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    Question: Why is it dark green? It makes it look like you’re supreme leader.
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    That was America’s color scheme in the original ideal world map, so we just continued rolling with it.
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    This is more of a stepping stone to the rest, a rest stop on the way to an alternate future.


    The Trump Bump was quickly followed by the Trump Slump, the recession managed to progressively get worse as time went on for the US. Trump's second term was a mess, with several major incidents alongside the economic downturn; The Limerick generating station had a leak during a major storm, and the Greater Philadelphia area has seen a serious population drain (around ~2.87 million have either been evicted by the leak or left the area of their own accord, Philadelphia itself has dropped to around 770,000 souls) and the incompetence at all levels of government have led to serious disapproval from many; Around another 2.2 million folks are floating around as climate refugees, from storms on the Gulf coast, fires in the West, and the beginning of droughts across the Great Plains; The Mueller investigation, though it didn't sink the MAGA ship, has definitely been a serious blow; and of course, the Trump Slump still has no end in sight. Politics on a federal level is grim. President Beto O'Rourke has been a pretty weak executive, with Silicon Valley, The Pentagon, and AIPAC really pulling strings behind the scenes. The progressive wing of the Democratic party is still continually sidelined, with things like the Green New Deal mired in corporate deals and pork-barreling, and private interests are deeply intertwined with the Democratic Party. The Republican Party... well, the far-right kept crawling from the woodwork, and have slowly become the face of the party.

    Brexit was a disaster, which basically helped start the Trump Slump early in Europe. Ultimately, parliament torpedoed PM May's EU deal, and things fell apart quickly. With a major flight of manufacturing and financial industries, the economy retracted significantly. Scotland quickly assembled a referendum to leave and has not looked back. Food and medicine shortages returned to the island, and close to 240,000 people with high-risk medical conditions would die as a result. Emigration spiked, and has continued unabated. The Northern Ireland and Gibraltar questions required negotiations at disadvantage, and ultimately the ambiguity around Northern Ireland and economic woes would help restart Northern Irish conflict. Rearmament as economic policy has only led to international isolation, as other countries get fearful of an unstable and heavily armed England. By 2028, things are stable, but with a significantly lower standard of living and with numerous unfavorable trade deals with folks like the US, PRC, and UAE.

    Speaking of the UAE, The United Arab Emirates have started making bolder steps out of Saudi Arabia's shadow, particularly after the Omani Civil War left Iran in a much stronger position in the Middle East.

    [incoming write-up here]


    1. Canadian attempts to mitigate the Trump Slump aggravated tensions in Alberta, and after a controversial referendum, Alberta began the process of leaving Canada. Petroleum companies and the Trump administration were very pleased with this decision, and were a little too quick to welcome the new country into the world. Canada has since been regarded as living on borrowed time, but anti-Americanism is a pretty good glue all things considered.

    2. Domestic terrorism has increased, particularly after the Trump Slump, the student protests in Baltimore, and the Limerick nuclear leak.

    3. Mexico is still cooperating with US migration policy, with a US funded wall on the Guatemala border.

    4. The MDES began agitating after the Le Pen election, France’s surveillance state is keeping an eye on them. Some disappearances have occurred.

    5. The FUNAI is a joke at best these days, and a new ecosocialist movement arm in arm with militant indigenous rights defenders been making trouble for the military dictatorship.

    6. Argentina has started clamoring even more about Las Malvinas after the Ireland and Gibraltar agreements.

    7. Scotland left the UK on cold terms, and though the Troubles didn’t immediately restart, terrorist activity rebounded after 2021

    8. France has backed off of nuclear energy, but nuclear weapons…

    9. Algeria is absolutely opposed to the New Partnership Framework, with armed patrols on the border crossings in the Sahara. There are at least 23,000 bodies hidden in those shifting sands of migrants forced out of the country. That we know of.

    10. Nigeria is back on its feet after the defeat of Boko Haram, and is actually opposed to the NPF on humanitarian grounds.

    11. The Democratic Alliance has watched South Africa run into the ground under the Trump Slump, and the EFF managed to form a coalition government in 2024. Malema was forced to resign after a constitutional crisis, and the ANC managed to cobble together a new coalition to rule.

    12. The French invasion of the Comoros has installed a very friendly regime which doesn’t mind the large French naval presence

    13. Iran’s theocracy has thawed significantly, and the Supreme Leader is content to let the Majilis do its own thing

    14. Uighurs fleeing the Chinese reeducation camps are still under heavy surveillance by the Chinese as they wander around the world.

    15. There are very few Rohingya left in Myanmar, but at least Malaysia and to a lesser extent Indonesia have been relatively accommodating

    16. China is becoming a very attractive place for Americans looking for economic opportunity. It's not like there's any more surveillance there than at home.

    17. The North Korean project ended with a quiet coup, a student protest, a civil war, and a referendum to join Seoul after South Korea and China made some backroom deals

    18. Japan’s decline is significantly more obvious a decade later. They’ve backslid into militaristic sabre-rattling as China has gotten more powerful.

    19. Australians have begun losing faith in their elections as both Chinese and American interests have been swaying their election, and much like in the US, the military is slowly becoming the most trusted institution.
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