Need a map of Europe/the World in the mid-1300s

Here is your AD 1346 world map, finally.:) My apologises once again for taking so long w/ your map. I hope the map suits your needs. Enjoy!:) Q

World AD1346.PNG
Qazaq, I just realised something - on your map, are those people in North Africa and those people in Ceylon church lands?

BTW, in most OTL maps, the Teutonic Knights are shown as Church lands.


Qazaq, Qazaq, Qazaq, you have really outdone yourself. Wow. That is awesome. This will help me out so much! Thank you my friend, this is a great favor. If there is anything I can do in return, now or in the future I am in your debt. The map is really something. Thanks again, man. Really! :D Btw, what are those states in North Africa?
You are more than welcome for the map. Glad to be able to help.:) The states in North Africa are from west to east, the Marinid Sultanate of Morocco, the Zyyanids (central Algerian coast), the Hafsids, and the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, and in West Africa, the Mali Empire.

Euio, I was working on finishing this map late last nite, and must have use the wrong color, my bad. Will fix, and re-post the map. Q
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Map is now fixed!:) BTW, the reason I have depicted India as a single state is that it was unified under a single emporor, Tughluq, whose reign was at or very close to its end, at the time of this map. India splintered into many states again after the end of Tughluq's Empire.

World AD1346.PNG