MotF 228: City On A Downhill

MotF 228: City On A Downhill

The Challenge

Make a map featuring a city that is on the decline or has fallen on hard times.

The Restrictions

There are no restrictions on when the PoD of your map should be. Fantasy, sci-fi, and future maps are allowed.

If you're not sure whether your idea meets the criteria of this challenge, please feel free to PM me or comment in the main thread.
Entries will end for this round when the voting thread is posted on Monday, December 7, 2020.
Any discussion must take place in the main thread. If you post anything other than a map entry (or a description accompanying a map entry) in this thread, you will be asked to delete the post.

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BREAKING NEWS: At least 4 members of the General Police including two from the city of Huchujin and Shintoishima were confirmed
dead as sources say
FBI and CIJTF teams continue to perform drone and flying car patrols along the Ohio River after worrying reports circulated from tabloids indicating members of gang groups crossing into the United States border
I will formally open the full investigation into this matter, concerning about the files which related to the disturbing and shocking discovery of each of lifeless souls covered by blood that was killed by rival gangs dumped into Ohio River at the behest of governor Bride Sweeney.
"The ignoring matter and plight of the dying aviation manufacturing city has turned into worse direction where in the last recent years which has stories of how the ordinary citizens have been experiencing stories or fears of crime including the murders and armed robbery as well as violent gang rivalries that the shining city down to the Losantiville made less safe, the German and French police officers have collaborated with the American National Guard to defend the river from catching off-guard at the hands of criminals."
You know what, Mr. President Manchin, your home state of coal and aviation has been neglected behind and you left your people sank beneath the deep waves because people in that aviation industry in the world has been suffering from lack of your help? Did you still think that you almost forgot that people of the shining city (Covington), there are stories of people having more suffering with their lives lost including women? Don't you understand that the entire Solar System and this planet is laughing at that city? You... you had failed this city and other cities that you're dealing with the unresolved crime rate from the shackles of Edwards dictatorship! No! We will let our voices arise and find their better way to fight in hopes of repairing this national scar or trauma from the past! We want more time to overcome this challenge!

The colonies of Virginia is never united with Pennsylvania due to continued Dutch presence which banded with other southern colonies into loyal ones even with the aftermath of the formation of the United States that led to tensions between the both countries for the control of lands north of Ohio River where the Americans have more concerned with the growing British/English encroachment into the Great Lakes as the British had more concerned about growing population of German Laurentenlander, the Anglo-American (New Englander and Columbian), Franco-Americans, and the Amerikaner (Dutch American) attempting to encroach into native lands especially lands south to the Ohio River has led to Anglo-American Disputes of 1790 which is shortly cut-off with the independence of the Commonwealth of Virginia, leading up to the War of 1812 where planter-led republic engaged with violent conflict with the Americans until the Peace of Toledo that defines the Ohio River as border between the U.S. and Virginia.

In response to growing population of Losantiville, Covington has merged with neighboring towns including Newport to utilize industrial revolution but although the immigration started in 1843 to counteract with the growing numbers of factories in the American counterpart. Germans, Irish, and the British had settled on the opposite as it opposed to French, Dutch, Spanish, Catholic Germans, and Italians on the north.

By the year 1900, the city has been grown to over 101k people due to immigration and growing competition with the northern counterpart which led to growth of aviation manufacturing industry as number of aircraft manufacturers has set up its large factories and headquarters in this city, followed by steel industry that led to accumulating wealth which is making up of large economic gains that soon slowly climbing into top cities in the entire North American continent by 1942.

At the end of 1950s where the country is experiencing liberalization with the city becoming main center for growing active civil rights movement and unionization movement that became much more stronger where nonwhite employees are demanding for fair wages but in the end, the corporates have acknowledge to refuse to demands issued by trade unions before things turned into ugly with ever-increasing hotbeds of violent political extremist activity where both left-wing and right-wing militants are shown up to engage with violent fights as battle for civil rights becomes turbulent until the very-violent Weeks of Lead that became a root cause for Walker-led coup d'état and his rise to power that led to ensuring decline despite his attempts to reinvigorate and diversify the city has failed.

