New Deal Coalition Retained III: A New World

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This is a good time to mention that anyone who wants to write an update about a specific country is more than welcomed to PM me or @Laxault2020 .
We do not always know all the countries well enough to write an update about them and we'll be very happy if people who do know them would like to write an update.
For example, I joined the writing team when I wanted to write an update on Israel.
This is a good time to mention that anyone who wants to write an update about a specific country is more than welcomed to PM me or @Laxault2020 .
We do not always know all the countries well enough to write an update about them and we'll be very happy if people who do know them would like to write an update.
For example, I joined the writing team when I wanted to write an update on Israel.
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The New Apartheid: Greater Serbia

Of all the countries established in the ashes of the Warsaw Pact, the Greater Serbian Republic stood out as an oddity. The victors among the Allied powers saw the creation of nations along racial and ethnic lines (especially in the former USSR) to be vital for restoring post-war order and harmony. (There had come problems however, in provinces where Russians actually made up an ethnic majority, and found themselves being discriminated by the now Turkic upper classes). However, the opportunistic deal struck with Serbian officers in the Yugoslav Military to get around heavy Soviet defenses in the Balkans and Central Europe had been too tempting to refuse. Thus, Greater Serbia was in possession of all the former Yugoslav state except for the Slovenian SR and half of the Croatian SR, their true vision of Greater Serbia.

Among his own people, President Milosevic was seen as a literal saint.

Though billed as a Republic, from the end of World War III till September 1992, an emergency military junta headed a nation under martial law. At its head was one Slobodan Milosevic, a former military officer that had distinguished himself in Northern Italy during the war. Formerly a committed communist, he saw the way the winds were blowing and became a devout Serbian nationalist, awakening the plurality of the nation that felt itself betrayed by the ruling communists. In any case, the constitutional convention in Belgrade (only open to Serb delegates) created something that made Serbs smile but the western world react in horror.

Milosevic grew to be a fan of Apartheid South Africa - he would often say that the National Party leaders must have been seduced by “Negro prostitutes” in how they “mongrelized their ethnic identity” by pushing Bewaring. He saw it as a model to follow, one that would ensure Serbian dominance and “right historical wrongs for the rape of the Serb people during the war of occupation in 1916,” referring to when Bosnia and Croatia had been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Taking inspiration from the infamous Jim Crow laws and segregation in some parts of former Russia, what came out of the convention was a document filled with racist screeds and irreditionist/revanchist claims against ethnic minorities, the Croatian state, and the Slovene state. Full suffrage was given only to Serbs and Montenegrins, while the Bosniaks, Croats, and Slovenes still within the borders were given no civil rights. Suffrage was only given to those who converted to Orthodoxy and reported themselves as Serbian. Celebrations broke out all over Serbia and Serbian communities in the nation, while violent riots occurred in minority heavy communities. But the Army, flush with American and Allied weaponry, crushed them with immense brutality. The Serbian Apartheid state was here to stay.

Doing so brought immediate condemnation by heads of state. A furious Slovenia and Croatia, both worried themselves of immediate war by the much larger Serbian military, elected Freyist parties in their national elections that signed alliances with Poland and the German Empire. An attempted UN Security Council condemnation was put forth before both China and India (the latter given the former USSR’s permanent seat) vetoed it, but the effort signaled a wave of arms embargoes and sanctions on Greater Serbia by the United States, France, the UK, and the German Empire for starters. However, since Serbia had been devastated by the war, its economy was already so bad the sanctions didn’t do much harm.

Once the post-war investment took effect, life in Serbia was looking up - if you were a Serb that is.

Recovery occurred by the cultivation of new allies. Seeking new markets and a European ally was India, which sent feelers to Belgrade for trade agreements (later joined by China after the 1995 Putch). Saddam Hussein of Iraq, going through his own schism with the Allies, graciously invited his “kindred spirit” Milosevic to Baghdad in April 1993. Idi Amin of the Entebbe Pact was looking for European allies, and saw Serbia as a fellow victim of imperialist oppression by the dominant European countries. Milosevic was at the very least a pragmatic man, willing to ally with the people that he saw to be the most inferior beings of humankind. His new allies invested considerable sums in the Serbian economy and as a result, Serbia began to drag itself to a period of prosperity in the mid 1990s. The standard of living rose, cities were rebuilt, and Serbians began to have comforts and luxuries rivaling that of French or Germans -- the ethnic Serbs and Montenegrins at least.

Conditions for the minorities in Greater Serbia would simply get worse and worse as the years passed due to ever stringent "Reparation taxes" for crimes such as WWI. It was said that only those in the crime syndicates lived above the poverty line.

For the minorities, conditions were one step above slavery, and that was generous. Segregation was the norm, and oppressive taxes and lack of good paying jobs meant little comfort could be acquired for an ethnic minority within Greater Serbia. The Serbian parliament (largely ruled by Milosevic’s Serbian Action Party, though there were several smaller parties even more nationalist and racist) passed laws going farther than the Jim Crow South or Apartheid South Africa at their heyday to control the minorities. Unwritten rules prohibiting eye contact between a minority and a Serb was one example, many an arcane social faux pas leading to a Croat or Albanian getting the crap kicked out of him by Serbian gangs. Tight border controls kept many from fleeing, leading to the German Empire evicting the Serbian Ambassador from Berlin in 1995. The Freyist nations began running weapons to resistance fighters within Serbia, but these militants were faced with the full might of an Indian/Chinese armed Serbian Army, filled by mandatory conscription. Thus, terrorist actions became the tool of resistance, though they were often answered by reprisals rivaling the WWIII KGB or WWII SS in brutality.

