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Is it viable to design a tank with the crew being fully in a prone position?
Possible yes with the right mix of autoloading main guns, cameras to give all around vision and padding. Is it practical? Maybe but I cant really see what the advantages are of such a layout given other issues such a layout would have.
Currently watch Lavender Scare on PBS and I'm thinking to myself "just imagine the damage the government could have done to organize crime if they used the zeal hunting for the mob as they did hunting for homosexuals."
Guys create some ridiculous Wunderwaffen

Hughes H-99 Daedalus, aka "Atomic Albatross" , an enormous atomic-powered flying boat that reduces the need for crew shielding by putting the reactor as far away as possible. The all-wooden airframe is very resistant to neutron activation, and despite misgivings by engineers, "probably" won't be set on fire by the 1500 degree reactor components. There are however concerns about what will happen if the reactor is accidentally submerged.
What if Hitler took Psilocybin as a young man?

The question seems awkward but it is not. Psychodelics were shown to change people's personalities in quite a dramatic way
Before WWII Psilocybin was basically unknown in Western culture except as a poisonous mushroom to avoid. No one really sought it out (except maybe the sort who'd be regarded as a witch). The only knowledge would be in anthropology (records of Siberian peoples who used Amanita muscaria mushrooms) or obscure historical accounts of Mesoamericans using Psilocybe mushrooms. If the young Hitler was that interested in anthropology--he did enjoy Western novels, so maybe (like a few relatives of mine) he'd want to learn more about the actual period--he'd have access to biased but still reliable descriptions of the Apache or other peoples who appeared in novels by Karl May or others. Maybe he'd discover peyote from those descriptions and travel to the United States or Mexico to partake in it.

Anthropologist Hitler would be interesting, especially if he maintained his antisemitic and fascist views. I guess he'd be an intellectual in the German far-right in the late 20s/30s and if they assumed power then maybe he'd have a government post. Maybe he'd be in contact with Elwood Towner (aka Chief Red Cloud) or a few other American Indian speakers in the 1930s who expressed antisemitic views and support for the Nazis largely out of their opposition to FDR's Indian policy.
Hitler as an anthropologist? Hmmm. It does boggle the mind^1. I see no fundamental difference in his politics. He would still wind up where he ended because at the end he was a dope fiend as well as an evil man.

^1 The set of ideas, which Hitler espoused and pushed to the extremes, had their roots in the "international social Darwinist intelligentsia" who ran around as the Euro-American ruling classes of the 1880s, 1890s, 1910s and 1920s. These evil ideas certainly affected the world views of many individuals like Woodrow Wilson, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Tsar Nicholas II and the Three Pashas, so if that manure rolled downhill and was picked up by a future sociopath or three, like Stalin, Mao and Hitler; it can be traced to some really sick twisted distortions of what scientists were actually publishing.
Any experts on North Africa? I decided to go with a Mediterranean strategy for my Bukharin TL. The Italo-German forces actually managed to conquer/puppet state Egypt-Sudan (plus East Africa) before the Abdeen Palace incident of 1942, what in your opinion would entail?