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So What If Xerox halistened about the postscript drivers?

Or if they had taken the offer from Steve Jobs?
Woof... There's a company that owned a market and blew it all in a progression of bad decisions. I'm old enough where I remember all photostatic copies were referred to as a "Xerox" and the same for the hardware - regardless of who made the equipment. Xerox was both a noun and a verb in everyday usage.
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More destructive Falklands Battle of 1914:

Pod: 8 December 1914: As Scharnhorst sinks into the ocean, two salvoes of torpedoes sink HMS Invincible. Scharnhorst, already in a sinking condition, is finished off by HMS Carnarvon. Gneisenau, upon running out of ammunition, sinks HMS Inflexible with torpedoes, but is caught without ammunition and sunk by HMS Carnarvon too. A shell from Leipzig sinks the HMS Kent with a magazine explosion and Leipzig and Nurnberg sink HMS Glasgow and HMS Cornwall for the loss of Leipzig. During the battle, 2 out of 3 German supply ships are sunk with the last supply ship interned in Argentina. The decision is made by Nurnberg and Dresden to resume battle on 12 December 1914 with Dresden crippled before sinking HMS Canopus with torpedoes. HMS Carnarvon and HMS Bristol are sunk by torpedoes and gunfire from Nurnberg before Nurnberg was sunk by HMS Macedonia (an auxiliary cruiser), with Nurnberg out of ammunition and torpedoes after sinking 2 British cruisers. The last cruiser, Dresden, is scuttled after crippling damage, having managed to heavily damage HMS Macedonia that it was run aground and used as a British guardship for the Falklands, with HMS Macedonia being scrapped as a total loss post war in situ.

No strategic effects on WW1 at sea until Jutland, with attention paid by the British to deal with torpedo attacks and magazine fires from Jutland onwards. However, Von Spee and his squadron permanently taking down more British warships in their death throes makes Von Spee's reputation more heroic and renowned after his death in battle.
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Why there's no wide-scale Chinese immigration to Russia, from times of Russian Empire to Soviet Union?
There was a timeline where Mao lost and most of his supporters fled to the USSR, which refused to hand them over when the Republic of China asked for them back. Couldn't find the name, though, and the outflow of communists and suspected communists to the USSR was actually significant in that timeline. Chiang Kai-Shek in that timeline probably did a Red Scare which caused it.
Gygax granted exclusive rights to Games Workshop to distribute TSR products in the United Kingdom, after meeting with Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. Games Workshop printed some original material and also printed their own versions of various D&D and AD&D titles in order to avoid high import costs. When TSR could not reach an agreement with Games Workshop regarding a possible merger, TSR created a subsidiary operation in the UK, TSR Hobbies UK, Ltd. in 1980. Gygax hired Don Turnbull to head up the operation, which would expand into continental Europe during the 1980s. The British branch of the operation, TSR UK published a series of modules and the original Fiend Folio. TSR UK also produced Imagine magazine for 31 issues.
What if this merger had succeeded?
What will be the latest possible POD for the Korean State to not be annexed?
Will it be the Russo-Japanese war, or are other paths available for the Empire of Korea to take post-1905?
Does some have the list of people present at the Tehran Conference besides STALIN (with Molotov andbVoroshilov) , FDR and Winston Churchill? Thanks in advance.


Anyone with a source for US Army small unit structures from Spanish-American War to the DoW of 1917? (I'm mostly interested in the two bigger Mexican interventions in 1914 and 196) Squad, Platoon, Company - how many men, what NCO's and officers assigned? What was standard equipment doled out to each of those units?