By 1997, Milosevic had almost dictatorial control over an eager citizenry and a bottomless pool of cheap slave labor to enrich his pockets and his ego. However, his appetite had yet to be satiated, and feelers from Kampala and Baghdad drew his keen interest.
Well, crap. But it's to be expected - you make a deal with a devil, you'd better expect horror to follow. I'd hope for the former Allies to take Milosevic down, but if he's got support from India, China, Iraq, and the Entebbe Pact... yeah, that's not going to happen anytime soon, sadly.
A Quiet Dinner-Vinniette

POTUS Bundy: “All right, give me a rundown of why Idi Amin is acting crazier than usual right now…”

SOS Romney“Oh, you’re talking about the refugee crisis or the part about colonizing South Africa?”


“Well, to put it shortly, he wants the great powers to see him as an important figure on the world stage. The Entebbe Pact has brought Africa into the seat of the great powers, and he wants to make it obvious to the world.”

“By trying to start up shit with the Concordat?”

“The Concordat is the only European alliance that he feels he can take on one on one. The slightest whiff of American intervention and he’d give up, I think.”

“So this is all him stroking his ego and playing a show for his people by taking on the Big Bad Western colonizers. And there’s a good chance that it wouldn’t lead to anything much because he might not even be ready for a war anyways…”

“Well he knows that he and his alliance wouldn’t be able to fight the industrial might of the U.S. But he doesn’t want to look weak to his populace, and neither does Mobutu, or Obama Jr.”

“We don’t fully know everything about Obama Jr. he like his dad?”

“Oh yeah about that. Obama Jr. has a Chicago accent, I didn’t expect that of the Kenyan president after meeting with him. On T.V. he puts a Kenyan accent not unlike his father’s, so it took me by surprise. I mean, it makes sense, his early childhood was mostly in the U.S. He seems to have reformist tendencies from what I know about him, but he’s toeing Amin’s line for now.”

“So about the Concordat...Why are you making that face? It was the French who did made NATO dissolve in the end, not me...Anyways, what are the Concordat’s goals in this whole thing?”
“Mainly to stop Amin from doing anything which could hurt them and their allies. France does not want to look weak and they can also tell that Amin is bluffing. They’re trying to look to us for backup in case.”

“Even though those neo-colonialists left NATO.”

“Ugh...They’ve historically been an ally, why should we break our oldest alliance ever now? We’ve been through so much to--”

“Oh yes, that reminds me. Mitt, allow me to introduce you to my friend, Teddy Nguema.”

“Uhhhh nice to meet you.” Romney saw Nguema earlier in the background searching the tables, feeling relieved when he saw Bundy. He obviously had something to tell him face-to-face.

“A pleasure to see you too.” He had flawless English in an American-educated accent, though he could hear some remnant of an foreign accent that he couldn’t pinpoint. Possibly of Latin origin, if he could hazard a guess. The man had an intense aura, reminding him of Bundy. He seemed to have urgent news for the president, but the man ignored him for the moment.

Bundy turned to Romney. “He’s a good friend of mine, an old staffer of mine back when I was governor. I’d trust him with my life.” He pointed towards the guest with a flourish.

Romney cleared his throat, and spoke up.“I hear a foreign accent, may I ask from where?”

Nguema grinned. “My father moved to America from Africa when I was 14, we were out of favor with the colonial regime... And yes, I know it’s rare to see a Republican from the recent African diaspora nowadays. Colin Ferguson comes to mind. If you want my advice on the crisis, take it from me when I say that we should let the two sides sort it out. We do not want to enable either one.”

“Exactly. All right, now that you two have met, can you tell me what you’re doing here?” Nguema leaned in and whispered in his ear. Bundy’s face quickly turned into a grimace, and his mood grew more somber.

Bundy looked into the distance. “…you go deal with that.” Nguema left briskly.

Romney’s interest was piqued. “Well, that was something. What was that all about?”

“Oh it’s nothing, just some news about the situation for the midterm campaign. I’m telling you, I should’ve made him my campaign manager instead of that Alex Jones bozo. Much more subtle. We would’ve killed it all over the nation. But then again, it’d be better to keep such an asset like him a secret right?” Bundy laughed.

“I guess Jones is happier at his job as press secretary, though he’s a little young, right?”

Bundy nodded. “Yes, because of him I almost lost the race for the presidency.”

Romney shook his head. “It was you who called Lynn Yeakel a bitch, and you could’ve easily avoided the ‘caboose’ issue. That wasn’t Jones’s fault. You need to get a handle on your impulse control.”

Bundy stared at him blankly for a couple of seconds. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

They did not talk for the rest of the dinner. Romney finished up his plate quickly and left the table, skipping the last course. He went back to his office for some late-night work, and made a call to relatives back in Massachusetts and to Donald Trump. He was feeling uneasy. He was hoping the dispute solved itself and that Amin would soon back down like Bundy had said.
I just wanted to confirm something. I've read harsh criticism to this TL from people calling it a Neo Fascist/ Conservative Wank. While obviously I don't like Neo Fascists, have to admit that seeing a Conservative wank