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Here's the Georgia Pacific map for the railroad I will put in @HeX's USA TL.

NOTE: The Broad Gauge is converted to Standard Gauge in 1890s.

Georgia Pacific.jpg
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2050: The New Future

The world in 2050 has changed so, so much, and yet in other ways it has changed so very little.

In the early 2000's, the United States became even more divided, as the election of a series of "populist" presidents lead to a series of foreign adventures for the US, even after 9/11. Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other nations across the world had American interventions at one point or another. However, this militarism was eternally at odds with the pacifism and isolationism of the American public, more and more frustrated at the American quality of life declining significantly every year. This all came to a head in the Election of 2032, when two candidates got nearly the same number of votes. The scant few that tipped the election in favor of the winning candidate were viciously controversial, the president that did win only won the electoral and not popular vote, and everyone knew that putting it to the Supreme Court would lead to chaos as the Court had been packed by every pro-Executive Branch leaders. Ultimately, it was as if the whole country tore in two. No one wanted a second American Civil War; it would have killed millions and lead to vast portions of the country becoming irradiated and desolate. And so, a compromise was made. States pledged their individual allegiances to different presidents, while still maintaining open borders with surrounding states. This lead to... all kinds of fun. A worker in Georgia could make 30 an hour, and in Alabama the same worker only make 7.50. The Republican Party eventually shattered between Libertarians, Religionists, and Populist-Fascists, with a lot of "moderate" Republicans forming their own "New American Party." the Democrats then split between Social Democrats, liberals, and a spectrum of far left parties who never could coalesce into anything more complex. Every year the centrifuge of America pulls it's constituent parts apart more and more. Utah eventually decleared neutrality between the two governments. Right now, most observers think that one of two things could happen:either the country collapse at the state border, or a New Constitutional Convention called. This is all while the Populist government of the United States continues to prop up American-friendly regimes in the United Kingdom, Hungary, and Venezuela.

Russia is having similar, but far worse issues. Vladimir Putin was many things, but there was no one on earth who could herd cats like he could. The Russian political oligarchs all were appeased by Putin, who gave them vast wealth and resources in return for contributing to Russia's structural integrity and internal defense. In fact, at it's height, Putin's Empire was able to expand Russian influence into nations as far afield as Cuba. A far cry from Soviet internationalism, to be sure, but still quite impressive considering how few legs the Russian state had to stand on. When Putin was shot several times by a mentally handicapped man (who, ironically, was turned away from proper psychiatric care at the door of a Russian mental hospital due to budget cuts caused directly by Putin's policies), these different oligarchs soon found themselves at odds with each other. Russia itself has begun to spiral out of control, as these Oligarchs are vying for regional power, with most of Far Eastern Russia taken over by the "Student's Union for a Free and Democratic Society," attempting to set up a peaceful, repression-free society in the former Far Eastern region. As of 2050, Russia doesn't have a leader, and mroe and more Russian Army divisions are pledging themselves to particular Oligarchs.

Mainland Europe is generally doing far better. After a very hard Brexit, the European economy tanked and many feared for the worst. However, between a series of brilliant saves by Leftist representatives from the Scandinavian nations and Spain, the EU survived more united and centralized than ever, with only Hungary eventually electing to leave. The EU's membership only grew as time went on. Erdogan's government eventually lost to the Republican People's Party, and after a brief Erdogan-lead coup attempt, turkey transitioned away from Erdogan's authoritarianism in late 2020, and became a staunch member of the EU. Georgia and the Balkan states followed as many of the post-Soviet reactionary governments fell. Belarus provides a special case for this. Lukashenko, infamous for being "the last Dictator in Europe," stepped down from power on a cold spring day in 2023. He suprised the nation by abdicating power to the Belarusian Democratic Rada, who were longstanding critics of his regime. It is suggested that his illegitimate son, Nikolai Lukashenko, had convinced his father to hand over power to the BDR, as he was going to just do that anyway when he gained power, and figured that it would save vital time and money to go ahead and do it at his father's abdication. Minsk in 2050 can only be described as vibrant, a hub of industry and culture in Eastern Europe. Nikolai Lukashenko himself went on to become "the Phoenix of Belarus," writing hundreds of works of literature and film and entrenching the Belarusian language against the Russian language's incursions. Meanwhile, the UK and Hungary are... not doing as well. After Brexit, the UK elected in a government based on a "rejoin the EU" platform, especially considering a no-deal hard Brexit was the ultimate outcome. However, while reports are scarce, it is said that there was a major firefight in London and a coup by American operatives to ensure that the UK remained a staunch American ally against a increasingly more wary Europe. However, what was supposed to be a seamless and subtle power grab turned into a confusing mess, and a private military company ended up turning this frustration against the people of London. Northern Ireland seceded from the United Kingdom and formed an autonomous region of Ireland. Scotland tried to secede, but the Reorganized British Government sent troops to stop them. As of 2050, Scotland has not yet fallen, and the EU is preparing an invasion of the United Kingdom as soon as a proposed deal to withdraw EU troops from South America in exchange for Americans leaving the UK is finalized.

