Map Thread XVIII

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  1. Drex Alférez de caballería

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    My scheme has colours for them both (self-advertising? where?)
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    Is this a new version of your scheme? I have your 4.6 ver and it doesn't have these. Thank you!
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  3. Drex Alférez de caballería

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    Yeah, I'm redoing the whole scheme. You can find a thread link in my signature.
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    Is it too late to say "AYE"? Because I say "AYE"!!!
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    Great work - is everything meant to be 2011 because Somalia looks out of date as well as Yemen.
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    Is it just me, or is this... aggrandizement of Upvote kinda annoying? It's a good map, it's a lot of maps, and while the timeline is a bit of a cliche it's well done- the same, or better, can be said for the projects of plenty of users on this site, but you don't see pages of "Wow" every time they post... Maybe upvote's just better at marketing.
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    My comment wasn't necessarily entirely serious (the response really surprised me), it was more of a way to prove the point that @Upvoteanthology won't be forgotten like her title implies, considering that she is becoming a published author and I can see the People's Socialist Atlas becoming a pretty popular work of fiction on this website (that's not necessarily to say that I wouldn't support renaming the Turtledove Awards, I think that it would be nice to name our award for great work on the site after someone who managed to publish their work here). That being said, I think that Upvote has earned much of her support. While plenty of the maps here are great, the maps of the People's Socialist Atlas are going to be in an entire alternative historical atlas, which is an incredible achievement.
  8. Bob Hope rarely online

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    Yeah, all is based on maps for 2011 [or at a pinch Jan 2012-Yemen]
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    Surely you guys have been on the Internet long enough to figure out that incessantly threatening to leave is the number one fastest way to get attention, right?
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    Hey now, don’t be standoffish, vote’s just gonna focus on other things yea? Besides, vote’s maps speak for themselves, even if she was trying to do that it wouldn’t need to happen.
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    Fair enough, but in all honesty, @Upvoteanthology has been a prominent member here for awhile that has contributed some outstanding work to this website. In my opinion, she deserves a bit of an over-dramatic going away party.
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    Fuck it.
    I'll get the kegs :p
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    I'll get the foodstuffs. Bread, dry sausage, cheese...
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    I'll get some decorations
  15. B_Munro Member

    May 28, 2004
    Personally, I think we should separate "best map/AH art of the year" from the regular Turtledoves and call it the Upvote Award rather than renaming the entire class of AH awards.
  16. Red Arturoist Napoleon II. - Marxist-Arturoist-Trałkaist Donor

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    Or the "People's Socialist Award" maybe?
  17. Ameck16 There are too many Rabbits in my head.

    Nov 19, 2014
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    Red and not dead 2.

    part 1

    The Peoples Islamic Republic of Somalia in 2018.
    Orange Pre war 1973 borders
    Red Post war 1974 Borders

    Drainage Map - Full.jpg

    The Horn of Africa had been a tumultuous place ever since Mussolini invaded Ethiopia. After WW2 the UK at the behest of the USA gave the mostly Somali dominated Ogaden to the newly liberated Ethiopian Empire. This would be the spark that ignited Somali irredentism and the cornerstone of Somali nationalism.

    After the defeat in the Korean peninsula, the USSR was discredited by its fellow Superpower. Needing to regain credibility, it started to fund, arm and train anti-colonial movements and rebels regardless of their intentions. This caused the colonial powers in Africa and Asia a great number of headaches. One of the groups that gained some support and recognisable success was the Somali Youth League (SYL), having achieved political hegemony over the somali people in the Trust Territory of Somaliland.

    As the 50's came to a close and the former Italian colony edged closer to independence, the British decided to call of a referendum to see if it's Somali colony wanted to unite with their southern kin. To many peoples surprise the result was No. The southern Somali's protested the result claiming vote rigging which has been now proved to be true. The British fearing this new Somali nation would go communist decided to reduce its size, by first stopping the union between Noth and South Somalis, then reject any attempt to remove the Somali majority portion of the Kenya colony. In order to placate the northern Somali, they with the help of the Americans poured a lot money as an investment into the colony, which gained independence a full 6 years after their southern kin in 1966. This had a profound effect on the South Somali's which led to not only them further towards socialism, but to a distinct form of socialism with a more religious flavour due to the backlash against what was seen as the secularisation the north. Thus after independence, the first election in the nation was won by the Union of Youth Islamic Socialist Party and Somali Peoples Party (UYIS/SPP) or Somali Socialists. Somali socialism was criticised by many, who drew parallels between their actions and fascism, it was during this time that Islamofascism was popularised by many political theorists when describing the Somali government policies.

