Subscribed. Nixon in '60 has never been done properly, and this looks to be a 1-A TL. :cool:

I'll be following closely, and I can supply the Kennedys' post-election contingency plans if you so wish.
The title grabbed my interest.

The writing grabbed my subscription.

A grand introduction, and I will be following this TL with great interest...
Interesting TL. Although I was a bit surprised... reading the title, I assumed it was about Jehovas witnesses. :D


More excellent work. I particularly like the stuff about West Papua, that's an unexpected (but logical) change from OTL.
Wait I'm confused about France, is their a coup? Was that something that might have happened IOTL that I didn't know about?

Edit: Oh right the putsch! Doy. Well, France is doomed.
Good stuff there. Any details on the anti-Gaullist coup and how this will affect Algeria and the OAS? Any ideas and hints on Nixon and Kissinger's plans for a rapproachement with the People's Republic of China in the early Sixties?
Oh god, I cannot wait for the next part. It sounds like Nixon is going to be a wonderful president. Can you explain the reasoning behind the art fund thing?
Without wanting to appear TOO dense, please can you clarify exactly what's going on with this West Irian Crisis? I find this style of writing sometimes rather hard to follow, and the fact that the early 1960s is in no way my historical period does not help. I can see vaguelly what's going on, but a quick "big picture" summary might be helpful.


Remember it's the Netherlands, not Holland (same idea as England/Britain); otherwise, good summary.