Africa is the beating heart of the world. Things have gotten just so much better. The shining city of Brazzavilla-Kinshasa towers over the thick rainforest below, the grand capital of the African Union and economic hub of all Africa. Sudan is a peaceful and powerful democracy, achieving massive strides in quality of life and education. Serengal, along with America and Bangladesh, is a pioneer in settling the oceans, with vast underseas habitats full of people existing under the waves offshore of Senegal proper. Libya was at one point patched together again, but when AU troops left, Libya fell back apart into the three historic Libyan regions, and some are suggesting just letting the nation split apart.

Mexico is currently ruled by a military strongman, though it has been forced to admit defeat in Chiapas. The various small Central American countires ultimately banded together, with the New United Central American States lifting millions out of poverty. In 2048, more Americans moved to the NUCAS than the other way around. South America has had it's own trials and tribulations. While no major border movements have occurred, Brazil is currently in a brutal civil war between leftists, rightists, and the various groups of the Amazon.

In asia, many things have changed as well. Indonesia is a federated republic, and Javanization has ceased in favor of "many identities, one Indonesia." Pakistan is starting to fall apart, as the army is facing mass defections against the student-lead Pakistan for the Society of Tomorrow movement. Iran continues, as it has for thousands of years, and will for thousands more. India seemed at one point to be the Land of the Future, and while it is still massively better than it was in 2019, still has several issues with poverty, and an increasingly frustrated public has fueled the rise of Neo-Naxalists throughout eastern India. China eventually dropped the Communist facade, and is ruled by a president-for-life with very strong authority, aided by several business oligarchs. Taiwan is facing intense internal issues as Taiwanese aboriginals have begun marching in the streets demanding government recognition and rights. North Korea collapsed rather unremarkably. A military patrol simply requested a meeting with the United States and South Korea to inform the countires that the Kim dynasty was over and that North Korea was requesting unilateral reintegration with South Korea. Korea is a huge space power, and while north Korea hasn't quite caught up to south Korea, the nation has made great strides to ensure that no one is left behind, if only to ensure neo-Communists don't try to reestablish North Korea. Japan, however, has had an awful 21st century, and with a demographic collapse occurring, has essentially become an American puppet state.

Climate change is still an important threat. While threats such as hurricanes and rising seas are still definitely occuring, other, more unexpected things have happened. The North Atlantic current which kept Europe warm for millenia has begun to break down. Most scientists agree that, without major steps taken to repair it, the north Atlantic current will end, and, while the newly colder temperatures would lead to the glaciers of the arctic to come back in a way once thought impossible, it would also permanently change Europe. Technology has advanced, with deextinction, cloning, CRISPR, and a thousand other things becoming able to achieve things we in 2019 would't be able to imagine. Space technology is still rather young, though a joint Ethiopian-Bangladeshi expedition is aiming for a manned mission to Titan in 2060.

However, somewhere in a basement in southern Baja California, a Mexican teenager has just a series of rather interesting lectures by one "Miguel Alcubierre." Piecing together old car parts, magnetrons from microwaves, and a million other little things, the future is built in the most unassuming of places. And on January 31st, 2051, she will change the world. After all, we weren't on track to make contact on Gliese 677 until at least 2200.
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Another railroad themed one for my proposed contributions to @HeX. This time, regarding the rail life Norfolk & Western, which if my RR ideas are truly implemented becomes a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Here's the railroad I propose by 1930:


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Here's the world from a novel I'm working on. The current year is 1968.

The POD is admittedly very ASB. Following the atomic bombings of Japan, it's discovered that some people, who are hereafter referred to as "posthumans" develop mutations that grant them superhuman abilities following exposure to radiation or chemicals, though this wasn't officially revealed to the world until 1951. They're not X-men level mutants who can warp reality, but their powers allow them to manipulate biology to a certain extent, let them produce things like electricity or fire from their bodies through biochemical reactions, and many have undergone changes that make them stronger, faster, and tougher than normal humans. As a consequence, however, all of them are completely sterile. Nobody knows how or why it happened, and many theories are floating around but I've tried to follow what could be a realistic outcome from such an event.

