Miranda's Dream. ¡Por una Latino América fuerte!.- A Gran Colombia TL

Yikes this is a messy time.

So I thought to ask some questions:
  1. Will Paraguay be as expansionist as OTL?
  2. Any updates on the Middle East?
  3. Any updates on Europe?
  4. Any updates on Asia?
  5. Will the US try to invade Canada again?
Messy indeed.

1. Perhaps. I must confess that I do not relish the prospect of a Triple Alliance War that could only end with Paraguay devastated. ITTL, Paraguay is mostly satisfied for now since they did obtain new territory out of their last war with Brazil and La Plata.

2, 3 and 4. I plan to talk about Europe and their imperialist ventures on Asia and the Middle East in the future. Suffice it to say that for the moment France is in the ascendancy, having gained influence in Japan and Egypt. Russia, for her part, is eyeing the weakened Ottoman Empire, while Britain is kind of freaking out at this disregard of the balance of power.

5. Not likely. They already lost in 1814, and barely won against Mexico. Facing mighty Britain is not something they feel prepared to do, especially because such a war can only add territory to the Free States - the Slavocrats will thus block any attempt to invade Canada.

New update. Huzzah!!!!
Happy to have you back, mate!
Thank you!

Here hoping that universal suffrage doesn't open the door to populism.
Universal Suffrage isn't actually universal, though, since most Liberals still support literacy and being employed somewhere as requirements. They only want to eliminate property requirements for voting and holding office. Instead of allowing the poor to take part in Colombian democracy, reform here would open the doors to the Colombian middle class. Some populism, however, is probably inevitable, but the fears of demagogues taking control of the Republic are probably overblown.