"Mary Whitehouse will never accept this" : A Dr Who Production History (Inspired by Guajolote)

"Tom had told me that he was going to leave at the end of series 20. He was missing out on major roles in film and theatre and was worried about his career. I was pretty upset because he had saved the show but I had to respect his choice. So we sat down at discussed how we could have leave in a blaze of glory as well as setting the scene for the sixth doctor"

The Five Doctors (3 x 60 Mins)

William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Graham Chapman and Tom Conti

Carole Ann Ford, Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, Katy Manning, Nicholas Courtney, Caroline John, Richard Franklin April Walker, Ian Marter, Myra Frances, Kate O'Mara, Lalla Ward.

Dinah Sheriden, Colin Baker, Philip Latham, Brian Blessed
Episode 1.1
The 5th Doctor and Mel are taking a break on the eye of Orion and have decided to stay for a while. Meanwhile the first Doctor is in the console room of his TARDIS alone. The TARDIS is attacked by a strange mist and the Doctor vanishes.

Back on Orion 5 clutches his chest and shouts in pain. Mel asks him what's wrong. He replies "I've lost something"

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are walking along a beach when they are taken by the same mist that took the first.

5 slumps to the ground in extreme pain and fades in and out of existence. Mel asks if she can do anything. 5 asks her to help him get back to the TARDIS.

The 3rd Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier are racing along a road in Bessie when the mist appears and swallows them whole.

5 and Mel get back to the TARDIS which takes off without the Doctor doing anything. The Doctor collapses

On Gallifrey. Borusa, Flavia and Romana are in a control room trying to understand what is going on. Romana manipulates a set of controls and a TARDIS materialises. The 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane step out. The Doctor is outraged to be back on Gallifrey but Borusa informs him that his 1st, second and third incarnations have been ripped out of time. Romana says that he has been brought back to Gallifrey for his protection.

Bessie is lying in a ditch with 3, Jo and the Brigadier. From a distance a shadowy figure watches.

Back in the control room on Gallifrey a second TARDIS materialises. 4, Sarah Jane and Romana enter. 4 looks at 5 who is slowly regaining consciousness. 5 looks at 4 and says "you're here" 4 replies "so it would seem old boy"
Romana has escorted Mel and Sarah into the council debating room.Meanwhile 4 and 5 are with Borusa and Flavia in the control room.

Borusa explains that who or what has taken the first three incarnations of the Doctor has imprisoned them in the death zone. 4 and 5 were retrieved before they could be taken. 5 realises that his TARDIS activated its emergency recall sequence when it scanned how unstable he was.

4 asks how long their stability can be maintained. Borusa says he doesn't know. Flavia tells 4 and 5 that they have rigged a boosted transmat pad. They will take 4 into the death zone. 5 asks why he won't be going. Flavia says that as the latest incarnation he has to be kept safe in case anything happens to 4.

Borusa says that the longer the first doctor is untraceable the greater danger the rest are in. The transmat is activated. Its Susan.

2, Jamie and Zoe are in a cave. Zoe asks 2 where they are.2 looks out and realises to his horror that they are on Gallifrey in the death zone.

Meanwhile 3 has driven bessie out of the ditch and he has also realised that they are on Gallifrey. Its as if something is pulling the towards the tower.

In the debating chamber Susan explains that after Omega was defeated the time lords located Susan in 2164 to explain that she and her grandfather had been forgiven and that she could return home. Susan declined saying she wanted to help David rebuild London following the invasion by the Daleks. Susan was given a communicator by the Timelords which she used when she felt a wave of pain. 5 theorises that he experienced the same sensation

Borusa and Flavia enter the chamber. 4 is given a recall device that will transmit him back to the chamber. Borusa demands that Sarah stays but 4 refuses saying he won't go without her. Borusa relents. 4 and Sarah transmat. Romana escorts Mel and Susan to a place where they can rest.

In the Death Zone 2, Jamie and Zoe are scrambling up a rock formation. As they reach the top they are confronted by a team of Cybermen. They ready their weapons...

