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How many WW1 and Interwar biplanes would it take to overwhelm the modern U.S Airforce and Navy through sheer numbers alone ignoring logistics and manpower issues?
However many missiles, aircraft cannon shells and 0.5'' - 5'' anti aircraft rounds the US owns + 1.
Fuel and pilot fatigue first. If it is directed energy weapons included, that also means watts. IOW, the enemy will need N^(lazy 8)+1
I havent read it myself but as American economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen Veblen shows in The Theory of the Business Enterprise (1904), the profit of the empire has been concentrated in the hands of a privileged business elite. Did Veblen show that the empires of the 1800s transfered any wealth into the 1900s?, if yes can you please help me with a short summary of the wealth that he says was tranfered from the 1800s and from where and to who it was transfered to?. Thanks.
British documents on the Israeli War of Independence published in the Nation in 1948 on the transfer of Nazi officials to the Arab armies, where can I find PDFs with these documents from the nation? I found them online many years ago
Here's one I don't recall having seen before: 'Republican FDR'. Specifically of the more pro-business, laissez-faire breed like 1920s GOP presidents IOTL, as opposed to another Teddy Roosevelt or something.
If you were sailing into Bangkok in 1920 where would you go? I mean are you expected to sail up the river to the docks in the city, or was there a port for Bangkok like how Piraeus is for Athens and Ostia was for Rome?
‘President Ron Paul’. I suppose the results would depend on when he wins, whether in 1988 or 2012. How likely he’d be to secure the GOP nomination given the Republicans’ social conservatism (unless we alter that element of their platform, too), I’m unsure.