(*NDCR) TBWI: JFK wins the Democratic Nomination Over George Wallace, 1968

In our world, George Wallace achieved an upset win over John F. Kennedy, who was deeply disliked by many, and clinch the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination in 1968, winning by around 50 votes. George Wallace, the first candidate to mount a succesful primary challenge to an incumbent President, would then win in the general election with a hung Electoral College necessitating the House of Representatives to then elect him in a close 26/50 vote. Wallace would then go on to pass the GMI Bill, the Supreme Court expansion initiative, the 35-35-30 rule for NATO security (can't remember the share of military protection much), enact mandatory drug rehab for drug users, and most importantly, universal health care through a squeaker 51-50 Amcare vote.

Wallace would also lead America to victory in the Vietnam War in 1972, though honestly, VP McNamara's death was the key event that crippled the anti-Vietnam War movement.

Politically, the rise of George Wallace brought the rise of communonationalism, in which Democratic Party politics siginify support for economic progressivism and social conservatism. The Northern Democratic wing of the party withered after 1968, and many liberals (and minaprogressives) would then leave the Democratic Party for the Progressive Party by the 1980s. Blacks would also leave the Democratic Party and solidly vote Republican as the party under George Wallace became associated with anti-Civil Rights feelings.

Now what if JFK won the Democratic nomination? Would he have won the general election against Barry Goldwater?

Would the GMI, Amcare, Supreme Court expansion, etc. have passed? How would the Vietnam War have turned out?

How would Democratic politics be defined by the 1980s, at the earliest? How would their dominant ideology look like by this time?


OOC: I've been wanting to ask these for a while now. These would be amazing to ask of @The Congressman's magnificent timeline, the New Deal Coalition Retained.
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Clearly, the Progressives would never form, as they were largely an anti-Communonationalist movement to start with.