Neutral fashist Italian post-war apartheid east Africa.

It's been said on here that a natural Italy could maintain full control over Libya and Eritrea while Ethiopia is wildly considered as not possible, however Somalia is generally considered possible to some degree with some saying full occupation is hard but possible while others say the Italian could only maintain a puppet or dominion level influence in the region long term. So my question is if Italy reorganized its holdings into a South Africa style apartheid dominion in East Africa out of most of the land (let's say greater Somalia for now, but it can be scaled up or down for the sake of discussion) what would it be like and how stable would it be?
It was precisely the plan IOTL. "Apartheid"-like laws were enacted in 1936-37 all over Italian East Africa, even if enforcement was not absolute everywhere. In the event of a neutral Italy... They'd have to deal with ongoing insurgency, and assuming broadly similar lines to IOTL regarding decolonization of the rest of Africa, even if the initial post-conquest resistance subsides for a while, it will re-emerge later with a vengeance (and likely support from independent African states).
A Fascist Italy will not react kindly to that, to put it mildly - I suppose Angola is a good comparison, but it may turn out even worse.
In Asmara, Eritrea, there had been seperate roads for Italians, which Eritreans were not allowed to walk on.
Then that sort of thing has no impact whatsoever on the overall geopolitical situation and feasibility of some Italian control lasting for years.