aligned nations of the continent, with a near-simultaneous push into both Tunisia and South Africa.

Angolan weapons stash found after a raid of Lozi separatists.


So...It had come to this. Ted Bundy and Mitt Romney were seated next to the other at the famous Resolute Desk, talking to Michel Roquejoffre and Bruno Megret over teleconference. He was obviously fuming at Bundy’s recent announcement that despite the aggressive actions of the Entebbe Pact, America would not support France in the coming conflict. He was barely holding his rage. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE JUST DONE?”

Bundy muttered sotto voce, “Of course I do, fucking frenchies...” Romney shot a glance. Bundy turned to face the French president. “Indeed I do. I do not wish to be allied with neo-colonial imperialists like yourself, you and your allies are attempting yet again to subjugate peoples on three continents. You are violating the Monroe Doctrine and have turned against the ideals of freedom that America holds dear. It seems you have shown your true colors. Our interests no longer align, and I must bid our alliance... Adieu.”

‘So he’s really committed to this? Destroying America’s oldest alliance…’, Romney thought, much as the violation of the Monroe Doctrine did upset him. “Monsieur President, this may not be permanent, we might find a peaceful end to the crisis. If only we keep a level-headed perspective.”

Bundy paid no attention to his Secretary of State, instead he looked straight at the president, with that glare of his, the one that was bound to make someone shudder. He did not have a good feeling about where this was going.

“You must realize,” Megret stated, visibly trying to keep his cool - unlike the President, he was a politician and not a former military man. “We have spoken to Prime Minister Mason. He is worried about his allies on the continent, but will not risk their welfare unless America joins him.”

“Roy is a man that knows when not to be a dumbass,” Bundy replied. “If the former King of the Imperialist nations thinks this is a damn mistake, I’m not gonna argue with him.”

“America won’t need to commit any ground troops…”

“Le Temps des bienséance est terminé Monsieur le Président, ce moment est passé après que vos alliés aient violé la doctrine Monroe. Nous ne supporteront aucune nation lors de ce conflit.” -

The time for talk is over Mister President. The time passed after your allies violated the Monroe Doctrine. We will not support any nation in this conflict.

The French president looked surprised at Bundy’s response, as was Romney. Bundy also had a Quebecois accent in French.

“Je ne savais pas que vous pouviez parler Français !” -

I didn't know you could speak French!

“Il y a beaucoup de choses que vous ne savez pas sur moi.” -

There’s a lot you don’t know about me. Roquejoffre shook his head.

“La seule chose que vous faites est d'envenimer le conflit. Amin se retire si vous lui montrer qui est le patron.” -

All you are doing is needlessly escalating the conflict. Amin will back off if you show him who's boss.

President Bundy laughed.

“Et bien je ne veux pas avoir affaire avec un enfoiré de de dirigeant de votre calibre et je ne veux pas non plus avoir affaire avec vos stupides amis du concordat.” -

Well I don't want to deal with a bastard of a leader like you and your little friends in the Concordat. The French president, at first nonplussed, was turning red with anger, ready to crack. Bundy was cooly egging him on with his matter-of-fact tone, as if this was all obvious to him, and the French president refused to see the truth.

“Ceci un indigne d’un…” - This is unbecoming of a…

Though Romney didn’t fully understand what either of them were saying, he got the gist. He interjected Roquejoffre before things got too heated. “GENTLEMEN! Let’s not let egos get in the way of diplomacy. If we reach a solution, we can prevent a regional war which will envelop half of Europe in conflict with the Entebbe Pact. Shots have already been fired, but if we show them that American might is still behind them despite what has happened recently, Idi Amin will realize that he made a mistake picking a fight with the French and their allies and take a more level-headed response.”

Immediately relieved by Romney’s words, Foreign Minister Megret echoed this sentiment. “Exactly! If the United States threatened to intervene, we can call Mr. Amin at his bluff.”

“Monsieur, you refused to help the United States in our intervention in South America to stop a growing worldwide drug crisis. It’s very simple, you’ve refused to help us, and we’ll refuse to help you.” Romney looked visibly upset. ‘What the hell is he thinking?’, he thought.

“I see you’re a man who holds a grudge. You will rue this day. The blood of millions will be on your hands, and your hands only.”

Bundy cracked a smile. “I guess the only thing I have to say to you is... well...good luck.”

“I guess I can’t steer him on the right track,” Romney thought. At least he could lighten the mood. He chimed in, “Well, you’ll likely win the conflict anyways, right? European military hardware is still superior to the Entebbe Pact, they’ve only recently gained the ability to be able to even be able to stand up to you.”

“Yes, but without the U.S., we’re in for a long conflict. And that’s not even to mention if India, and now China with the Dual Pact, may join. I plead for you to reconsider Mr. President.”

“My answer is no. Good night Mr. President.”

The T.V. turned off abruptly, and in the silence, Romney looked at the president, still unsure of just what happened. Bundy chuckled. “What a killjoy.”

