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Wondering if any hoser historians could help me with a Canadian scenario I've been thinking about.

If Pierre Trudeau bit the dust before entering politics would that have increased the likelihood that the '80 or '95 Quebec independance referendums passes? I'm mostly trying to consider the effects the official languages act and Trudeau's handling of the FLQ crisis had on the Quebec sovereignty movemet over the next couple decades and how an alternate administration's approach might've changed things. The '85 referendum was defeated by about 9% but the '95 one was only defeated by like 0.5% so it seems to me like theres a good chance a historical shakeup somewhere could've flipped one of those the other way.


'1980 Election Without John B. Anderson'.
Reagan still wins. While the popular vote looks less like a landslide-- the margin is closer with Reagan's led 7.5-8% rather than +10%-- but Carter is still buried. Polling showed Anderson drained support from Carter and Reagan fairly equally-- maybe 60% from Jimmy and 40 % from Ronny. Assuming that proportion plays out in the individual state results, Carter could pick up 30-45 electoral votes, meaning that the peanut farmer still loses in the Electoral College by 300+ votes.


"1988 election WITH John Anderson"
George, Sr. also still wins. Anderson was from the Rockefeller (liberalish) wing of the Republican party and in 1980 ran as the alternative to the "far too conservative" Reagan. By 1988 Reagan isn't on the ballot, (I recognize that the Bush sales pitch included him being needed to carrying on Reagan's legacy, yada, yada, yada- but that's not the same as Reagan actually being on the ticket). Recall that GHW Bush was selected as Reagan's running mate as a counterweight to Reagan conservatism for teh simple fact that George, Sr. was Mr. Mainstream Republican. Assuming Anderson gets re-elected to his House district through 1988, or otherwise stays viable as a canidate, in the presidential election cycle he runs as... what? The alternative choice no one knew that they needed or wanted?!?

I think the more interesting question is "Does the GOP take control of the Senate in 1980 if John Anderson doesn't run in 1980. Without Anderson, Carter could have picked up several (maybe 5 or 6) Southern states that narrowly went for Reagon in the OTL (I'm a newbie, did I use OTL correctly?). Could Carter have had long enough coat-tails to have flipped back the Senate races in 3 of those states where the Republican narrowly won? (I personnaly think Carter might have affected 1 Senate race, thereby leaving the Senate split 52R-48D).


Reagan picks Robert Bork a month earlier for the vacant CIA Director seat --> "The Bork Identity"
And with Bork no longer available for the SCOTUS, Reagan instead nominate Bjork to the high court, thereby sparing the world from her screachy caterwauling.
Could Yeltsin have become a dictator if he was pushed hard enough? The "One Bad Day is all it takes to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy?" (90s Russia question)
If the Luxembourgish territory were a bit larger, specifically Trier and its surrounding region, would Radio Luxembourg (later RTL) still be established established its reputation as a commercial broadcaster OTL or the (ATL) Grand Ducal government would set up a public broadcaster?
What could cause a big economic collapse in the 1950's with a POD of after WII?

Like, maybe not Great Depression level big, but big enough that we get a big increase in crime and teenage rebellion as a result?