By the dawn of the 21st century, the population slowly starts to rebound despite all main industries are slowly moving away from this place while the crime rates soars up high which led to tales of murders, massacres, robberies, and then attempted robbery inside the stores have accelerating the city losing its great importance and by 2005 the city has become more irrelevant until the 2007-2008 Industry 4.0. recession have accelerated the mass exodus, affecting most inhabitants as they are more experiencing big brunt of suffering under the hands of criminals and gangs including planned budget cuts for funding to police and fire department has caused tremendous impact that citizens are angry under reckless and incompetent mayor that almost nearly put this city on very tough times and by this point, there are stories of deadly major fires that engulf neighborhoods while a minor fire that completely puts the abandoned office building into dust.

For citizens of this city, there are grim realities that they faced: the rich and sometimes middle class who are upset over proposed budget cuts are forced to flee northward into Losantiville that became heavily guarded by border patrol or they choose to relocate to West Covington and Devou Park with gated communities and private security companies and police showing up following the 2017-2018 anarchy riots that led to sometimes, sizeable police force to restore order in an attempt to stabilize the desolated and hopeless city while the lower class and other middle class have faced the big brunt at the hands of criminals including gangs and drug cartel where they are experiencing horrifying stories of how their neighbors went missing or killed or telling about how the luxurious things or vehicles stolen by thugs, it is very hard for them to live in this city where there are no police force to control order, that they formed its own citizens defense force and community groups in another time to fight back.

Will this city's rising crime have forced Manchin or new president of Virginia to deal with this?

A very recent POD this time: the major Mississippi River floods of 2011 are a little more major and a little less well-handled. The Old River Control Structure and Morganza Spillway, which keep the river on its current course through Baton Rouge and New Orleans, fail, and the main flow of the river switches into the Atchafalaya, taking a steeper, shorter route to the Gulf. The economic consequences, especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, are terrible. The ports of New Orleans and Baton Rouge become unusable as the river narrows and loses depth, putting strain on oil and food supplies nationwide. The country recovers, but New Orleans will never be the same again. Tens of thousands of jobs disappear. Many who left after Katrina never return. The port facilities are not upgraded upon the Panama Canal's 2016 expansion, and are soon obsolete: the new size of Panamax couldn't come to dock even if the water were deep enough. Tax revenue dwindles, crime rises, and the streets empty out. Tourism, which so many had counted on to sustain the city in the absence of trade, begins to falter as the urban landscape decays. The city becomes a husk, half depopulated, soon more than half. Over the decades, Gulf waters will rise up and the former river delta subside. Parts of the French Quarter will be disassembled and rebuilt in Las Vegas, but the rest of what was New Orleans will one day slip, mourned but not defended, beneath the waves.

This map is a from a ten-year retrospective article on the decline of New Orleans, with Baton Rouge and Morgan City (near the mouth of the Atchafalaya) shown as well. Baton Rouge has suffered badly but has retained its massive oil refineries (now with more complicated logistics) and status as capital, and so will survive. Morgan City was virtually wiped out in the initial flood of the Atchafalaya. It has been rebuilt, though the new city and old town have little in common beyond the name--the original population has been swamped by newcomers constructing and operating its ultra-modern new port. In fact, the whole Atchafalaya basin is filling with people. Once the heart of Cajun Country and home to some of the better preserved natural lands in the state, the region's distinctive character is already being swept aside by the torrent of wealth and activity that is the Mississippi River.


This idea started with a much earlier POD, with New Orleans as a city state and the river intentionally diverted by its unfriendly northern neighbors, but I couldn't quite get it to hang together. As I researched the Atchafalaya capture scenario, I realized that there was a perfectly good POD in recent memory, with a bit more story already baked in: Katrina weakening and temporarily depopulating the city five years earlier, the Panama Canal expansion potentially leaving a failing NOLA behind five years later. I don't really have any idea whether my water level for the Mississippi is reasonable--I can't tell from what I've read how quickly the switch would take place, only that a threshhold would be crossed and the main current could not be recovered. I have a feeling that the map shows too wide a river--maybe the state has deliberately diverted what it could that direction?
With the Remans fallen, the Potentate a fading memory, and the nations of men once more restored to their natural state of tumult, the city of Alinor fell, for a time, back into the melancholy inertia of triumph. The Sunbirds had won the war for the sky. No longer would the most brilliant minds of Summerset be forced to compete with Lorkhan's spawn directly; now was a time for reflection, for wistful serenity in the face of the unending curse of mortality. For so long as chaos swirled in the Arena, the Altmer - descendants of the true gods of the sky, not the corrupted idols of Creation - could thrive in peace, disturbed only by the occasional coastal raids from beyond the Veil of Mist.