Romney ignored him. “Ted, why the hell did you do this? First you refuse to get in the Polish Crisis, and now you’re letting a war start because you have a stupid vendetta. The Polish Crisis I guess I understand your reasoning there, but this just makes no darned sense. Even with the Monroe Doctrine.” Discussions with Donald, Dick, and Clarence had found the other key cabinet secretaries equally confused. What was his angle in allowing Amin to threaten all notions of post-war stability?

Bundy looked at Romney straight in the eye, as if he had the anger of a thousand suns in his eyes, but whatever emotion he felt had dissipated in a second, replaced with his toothy grin. So he left his closing remark to the Secretary of State before retiring for the night...

“All in good time Mitt... All in good time.”


The situation following the Entebbe Pact declaration of war on South Africa.

Ugandan troops seen driving through Lozi territory towards the South African border

Before the war has started, the armies of both alliances rallied around the borders from the mouth of the Sabi River at the Indian ocean through the Zambezi River, to the Skeleton Coast of Namibia and Angola. On both banks of the primary border crossing between South Africa and Mozambique, the Sabi River bridge had been filled up during the previous weeks with troops from each side of the crossing, almost ready to blitz the other, just waiting for a spark. The Mozambican Army, reinforced with Ugandan and Kenyan forces, were ready to retake what they saw as lost territory, stolen by the South Africans. They stood still in front of the equally strong South African army, ready to crush the Entebbe menace. The first shots of what would become known as the Great Southern War when the orders came from Kampala and Kinshasa to attack the South Africans. The Americans - and by implication the British Commonwealth - were confirmed to be neutral. Both sides attacked and the oddly tranquil river found itself suddenly filled with the sounds of a barrage of fire and steel. Both sides decided to avoid hitting the valuable bridge, knowing one of them will have to use it eventually as a beachhead across the river. The move to secure a beachhead in the other side of the bridge was known as “Operation Treurnicht” or for the Entebbe Pact, “Operation Zebra”, but the goal, the tactics and eventually the used forces were similar: Gain a clear passage to the other side.

This bridge had definitely seen better days…

Battalions from the 2nd and the 5th armies of the Congo attacked first, with light infantry of the 4th Ugandan army trying to cross the bridge, before getting involved in fire with the surprised members of the 6th and 9th armies of South Africa army. The battle raged until the next morning, when amphibious Entebbe forces managed to cross the river and trap the south african forces with their backs to the river. The battle ended in brutal Entebbe pact victory. But the military HQ in Lourenço Marques had other plans: to counter-attack the Mozambican forces with commando forces crossing the Sabi River around the border city of Massangena, near the Rhodesian border. A small brigade of commando troops tried to cross the river at midnight but failed to form a beachhead in the other side as Mozambican defenders shot them and bombarded the border city.

While the Entebbe Pact had the advantage in numbers, the SADF was much better equipped, and the commando raid turned into a pure maelstrom. Entebbe commander General Donatien Mahele Lieko Bokungu of Zaire ordered his forces to ignore the bridgehead and attack the main Concordat defenses head on, which two armored divisions and one mechanized did. In response, Concordat Army Group commander Gen Constand Viljoen ordered his forces on the defensive, drowning the attackers in gas and rocket artillery as they tried to batter their way through the defenses. Using the northern bridgehead as a feint, Viljoen instead attacked the Entebbe Pact flank from the south bank, forcing it back ten miles (for a net gain of six). Unfortunately, the Entebbe Pact, with backup, continued their attack, and with a greater numerical superiority, swamped the meager defense before anything could be done.

The Entebbe Pact took 30,000 casualties from the Gaza offensive to 14,000 for the Concordat. Amin - who had taken full military command authority as Chief Executive of the Pact - ordered a halt to all operations here. Instead, all priority would be given to General Mustafa Adrisi’s planned Operation Ma Umau - the Invasion of Rhodesia - which would be the largest military operation undertaken since Operation Sledgehammer.

Upon news of the war

"Hell will be overflowing after this century"-The Pope

"Can this damn century just be over already"-PM Roy Mason
I have a feeling both Sudan and Ethiopia might backstab the Entebbe Pact to regain their lost land if the war starts going against it.
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Bundy looked at Romney straight in the eye, as if he had the anger of a thousand suns in his eyes, but whatever emotion he felt had dissipated in a second, replaced with his toothy grin. So he left his closing remark to the Secretary of State before retiring for the night...

“All in good time Mitt... All in good time.”
Ok what the hell is he playing at?
I totally feel for Mason's reaction. After three World Wars and several other major conflicts, having another one break out in the last years of the century does seem just too much, doesn't it.

And like everyone else, I'm also curious as to what the hell Bundy's playing at here. Though I am impressed with him suddenly switching into French just to surprise everyone.
Well, history just repeated itself thrice. The opportunity for a lasting period of peace and cooperation after a world war filled with unparalleled blood and carnage has failed. God help us all
I totally feel for Mason's reaction. After three World Wars and several other major conflicts, having another one break out in the last years of the century does seem just too much, doesn't it.

And like everyone else, I'm also curious as to what the hell Bundy's playing at here. Though I am impressed with him suddenly switching into French just to surprise everyone.
Bundy is a mysterious character who likes to reveal things on the fly. And Mitt is just as curious to what the hell Bundy meant as you...