New Deal Coalition Retained III: A New World

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Oh no, I’m just saying that because it’d be laughably pathetic.
Yep, Pinochet shows his true colors, and when he tries making a power grab he fails in a stupid way, and democracy returns to Chile. Or if you give the right wing of Chile credit, this was a smear campaign aimed at their champion.

While he did attempt to steal power, he did help Chile to become a premier power in South America, so ignoring his last year in office, his other 22 were good in the eyes of most of Chile.
Sometimes, reality is simply that unrealistic.

Consider the fact that these two rather innocuous things (although one of them is possibly just a myth) caused WWI:
  • a driver making a wrong turn
  • a sandwich
There's even a TV Tropes page for the thing:

(Fyi, sorry for the slow progress on the spy saga, but President Earl Warren is busy with his own business and I'm currently overseas on vacation for a month and thus have spotty internet connections)
Remember there aren't any witnesses besides the people on the plane, and his body was never found. So for all we know he was thrown off, or he wasn't on a helicopter at all, he was just shot and his body was dumped in the ocean. The mainstream story is that because it's the only real story we have to go on, and besides Pinochet TTL was known to joke about helicopters.
There probably going to plenty of conspiracy theories on what happened to Pinochet. It surely going to be sort've similar to JFK conspiracy theories since many theorists may wonder if someone in the government was involved or if maybe the communists of Argentina might of did it.

Who knows.
Yeah, I remember (I think it was Laxault) brought that up, and there's also theories that he wasn't even the one to come up with the idea to drop people off of helicopters, just that his regime loved doing that. Fote also wasn't just some random communist, he was one of the leaders of pre-war Argentina. and Pinochet was out trying to stop communism from ever rising in South America again by tracking down surviving communist leaders that went into hiding. So if there's any one he'd personally want to oversee the death of it would've been him.

Also, there were likely not that many people on the helicopter with Pinochet, and they could have all been lying. I'm leaving it open to the reader.

Yeahhhhh there's a limit to how far you can go before people completely question the plausibility of the event. The official turn of events just hangs on Pinochet 1.) Caring enough to witness the death of this communist leader, 2.) Him slipping (or have Fote grab him on the way down). Having one of the escorts eat a banana, throw it on the ground, and have Pinochet slip on it.....Though that'd be undeniably funny. Fuck Pinochet.
Slipping on banana peel isn't anything like you see in cartoons.
Russian Civil War update coming soon...

The Second Russian Civil War I
The Second Russian Civil War: Part 1

While the Third World War had officially been over for over a year, the Second Russian Civil War, a byproduct of said conflict raged on. The Four Main factions described earlier would be joined by outside forces including the Chinese, Japanese, US, Germany, and more. Two factors would come to dominate the SRCW: Nuclear Missiles and Oil.

During the gradual collapse of the USSR, the high command had done an excellent job disabling permanent nuclear launch sites before they fell into allied, Timurid, or Zhinorvsky’s hands. Through kill switches, launch-site detonations, and a simple lack of fuel all of the underground missile launch sites had been disabled. The paranoia brought about after the October Coup lead to greater centralization of the controls for soviet underground-launched missles. In addition, the soviet fleet surrendered in unison to allied forces 1 day after the formal surrender of the USSR, and neither the rump Russian SFSR, National Republic, nor Tara, or Yakutsk separatist movements were able to seize control of nuclear submarines. Near the end of the second world war, the American Air Force embarked on Operation Thunderdome: the systematic destruction of every soviet aircraft capable of dropping a nuclear payload, Every TU-95 and TU-160 was to be destroyed on sight. Most soviet bombers were being employed in conventional or chemical attacks, anyways, but the threat of a soviet nuclear strike in desperation was too high. While many of the warheads/bombs from the previous sources could be detonated or used for dirty bombs by terrorist groups, and while it was rumored that the rump Russian SFSR did have a nuclear arsenal without a delivery system, it seemed unlikely that the nuclear option would be depoyed. That is, if it wasn’t for one class of delivery system that we have so far ignored: mobile missile launchers.