    By the end of the 60's the Somali people were split between 5 nation. The Peoples Islamic Republic of Somalia (PIRSA), Issas Republic (North Somalia), French Djibouti, Kenya, and Ethiopia. surrounded by nations that feared their irredentism and were willing to help each other if attacked PIRSA, the government in Mogadishu looked out to the wider world for support and economic ties. It was during this time that it formed closer ties to Indin ocean powers such as India and Indonesia. PIRSA developed a reputation not being communist for they had little contact with the Soviets which lacked the willingness to work with the "fascists" but also wasn't a democracy, for it didn't allow women and none taxpayers to vote. They occupied a status as an "other". It also didn't help their cause that they didn't join the UN after their protests about the British Somali referendum fell on deaf ears and that they left the arab league after the Issas Republic entered.

    In 1969 the Kenya civil war erupted after hostilities between Kikuyu and Luo tribes reached a boiling point with the assassination of Tom Mboya. Fearing a communist neighbor the Ethiopians alongside the Issasi's entered the civil war on the side of the Kikuyu. This sucked in the Americans and the British who supported the Ethiopians and their Commonwealth allies.

    During the course of the war, Issasi troops fought in the long but unsuccessful war, in which the surrounding states of Uganda and Tanzania entered along with many groups and factions including the USSR, with PIRSA remaining neutral, armed and ready but neutral, they had a lot to lose for they weren't as strong as some of their neighbours at that moment and little to gain from with the conflict in its early stages. In 1973, however, thing turned on their heads after a successive string of defeats and the Ugandans at Lake Turkana, the Ethiopian army mutinied killing the emperor and which led to a bloody revolution as the major ethnic groups in the former empire vied for power.

    Fearing a complete collapse of the region to communism, after the conflict started to spread into central Africa and Sudan, the USA approached PIRSA the only intact economy and military in the region. the offer was simple, enter the war on their side, in return the Western powers would shower the nation in money and allow PIRSA to annex the Somali majority region in the Horn of Africa, starting with the Issasi's. On the 5th of January 1974, PIRSA troops entered Hargeisa the capital of the Issas republic and annexing their northern brethren into the nation. Despite protest from fringe female rights groups in the north, the annexation was welcomed as the war-induced recession had led to massive layoffs in the nation as unemployment surged to 60%. Fearing the unemployed turning into rebels and also promises of continued political power to the northern elites by UYIS/SPP meant that the unification was quick and without any setbacks.

    Immediately the new government nationalised all failed business, reopening them and rehiring those who had lost their jobs. Also, those businesses still operating were subsidised in order to allow them continues operation. For the immediate future, the PIRSA government forwent profit for throughput in order to reduce unemployment and leaving the rest for after the war.

    almost immediately PIRSA contacted every Somali rebel group, offering assistance in return for submission. Nearly all but the most ardent communist accepted, by mid-March 1974, the entirety of the Ogaden and North Eastern Province along with some surrounding land was under PIRSA control. At first, the west was pleased with the success, but the Somalis quickly dug in and started to consolidate their gains, while allowing the wars to go on while receiving massive subsidies, only venturing out when the Americans looked like they were going to stop.

    In 1975, PIRSA joined the UN with their new borders recognised by the west. Also, the French held a referendum in Djibouti, which chose to join PIRSA. The wars would rage on until 1983. By that time Ethiopia and Kenya reconsolidated themselves they were no longer in the dominant position over the Somalis, they also were adversaries against one another, as Communist Kenya was at odds with Western-backed Ethiopia.

    PIRSA Stats as of 2018
    Population: 32438222
    gdp: 495 billion US dollars
    gdp per capita: 15259 US dollars
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    Hi interesting but wonder about several territories not included. Such as Daman and Diu plus several others
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    Sorry if anything I said yesterday caused drama. :)

    Anyway, the print version of the atlas is dropping TOMORROW!!! Tomorrow, along with some more fun maps with the book, I’ll post a link to where you can finally buy it! It’s honestly nerve wracking, soon you’ll all get to see the amount of work I put into making this thing! Today’s map is of Canada, please enjoy and get excited for tomorrow!

  20. Cool-Eh At The 80th Meridian, Where Lake Nipissing Begins!

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    Why Mesopelagia?