The Cybermen are dealt with by a combination of 3's Sonic screwdriver and the Brigadier's revolver. 3 looks at 2 and says:
"They got you as well eh?" The brigadier says "Here we go again"

4 and SJ are also heading for the death zone. 4 explains what the Death zone was used for. When SJ asks why a voice says:
"We delighted in the suffering of others"

Its the Master. 4 says that its the Master that is responsible but the Master says he was also brought here by the same mist.

SJ screams. Both the Master and Doctor turn round to see a team of Daleks heading towards them. 4 and SJ take cover whilst the Master surrenders and offer to help them
The Doctor is resting when Flavia enters his quarters. There is no news yet from his 4th self. The Doctor is puzzled. he has come to the conclusion that the only way his 1st to 3rd selves have been kidnapped was the timescoop. Flavia says it still exists but has not been used for millennia.

Flavia then says that the stability of his 4th self is not as strong as he his. It seems that the 4th's conflict with the Timewyrm did more damage then first thought and that if all his incarnations are not rescued and returned to their proper places in time and space then the Doctor is doomed.

2 and 3 and their party are walking through and cave when they encounter a Yeti. It causes a small landslide which traps them. Using a combination of their screwdrivers as well as a torch that Jo is carrying and Jamie's claymore they are able to escape.

4 and SJ are watching in secret as the Master and the Daleks are walking towards the Death Zone. As they follow 4 yells in pain...Back on Gallifrey 5 is affected. He stumbles out of his quarters and tries to find Mel and Susan. As he approaches their quarters he is hit by a energy beam...
4 is lying on the floor in pain. SJ says that they should return to Gallifrey but 4 says that if they do they'll be in greater danger. They have to head for the tower...

5 comes to in a cell alongside Mel and Susan. Borusa is also there. 5 knows that the only way that the timescoop was used was by a senior member of time lord society. Borusa explains that he wishes to become eternal like Rassilon. Susan interjects saying that isn't possible.

5 tells Borusa that's why he sent his previous selves into the deathzone to clear the way. Borusa informs him that the Master is there too as well as Daleks, Cybermen and the Yeti. Borusa is planning that they will wipe each other out. Borusa orders that the Doctor bows to him. 5 refuses. Borusa uses the ring of Rassilon to force him to do so.

PART 3.1
2 and 3 enter the Tower. They tell their companions that they will encounter some strange phenomena from hereonin
4 and SJ also enter the tower from a different angle and enter a room with a chess board on the floorThey encounter the Master who has gone ahead of the Daleks. 4 is still in a weakened state. They hide from the approaching Daleks who travel across the board but are destroyed by a series of laser beams. The Master walks across the board and dares the Doctor to follow him saying "its as easy as pi" 4 realises that he's referring to mathematics and copies the Master's path across the board whilst guiding SJ after him.

Mel and Susan are still in the cell but Mel has a plan. She is able to override the lock by using her computer knowledge. They escape and try to find help

5 and Borusa are in the control room. Borusa is typing in co-ordinates to the transmay. "soon it will be time"
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PART 3.2
2 and 3 are walking through a series of passages. 2, Jamie and Zoe are walking ahead of 3, Jo and LS when a door slams down separating them. Jo screams and 3 tells them to try another way

2, Jamie and Zoe walk further down a passage when suddenly Polly appears in front of them. Polly says she's trapped in a forcefield. Jamie demands the doctor uses the screwdriver to free her. Polly asks Zoe to help. The Doctor says that that Polly and Zoe never met so how could she ask for help. "Polly" screams and fades away. 2 says that one of the tower's defences is to trigger hallucinations.

Meanwhile 3, Jo and LS encounter a similar vision of Liz Shaw and Mike Yates. Elsewhere 4 and SJ encounter an hallucination of Harry.
PART 3.2
After enduring the hallucinations 4 and SJ reach the top of the tower first. The first doctor is encased in a forcefield. 3 and his team arrive shortly after. There's a mixture of shock and confusion over how both 3 and 4 are in the same room together and that is doubled when 2 and his group arrive.