Near the end of the war, while only 20% of soviet nuclear missiles could be launched, the majority of these were mobile based systems which had been sent into the wild forests of Siberia, where they had been captured by…

-Excerpt from An Analysis and short history of the Second Russian Civil War by Historian Mike Stafford for the CIA, Top Secret-

Initially, the Russian Civil War was tame from a military territorial perspective during the end of the Rumsfeld Presidency, as all sides gathered their strength. Brutal ethnic cleansing, programs, and purges by all sides helped establish firm borders and firm control within the various factions as all dissenters and “troublemakers” “disappeared”. Rumsfeld attempted to intervene to prevent such actions, but was unable to corral the resources needed to force change, in part because of “dilly dallying” from the Germans, and Moscow Republican leadership, etc. Meanwhile, the necessary arms for such a conflict were acquired through legal and illegal means by the various factions. Rumsfeld, who didn’t trust the leadership of the Free Russian Republic after the near nuclear holocaust, sent non-military aid but refused to help otherwise. However, the Frey was more than willing to send surplus military equipment, ammunition, uniforms, etc.

Arguably, the main deciding factor in the Russian Civil War was oil. Most of the political and military leadership of the various factions knew little about how to rebuild once victory was achieved or how to run an economy, but they all knew that if they controlled the oil fields that they would become very wealthy. In addition, all side had difficulty traversing the vast Russian expanses because fuel was so short. While the short “breather” had allowed for some oil wells to be rebuilt, all sides’ effective espionage lead to constant shortages. As a result, air power was rare for a modern conflict. Helicopters were used in abandon, but Jet Fighters and Bombers were most often stuck on the ground. While tanks were employed, they could not be used to exploit gaps in the line for fear of losing fuel, only to punch gaps. Most importantly, infantry would have to move on foot or horseback in the mud, fields, and forests, as APC’s sucked too much precious fuel.

In the summer of 1992, the war heated up. Zhirnovsky nearly entirely destroyed the Yakutsk independence movement (driving it nearly to the frozen sea,) in search of oil. Zhirnovsky also advanced towards steadily towards Vladivostok and the few far-eastern territories held by the western-supported, but poorly equipped and static, armies of the Free Russian Republic. Many predicted he would win the Russian Civil War during the winter campaign break in the winter of 1992.

Zhirinovsky’s success was in part thanks to the incredible mobility of his army. Zhirinovsky used relatively energy efficient civilian vehicles to cross the few roads in the vast expanses of Siberia (thankfully more had been built after the October Revolution as part of an “Eastern Development Initiative”. These transports would be defended and flanked by horse cavalry who would protect the few transportation lines from partisan attack and helicopters whose watchful eye would spot any potential threats. As a result of this strategy, Zhirnovsky’s army was able to pursue retreating forces, outflank defensive positions, transport reinforcements where needed, and even feed his troops more often (small cars would often come from the rear with loot from nearby farms that would be cooked using car motors as grills) than his enemies. However, it was a much more high-tech mobile weapons platform that would make Zhirinovsky's force infamous to those with high enough security clearance.



One of Zhirnovsky’s requisitioned automobiles captured and seized by Japanese Intelligence

-End Excerpt-

On June 1st 1993, the U.N. Security Council met to discuss a join CIA-Free Russian Intelligence Report. After the fall of Moscow, all of the former Soviet Union’s mobile missile units were systematically accounted for and handed to the enemy. However, upon a further review conducted in January of 1993, it was found that forty RT-2PM Topol loaded systems had gone unaccounted for in Siberia in territory controlled by Zhirnovsky.


