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Strange question on US Navy ship naming...
In 1869, a man named Adolph Borie served as Secretary of the Navy under President US Grant for a few months... during that time, he had many of the vessels of the US Navy renamed. He disliked the Indian names (which were quite popular), believing them hard-to-pronounce, and replaced them largely with names from Graeco-Roman mythology... many of them frankly seeming more appropriate for the RN :). As soon as he was out of office (that same year), his successor George Robeson promptly changed them most of them back to their original names, or gave them new names altogether.
Does ANYBODY know where to find a full list of the US Navy vessels renamed in 1869?
How about this?
USN ship renaming in 1869.png

Edit: If you can find the sources noted at the end, I expect there is more detail in them.
Warship International Vol 26, № 3 (1989), p309. Published by the International Naval Research Organisation.
Link: http://www.jstor.org/stable/44894667. (Accessed 16th September 2020)
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Has anyone seen a king John the first England self insert or an alternative history for example John become king of England in 1289 because his father decides to give John the kingdom of England and Richard the Lionheart heart gets the Dutch of Normandy and Aquitaine along with the counties of Anjou and Maine. Or a self insert staring in 1285 when John visits Ireland just woundring if there is any good storys out there.
Perfect thread. Considering going back into map making.

What do people think are some of The most interesting potential PoDs before the 2nd Balkan war but after the Franco-Prussian war? I’m wondering about a PoD in this era and what impacts on world politics and history it would have, especially scenarios that aren’t as well known but could have big long term impacts.
I saw somewhere on a "WI Romans get gunpowder" thread that the Romans did not have the metallurgy expertise to make the complex designs that were seen in flintlock muskets. Also, I was wondering if they had the technology to build 10-20 story "skyscrapers." If we give them a few centuries to develop these technologies, how would I make the Romans improve in these fields to be able to make flintlock muskets and steel frames for skyscrapers? There are a lot of smart people on this site, so I thought someone might be able to explain how I would go about doing this for a timeline I'm thinking about writing.
A thought: would it be feasible to have a group of Jews be one of the colonizing groups in America? I am thinking if something like the Spanish or English Expulsion happened during the colonizing age, they might get sent to America like the Puritans did.
Or possibly an earlier diversion leads to more representation of women. Like Abigail Adams gets more involved with politics or something happens in the Revolutionary War.