Some of the changes include:
  • Fat man was dropped on Kokura instead of Nagasaki.
  • Understanding of genetic engineering is on par with our world and even surpasses it in many places. Biotechnology has become a normal part of society, ranging from better medicines and organ cloning to bioluminescent trees replacing streetlights and transgenic organisms, known as neocytes, becoming a common sight.
  • The Cold War has become a much more intense situation, with no Nuclear Test-Ban Treaties, no Antarctica Treaty, and no Outer Space treaty.
  • Biofuels have diminished the need for oil and weakened the political power of petroleum states. Thus, no OPEC either.
  • The United Nations' HQ is located in San Francisco and the organization maintains protectorates in places such as the Free Territory of Trieste, Katanga, the Suez Canal Zone, and Western New Guinea.
  • Thanks to posthuman labor work, communist nations have managed to avoid mass famine, fully legitimizing the ideology in the eyes of many.
  • Juan Perón was killed by a brick falling from an old building less than a month into his presidency.
  • Palmiro Togliatti was assassinated in 1948, leading to an 8-month civil war that saw Italy ban communism. Additionally, after some negotiations in the early 60's and a lack of a separatist campaign (they saw how bad it got), South Tynol was seceded to Austria.
  • India achieved independence as a united federation. Special administrative status is given to non-Hindu majority states. Portugal, however, refuses to give up Goa.
  • The European Defense Community was established alongside NATO, leading to the creation of a Pan-European Army. Yugoslavia also joined NATO in 1956 after the brutal crushing of the Hungarian Revolution.
  • The Korean War ended in July of 1951 after the United States launched Operation Rainbow Dawn, deploying thousands of posthuman soldiers in a pincer movement from both coasts of Korea to catch the Chinese off guard. This pushed them all the way back north and ended the war with the Treaty of the Yalu, which organized Korea into a single nation. This was when the world officially learned of posthumans.
  • The Dyna-Soar program wasn't killed in development.
  • Still high off of victory syndrome, the United States also got involved with the Indochina War. Unfortunately, the decision to engage in chemical bombing of Viet Minh positions resulted in many of their number becoming posthumans themselves. This turned the war into a bloody stalemate and eventually forced both sides to the negotiating table. Indochina broke up similar to how it did in OTL. Ngo Dinh Diem is still in power, protected by a posthuman security force, and continuing his authoritarian rule and christianization of South Vietnam.
  • Starting in 1954, Iceland attempted to implement a new form of farming utilizing mutated bacteria, which was supposed to synergize with crops, increasing yields and decreasing the amount of time to grow said yields. Instead, the bacteria ended up spreading outside the testing areas and became a nightmare. The resulting blight killed 78% of Iceland's plant life within 40 months. Today, Iceland is still being decontaminated and movement in and out of the Icelandic Exclusion Zone, run by the Nordic Council, is heavily controlled to ensure the bacteria doesn't escape. The Geneva Bioconvention was also implemented afterward to make sure something like this never happens again.
  • In addition to NATO and the Warsaw Pact, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and South Vietnam formed their own military pact called the Pacific Coalition, which expanded jurisdiction over the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, the U.S. occupation zone of the Ryukyu's, and the newly-independent Republic of Riau.
  • There are two different Jewish states in this world. One is Israel, established in much the same way in 1948, and the other is Altneuland, established in Kimberly, Australia. The latter is populated mostly by more liberal and non-Zionist Jews who didn't want to get involved with the continuous conflict in the Middle East. They also granted civil rights to the Aboriginals of the region long before Australia.
  • Saudi Arabia, which actively persecuted posthumans as sorcerers, fell to a civil war and the House of Saud was ousted. The moderate and pro-western Kingdom of Hashemite Arabia was established shortly afterward. This butterfly's away Islamic Terrorism, pushing Wahhabism into a fringe ideology.
  • Mohammad Mosadegh was never ousted from power and Iran became a secular parliamentary democracy, albeit one with a bit of a shaky foundation and ongoing issues with Britain.
  • The Algerian War for Independence and Algiers Putsch lead to a French Civil War in the early 60's, which saw Corsica successfully secede from France, Oran remained under French sovereignty, and the remnants of Gaullist forces migrated to Madagascar and the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. The Sixth French Republic, a military junta under command of Maurice Challe, maintains control over Metropolitan France. People looking to solve this "French Question" before the Soviets get involved.
