MotF 189: This Sceptred Isle

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    MotF 189: This Sceptred Isle

    The Challenge

    Make a map of an empire ruled from an island. (Both the empire and the island may be of any size you like.)
    The Restrictions

    There are no restrictions on when the PoD of your map should be. Fantasy, sci-fi, and future maps are allowed.

    If you're not sure whether your idea meets the criteria of this challenge, please feel free to PM me or comment in the main thread.
    Entries will end for this round when the voting thread is posted on Sunday, January 20th, 2019.
    Any discussion must take place in the main thread. If you post anything other than a map entry (or a description accompanying a map entry) in this thread then you will be asked to delete the post.

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    Inuit Thalassocracy done.png
    Behold, the great Inuit Empire of Ungasittuqavannarleq!

    I ended up picking Baffin Island for the center of this, because I wanted to set up some kind of Inuit-led Arctic Thalassocracy. This was quite a lot of fun to do, even if all those arctic islands were kind of a pain to map, mainly because it was interesting to find all the Inuit names for different towns in the arctic, and coming up with transliterations for Svalbard and Anadyr.

    I also did a writeup for this, but I'm honestly not to happy with it, I think it kind of gets messy when Alaska gets split, but its not too bad and I think it explains things fairly well.
    Thalassocracy thing.png
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    A Brief History of the Unified Command

    The United Nations of Earth, formed November 1, 2081, was a short-lived experiment into a global democracy. Economic dysfunction, civil strife, and political ineptitude led to the April Fools Coup, April 1, 2086. The coup was instigated by Admiral António del Toro, who became the first Supreme Commander of the Unified Command, a reformation of the old UN.

    Less than a decade later, the remains of an ancient alien mining vessel was found under the ice of Europa. Unified Command scientists reverse-engineered the alien hyperdrive, opening up the wider galaxy for humanity.

    Humanity found itself not at the top of the figurative totem pole, but also not at the bottom. The Unified Command established contact with thousand-year star empires as well as Iron Age primitives. Overall, the Unified Command managed to win more than they lost, conquer more than they were conquered. The Unified Command is still far from the premier power in the Orion Arm, but they are holding their own.

    Military conflicts in the Orion Arm are frequent. It is only fitting that Humanity be led by their warriors. The Unified Command never stopped being a military government. All power is ultimately held by the Supreme Commander of the Unified Command, the first of whom was António del Toro. The Nine Departments, five armed services, two uniformed services, and two civilian, report to (and nominate) the Supreme Commander. The majority of powerful positions within the Unified Command are open only to members of the military. Even civilian leaders are usually veterans.

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