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WIP to kick off the New Map Thread

Long live the new Map Thread!
Have a teaser for an absolutely cursed thing I'm doing.
The Map Thread Transitional Council has been formed to ensure a peaceful switch between the old thread and its successor
A new map thread?

Anyway, here is a map I made back in 2017 and never posted to It was previously posted on my Deviantart.

Enjoy a Balkanized France:


PoD: The League of the Public Weal proceeds with stronger collaboration among the various French nobles against Louis XI and the Battle of Montlhéry ends in a crushing defeat for Louis.

Louis' army retreats to Étampes where Louis is again defeated and ends up captured. Louis is then taken to Orléans where he is forced to sign a treaty that states that (1) his younger brother Charles is granted Normandy as another apanage, (2) some concessions along the Somme are to be granted to Charles Count of Charolais, (3) the Duchy of Brittany is to be separated from France (and never ends up part of France), and (4) certain feudal prerogatives are to be returned to various feudal lords. The central authority that Louis wanted for France was broken by the treaty.

Louis in 1469 launches a futile invasion of Normandy in an attempt to regain it but is promptly defeated by the combined forces of Charles the Bold and Charles, Duke of Berry and Normandy (Louis' younger brother). In the Treaty of Rouen which ends this conflict, Charles the Bold forces Louis to acknowledge the complete separation of the Burgundian possessions from the Kingdom of France. Charles the Bold also negotiates with Emperor Friedrich III which raises Burgundy to a kingdom and joins the realm to the Empire. Also, Charles, Duke of Berry ends up having a son before his death which continues the House of Berry.

The House of Anjou is never (at least not yet) acquired by the French king as René Duke of Anjou and Charles Count of Maine have surviving heirs.

I'd love to hear any comments!


Gone Fishin'
I was working on a map similarly for the announcement of the new thread, but this was a bit unexpectedly early. Ah well.

Anyway, enjoy yeselves a Russian Liberia. No write-up yet, because again this was rather rushed. Many thanks to @Ernak for helping me with the design of the TGCC enblem!


aaand some bonus provincial flags, with the requisite amount of Liberianess added to them. Square flags were an interesting new design choice for me to chew on.

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