  • Abdel Khaliq Mahjub started his communist coup early.
  • Greece did not fall to a military coup in 1967 and is still under the rule of Paul I, who came out of his 1964 surgery successfully thanks to modern medicine. Grigoris Lambrakis also managed to avoid the clubbing that killed him OTL.
  • Nasser is still in charge of the UAR and preaches Pan-Arabism against "the tide of those wretched Zionists."
  • After the failure of the Bay of Pigs, Cuba "launched a terrorist campaign" against the U.S., killing dozens and injuring hundreds. This lead to Cuba becoming a pariah state and a U.S. invasion of the islands in 1964 that ousted Castro, despite his claims that Cuba had done nothing wrong. Castro was captured and executed, but Guevara and Raul remain on the run to this day. Revolutionaries continue to plague the modern "democratic" Cuban government.
  • Kenya, Zanzibar, and Tanganyika successfully formed the East African Federation.
  • Brazil fell to a second coup in 1966 and is now under control of a Neo-Integralist Regime.
  • Patrice Lumumba is still in power over the Republic of the Congo and really wants Katanga back.
  • The Rhodesian Bush War saw the release of a bioweapon called G-15, a deadly virus that spread from Cape Town to Cairo, killing around 700,000 people by 1970. In addition, Robert Mugabe was shanked while in prison and thus Joshua Nkomo is the face of resistance to Ian Smith's white government.
  • Hendrik Verwoerd survived his 1966 assassination attempt, but was brought down less than a year later during a radio address, ironically by an Afrikaner Nationalist who didn't think he was going far enough. Nelson Mandela was also hanged by the South African government, rather than sent to Robben Island.
  • Justin Trudeau was never elected, and Robert Standfield leads a much more conservative Canada.
  • The 1957 Windscale Fire in England escalated into a disaster on par with Chernobyl and Fukushima.
  • The Vatican has begun rebuilding its own army as way to help people dealing with neocytes.
  • The USSR has been under the rule of Mikhail Suslov since 1964 and has seen a return to Stalinist-esque policies. In particular, any and all posthumans are immediately conscripted into the Russian army. More than 15 million Russians have attempted to flee the country in the last 4 years.
  • The United States has become the world's refugee haven, opening up its borders to immigrants from conflict-stricken corners of the globe, mostly as a way to ensure their posthuman population remains the highest. Not everyone is okay with this, unfortunately, and ethnic violence and discrimination is far too common. This especially in light of JFK's legacy as a disgraced president. Avoiding assassination by Oswald and serving until 1964, when his health problems necessitated a temporary leave from office, he was revealed as a philanderer in a tell-all book by Marilyn Monroe (also still alive). This damaged his reputation and, by extension, the civil rights bills he championed in office. Many states have still yet to implement them in full and continue filibustering as long as possible.
  • In addition, separatist violence and terrorist attacks have almost become commonplace. Posthuman terrorists often unleash neocytes into populated areas, killing dozens and causing infestations of the creatures that lead to many places being temporarily or permanently quarantined. Quarantine Zones dot the world and they've only made thousands of other people into refugees.
Nations with Nukes, domestic or foreign:
  • United States
  • Canada
  • USSR
  • China
  • The UK
  • Sixth French Republic
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Turkey

Nations with Nuclear Programs:
  • Yugoslavia
  • United Arab Republic
  • Iraq
  • Hashemite Arabia
  • Indian Federation
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • The Philippines
  • Republic of China
Is Iceland just chilling in an atomic box?
No, a quarantine zone has been established around it to ensure the herbicidal bacteria living there doesn't escape. People can still move in and out, but there's heavy regulation on who and what can do so, and thorough screening and decontamination for everyone leaving.
No, a quarantine zone has been established around it to ensure the herbicidal bacteria living there doesn't escape. People can still move in and out, but there's heavy regulation on who and what can do so, and thorough screening and decontamination for everyone leaving.

Oh I seem to have missed that in the writeup, a very interesting scenario!
To make the world a truly fair place, Gran New Guinea would be a great addition as well.
If, by some incredible twist of fate, you could get Guinea-Guyana union to be Guaraní dominated, you could have the naval empire of Gran Guinea-Guianaguay
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