But a vacuum can be filled. And when a Kreathi (or was he Atmoran?) general united the Colovian Estates, the Symbologicians, masters of arcana and numerological contemplation, were consulted. The Seneschals (speaking for their tranced charges), assured the High King that all was well. Like Pelinal before him, this new warlord would no doubt carve a bloody swathe across the Nibenay. He might charge wild and reckless into the Elden Grove, and therein meet his doom, or perhaps even contend with the Three Thieves for control of the East. Reman had attempted such, after all. No matter which of these fates came to pass, the Altmer could be assured security in their island utopia. The Symbologicians were certain.

It seemed only moments had passed before everything changed.

Somehow, somewhere, the Symbologicians missed a step. More likely - or so it is whispered - Tiber reached out into the logic-webs and slashed them with his ruby red sword. Either way, when Valenwood fell, and the fiction of the Dominion was exposed, the moons seemed very red indeed. Stories filtered east too late. The Brass Golem, some monstrous heresy wrapped in souls, was on its way. And without warning, on the very day before Landfall, the Symbologicians' placid pronouncements turned to dire omens.

It was entirely too late.

The titan's wake shattered Summerset. From the storm-wracked cliffs of Lan Sercene to the gently rolling terraces of Nilcestumir, the Numidium broke all. Where it passed, chaos, fire, death, and madness were all that remained. And when the day was done, so too was Alinor. Spared the direct wrath of the Warp storms, the capital only ever faced the humiliation of watching red dragon banners unfurled from its crystalline towers. But it was enough. The conquered city submitted to its fate.

Time passed. The conquerors' faces changed, but the conquest never did. With the Wake destined to wreak its havoc upon the very land of Summerset for eternity, Alinor and the other surviving cities did their best to restore what semblance of the old order they could. Some, like Firsthold, found a place for themselves in the new mannish order. But the proud mer of Alinor did not. Could not.

Today, they stew in silent resentment, watching as the greatest city in the world, the temple of the king of the gods, falls deeper into decay and ruin. Oh, the King attends to his duties, watched from his balconies by the Imperial Proconsul in the Symbologicians' former tower. The nobles from Lillandril and Sunhold and Skywatch still compare their lineages in the barrier villas and squabble over decisions of the Annalists. Citizens wander the Menagerie, attend sense-plays at the Theatre of the Mind, and gaze in awe at the rainbow-flecked towers and sprawling gardens. But the cracks are beginning to show. The manor districts, stripped of whole clans during the Tiber Wars, lay crumbling, inhabited by squatters and frauds. Alinor's foreign quarter, once a segregated and dismal place meant to keep foreigners out of the temple districts, has become the beating economic heart of the city. Faced with an uncontrolled population boom, wealthy estate-lords lease off segments of their terraced fields to become slums. The humiliated Navy now barely floats a dozen warships.

In another city, not far to the southeast, the very last Sunbird is dying.

FOIA Request 69420365, dated 1984 December 05.
Information Requested: Maps, photographs, or any memoranda regarding the former German Reich's now abandoned settlement in Antarctica Adolf Hitler Stadt
Purpose of request: Journalism. Writing article about aforementioned settlement, and desire to know what information the US Government had regarding the Nazi Settlement.
Format: microfiche or photocopy
Dates of information requested: 1945-1970
Department or agency: Office of Strategic Services
Contact info: Adam McMullen, 212-286-8696. 875 Godfrey Ave Apt C6 New York, NY 10019

Mr Mullen,
Attached to this letter is a memorandum from the OSS Archives, dated August 11, 1968.
For further information or clarification, please write to OSS Headquarters: 2430 E Street, N.W Washington, DC 20037

As you can guess, this comes from an Axis victory timeline, where the Soviets decisively won the Winter War much easier, which caused the German High Command and Hitler to not underestimate the Red much. As stated on the copy on the map, eventually the Germans go to war with the Soviets and inevitably lose by the late 1950s. This strange little outpost at the far south of the world remained well supplied by the rogue state of Rhodesia after the fall of the Reich. That is, until Rhodesia achieved majority rule in the 70s. Cut off from the outside world, Adolf Hitler Stadt was never able to gain self sufficiency and the surviving inhabitants eventually emerged from AHS in 1981 and attempted to re-integrate into society, into a radically different world than they left behind in the 1940s.