In March, a CIA agent infiltrator had sent a photograph of three of these systems to the CIA before he was killed to prevent their location being found. In May, a defector captured at the Timurid border was handed over to the CIA for questioning. He revealed that he had operated one of these systems before he received a report that some of the weapons were planned to be used in the planned 1994 summer offensives. Upon reading the CIA dossier, Iaccoca immediately convened the leaders of the U.N. Security council to find a way to remove these weapons from the madman who now seemed poised to take over Russia. However, China, who did not want a Free Russian Republic Victory in the civil war and was in fact seeking potential territorial gains in Siberia-in search of oil, blocked all military options. The Chinese leadership thought that it could either strike an exclusive deal for oil with Zhirinovsky that wouldn’t be possible with either the Russian SFSR or the Moscow Republic. Some in the Politburo even believed that the CIA had faked the crisis as an excuse to intervene militarily into the Russian Civil War. Meanwhile, the more pacifist ideas suggested by the Europeans were not assured to deal with the crisis. The council finally settled on a public “cease and desist” condemning Zhirinovsky's extremism and sanctions against his fledgling republic, measures that sailed through the U.N. in a secret vote kept hidden from the press (the official justification for the sanctions was religious repression). However, the council had failed to deal with these weapons. Yet again Iaccoca would have to go it alone in another"Imperialistic act justified by the words of a certain Kipling Poem” (Ralph Nader’s Greatest Speeches). Iaccoca would justify his actions in his personal journal: "If America didn't act per its manifest destiny God would frown upon all of the Earth".

Iaccoca knew that putting boots on the ground, so soon after the Third World War, was politically impossible. In addition, his CIA director said that a spy operation would not necessarily destroy the missiles in time.

Iaccoca was at a loss as he sat in his desk in the Oval Office on the night of the 9th of June.

-Tape from the Lee Iaccoca Presidential Library, Top Secret, Not to be revealed to the public until 2030- (Author's note: Internal Thoughts are obviously not on the tape)-

Iaccoca: I think we’ve just about exhausted every idea.

Defense Secretary Kirkpatrick: That’s about right sir,

Iacocca (in his head): I knew I should have appointed Carter not this dumb bitch

Kirkpatrick: What is it sir? (If something happens, I'll be infamous in history)

Iaccoca: Nothing (Yeah but he was a damn confederate southerner the northern liberals would have hung me, Wait! A Confederate that's who I need), Jeane, I gotta make a call...

Kirkpatrick: to whom?

Iaccoca: A friend I made at the convention, someone with some experience with this sort of thing, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like this to be private

Kirkpatrick: Ok, I’ll go review the latest intelligence reports.

Iaccoca: Ok I’ll let you know when your needed.

-Kirkpatrick walks out of the room and Iaccoca dials the number-

Iaccoca (to himself): I hope the damn union bastards patched up the connection

- Iaccoca puts his feet on the desk and the phone stops ringing-

Iaccoca: Hey George, I’m in a bit of a pickle and I need some advice, I hope you’ve gotten a chance to read those reports I sent you


George: *Coughs* I'm flattered that you answered my humble requests and broke national security law to get my advice... *Coughs* now you better listen you damnyankee or were all gonna end up glowing at night...
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Hmm, not sure how I feel about that conversation at the end. The format kinda comes out of nowhere.

Anyway, nice look at the SRCW. Here's hoping that Zhirinovsky is stopped before he becomes head of essentially a larger North Korea.


Near the end of the war, while only 20% of soviet nuclear missiles could be launched, the majority of these were mobile based systems which had been sent into the wild forests of Siberia, where they had been captured by…
Lemme guess, Zhirinovsky gets it and nukes Moscow and Tokyo or something. Oh this is not going to end well at all.
Hmm, not sure how I feel about that conversation at the end. The format kinda comes out of nowhere.

Anyway, nice look at the SRCW. Here's hoping that Zhirinovsky is stopped before he becomes head of essentially a larger North Korea.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. will work on transitions. I was going for dramatic effect but it does come out of nowhere
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