More Fake Trailers For Alternate History Stories

So, I was looking back on the "Alternate History Movie Trailer" thread (, and I was wondering if anybody on this site wanted to make a few more. I say this being a fan of Hearts Of Iron IV Mods, both released and in-development (Kaiserreich, Fuhrerreich, Krasnacht, Red World, The New Order: Last Days of Europe, etc., etc.), and I figured that there's plenty of material left to mine for Alternate History Movie Trailers.

I'm posting this as a separate thread because of the rules against necromancing dead threads (and the original Alternate History Movie Trailer challenge thread being inactive since about 2015), so if anybody is interested in making Alternate History Movie Trailers (whether for HOI4 mods or otherwise), just let me know!
Fake Trailer for AXIS (Most likely as a TV show):

(0:00) Black screen. We hear this beginning to play:

(0:11) We start to hear the "We Shall Fight on the Beaches" speech by Winston Churchill, as the screen begins to show stock footage of WW2, though mostly showing the victories of the Axis Powers, along with scenes of what looks like Nazis marching through the streets of Britain, Oswald Mosley giving a speech, and things getting bleaker and bleaker for the Allies in general...

(0:58 - 1:01) Before Winston Churchill could finish saying "We shall never surrender" it abruptly cuts off as we pan up to see Germania, with the title card 1976 over it.

(1:02) we then cut to Japan, Rome, a now Fascist governed UK (Their flag now being black with a white lightning bolt in a circle), and the United States (Which we see is now under the control of a fascistic government as well, their symbol being the letter L).

(1:11) PIERRE BERGER (Ian McKellen but french) says to the young child actress CHARLOTTE VOGEL (Girl from The Book Thief but younger looking)

I am not hero

We see shots of Pierre walking through Germania, attending fancy parties where we see him standing , and appearing to be burying something in a forrest area.

I’ve seen worse

We see shots of a toy train set. Pierre walking through the towering, almost awe inspiring city of Germania. A miniature statue of liberty on a desk, with the Nazi flag just barely visible behind it, Pierre coming into frame before the shot ends. We also see the fascist America, and see certain parts of the city of New York have been walled off into ghettos. We get some shots of this terrifying new world...

(1:36) We see Lt. JAMES REEVES (Robert Shaw from Battle of the Bulge) in a car with Investigative Journalist HOWARD FRANKLIN (Tom Hanks)

So you're a reporter for The Daily Legion?

I’m a freelancer actually, more of an Investigative Journalist...

(1:41) We get some quick shots of Howard looking around an apartment

I follow people who don't want to be followed, ask them what they don't want to hear, try to get down to the centre of it all

(1:52) We then see Howard tied up in a dark room, a single light above his head, also cutting to shots of Pierre spying on someone, Charlotte Vogel laying awake in her grandiose bed with frightened eyes, as we hear this mysterious old man say:

You see we believe that there is a conspiracy…

Cut to a shot of a vaguely arabic woman (Gal Gadot with green eyes) looking at something intently. Cut to the US ambassador URSULA (Pussy Galore) smiling to herself looking out the window over NYC Skyline. Cut to SS soldiers marching.

A secret which they, the Reich, does not which for us or the public to know…

We cut to Reeves in his apartment with his teenage son WILL (Thomas Brodie-Sangster with glasses). Cut to Lt. JACK MCKINLEY (Bobby Cannavale) with a baseball bat over his shoulders. Cut to the president of the USA (Bob Hopkins with a moustache) at a rally.

A skeleton in their closet, that could bring their whole marble kingdom, their babylon crashing down in flames…

(2:11) Cut to black... Fade from it to show the old man AVNER (Yinsen from Iron Man 2008) with his hand reached out towards the camera, where we can just barely see his hand has tattoos on it

Where did my people go?

(2:14) Montage of shots and scenes including: A New York police station exploding. The silhouette of a man falling into crystal blue water. Nazi Germany, a man giving a speech (We can just make out its Himmler, and we can hear bits of his speech here and there in the trailer). Men with balaclavas and guns entering what looks like a stadium. Pierre pointing a pistol.

(2:28) We can see Howard and the Arabic woman (ARIEL) on the Orient Express. Shots of Landmarks. Will running through some alleyway along with NICK (A young Diego Luna) and JOE (Sophia Lillis). US police (Including Lt. Reeves) marching through the forrest looking for something or someone. Ariel in a kick ass fight scene in a train (Orient Express). we hear a british sounding man saying:

All great countries are destroyed...

Shots of Italy. An election in Japan. McKinley walking through what looks like a strip club. The President and a Marilyn Monroe esq. singer at some event (President looks angry). And some alternate history pop culture here and there. Charlotte Vogel performing. Partisans fighting the police in the streets of London and all across the globe.

...Why not yours?

(2:56) Just as we see Ariel make this badass takedown on the Orient Express we cut to an explosion. More action shots, including scenes of a chase sequence through the forrest. A massive crowd in the Red Square, Soviet Union (Looking both happy and blood thirsty). Howard and Ariel looking over a hill at something. McKinley swinging a baseball bat down on someone.

(3:10) we see Howard and Ariel dancing together. See Nick, Will and Joe walking through NYC Time Square (Covered in nazi esq. imagery). A pissed off looking Lt. Reeves flipping a chair over. More scenes of the chase sequence through the forrest, where we see Howard looking freaked out by something in the forrest.

(3:21) AVNER (V.O.)
How far will you go for it?

Whatever or whoever it is, Howard charges at it and towards the camera. Cut to black...


Coming soon...