Back on Gallifrey Borusa is preparing 5 for his task. There is a message from the death zone. It's 2 saying that they've arrived. 5 tells them to standby. 3 is worried as it 4 over while 2 chides them for being scared of their own shadows. The Master appears and tries to kill the doctors but LS knocks him out with one punch and takes his weapon

The transmit is activated. 5 and Borusa step out. Borusa hypnotises the companions. The Doctors realise what is going on
PART 3.3
2, 3 and 4 use their combined mental powers to free 5 from Borusa's clutches. Rassilon appears and offers immortality to all who take his crown. All four doctors decline but Borusa accepts. He dons the crown and suddenly fades out of view only to reappear as a face on a wall. 1 also disappears.

2 surmises that the immortality was in effect to be frozen. The companions are freed just as the TARDIS appears. It contains, Mel, Susan, Romana and Flavia as well as a retinue of Guards. Rassilon informs the doctors that their timeline must be repaired and their memories of this wiped apart from that of 5.

Farewells are made and each team enter the TARDIS which clones itself.

Romana turns to 5 and says that she must travel with him. When 4 asks she ays that it is necessary to "heal the wounds". Puzzled 5 agrees. Rassilon orders Flavia to take over the council and vanishes.

The final team re-enter the TARDIS. As it flies through space and time the timeline is repaired.

1 and Susan stroll through a garden
2, Zoe and Jamie resume their walk on the beach
3. Jo and LS park Bessie outside a restaurant for a drink.
4 is lying on the TARDIS floor after defeating the Timewyrm and with Romana watching he regenerates into 5. Romana returns to Gallifrey while SJ returns to Earth and makes preparations for her wedding.
5 and Mel are in the TARDIS as it heads back to the eye of Orion. Mel leaves the console room for a rest leaving 5 alone. Suddenly the scanner screen activates and Rassilon appears telling the Doctor.

"Your time will soon be ending Doctor but your life is just beginning. We will meet again"

He disappears leaving 5 puzzled.

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Chapter 8: "Are you sure about this?"
"The Five Doctors" was Graham's swan song. I knew Tom was leaving but he graciously said nothing until the week after the series had finished. Graham was absolutely magnificent. Here was a man who admitted his faults and had done so much in the past 6 years to rectify them. It wasn't just the apologies he made to everyone it was also the way in which he conducted himself on set. He said to me afterwards that he believed God had given him a second chance which I have to smirk at because of Life Of Brian but he really meant it.

Glad Graham was able to fix some burned bridges there.
It was.

For some alcoholics the drink is almost an excuse, they always were that nasty they just can't hide it well while drunk. Graham I think was one of those who could honestly blame it on the drink, it did make him something of a different person. He was still responsible for what he did so it doesn't excuse things, but there are better grounds for making up as he clearly is actually sorry and wants to make amends as best he can.
I've never been a particular fan of Python (although the fish-slapping sketch is hilarious) From what little I know about Graham Chapman (based largely on his performance in Life Of Brian) its my belief that had things gone differently he could have been a great doctor. His agonised speeches in Brian show a sense of raw decency and frustration. In some ways matching Sylvester McCoy. I'm virtually teetotal but have seen first hand the damage that Alcohol does. Its not just a case of losing money but dignity and soul too.

Tom Conti last night said he was giving up the keys to the TARDIS after 4 spectacular years. The Scottish actor who has played the time travelling hero since 1980 is to leave the show at the end of the next series.

Tom said last night "I've had a fantastic time as the Doctor but things don't stay the same forever. It's right that I leave with the show at its height. I'll miss it of course but the show will continue without me"

Tom took over at a time when the show was in crisis following the sacking of the previous incumbent Graham Chapman was fired in 1977 after he attacked a BBC colleague .

The question is who will be the 6th Doctor? The current favourites are Ron Moody and Geoffrey Bayldon. A decision will be made in the summer.

It was also announced that Kate O'Mara will be leaving the role of Melanie Bush before joining the cast of US soap Dynasty.