Map Thread XX

The map is excellent, however I think you didn't choose the best basemap for it? It looks more like a 17th century map. Regardless, considering it is your first map, this is excedingly good.
Yeah, I used a 19th century map, and was suprised at how inaccurate it was after looking at google maps. Nevertheless, this was mostly for practice, so I went along with it.
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Map of an alternate America.
The moment I saw this map I knew you had to be the one who made it. Quite nice, and I do look forward to seeing if you ever continue the previous series in the HRE.
Thanks, I didn't realise I was so recognizable.
If you mean the 16th Century maps I've been making, I am working on the 1560's atm but the 2nd half of the century is complex and I've made it more so by expanding the map to include Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Turkey.

Lots of research needed.
Uh... Not really based on a backstory but more based on ideas that I found neat.
So first I guess would be the idea that the South American states of Gran Columbia and Peru-Bolivia survived, while Paraguay was wiped of the map, together with a Brazilian Empire that retained Uruguay.
Mexico collapsed hard and now we have some new smaller states.
Spain lost Cuba and Puerto Rico through independence wars.
The CSA won the Civil War but then slowly broke apart. There is an independent Afro-American state, Florida, Texas, independent Indian territory, basically an Indian-White country west of Texas, an independent Arkansas and a CSA remnant.
Hawaii retained independence.
Alaska remained Russian and became the last bastion of non-Soviet Russian land.
Newfoundland never joined Canada, while Canada broke up.