Modern Washington/London Naval Treaty

Putting aside how unlikely it is due to the basically uncontested US naval hegemony, how would a modern version of the Washington/London Naval Treaties look like? I would imagine the permanent 5 security council members would participate with maybe a few others too. Since no-one would build a battleship in our times that is a mute point but I can see Carriers and larger Submarines would be centerpiece while cruisers, destroyers, frigates and Diesel-Electric submarines would also be limited but less harshly. Maybe a modern analogue to 16" max on BBs, 8" CAs and 6" CLs rule would be a limit on missile capacity? Also should this thread be in ASB instead?

("Modern naval treaties" idea came to me after I had a thought about "WW2 but with modern tech" concept)
Well the Soviets and Chinese are going to want to ban the Aircraft Carrier altogether but the US, UK and France won't go for it so negotiations collapse. The UK will want to ban submarines but none of the other powers will go for it, so negotiations collapse.