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    US states tended to be based simply on longitude and latitude, maybe anchored by a river here, something else there. But Mexico's were vastly different in physiography and historical consolidation.
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    Yeah, that's why I redrew the borders of the territories. Does anyone here have a Worlda latitute/longitute map?
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    I'd say it's a problem in most mass media. The average Joe really cares very little about what an "Alsasce Lorraine" is; or the intricacies and failures of the Indo-Bengali border. They might know a thing or two about pop history, but I have very little faith in the average consumer.

    I bet I could pick an average guy on the street and convince him that a "Wrangel" was a new type of tacos.
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    Playing around on paint for the dnd setting I've homebrewed for my group. Not very original, but it gets the job done. Any obvious stereotypes are on purpose and not meant to be offensive.

    Races: (Playable)
    - Men of the North, made a pact with Balderon. (Culturally inspired by Byzantium and the Norse.)
    - Men of the West, made a pact with Sesaso. (Culturally inspired by Rome and Mali/Songhai.)
    - Men of the South, made a pact with Toshukra. (Culturally inspired by Carthage/Fenicians/Venice.)
    - Rhowari, made a pact with Rhowarion. (Culturally inspired by pre-Roman Judea/Isreal.)
    - Goliaths, made a pact with Astaen to survive in the mountains. (Culturally inspired by Tibet.)
    - Dwarfs, made a pact with Dverger to survive underground. (Regular Fantasy Dwarfs, but they can interbreed with other humans.)

    - Desert Elves (Made a pact with Ak'Eron.)
    - High Elves (Formed their own pantheon.)
    - Wood Elves (Allied themselves to the Earthbound Gods.)
    - Tritonians or Sea Elves (Devoted to Kopek, Elemental Lord of Water.)

    - Metallic (Bound to Bahamut.)
    - Chromatic (Bound to Tiamat.)
    - Gray (Bound to Artaxar.)

    Greenskins (Gobyani)
    - Orki (Orcs)
    - Hogobyani (Hobgoblins)
    - Lagobyani (Goblins)

    Bestial Races:
    - Minotaurs
    - Tabaxi
    - Lizardfolk
    - Snakefolk

    Halflings: (No patron gods, worship the Elemental Lords and the Earthbound Gods.)
    - Sharptooth (Strength Halflings)
    - Lightfoot (Charisma Halflings)
    - Stout (Constitution Halflings)

    Races: (Unplayable)
    - Storm Giants
    - Frost Giants
    - Fire Giants
    - Stone Giants
    - Hill Giants
    - Trolls
    - Ogre's.

    Ascended Greenskins (Zagobyani)
    - Ascended Goblins (Zagobyani)
    - Great Orcs (Hoorki)
    - Servant Goblins (Vagobyani)
    - Mind Goblins (Gnomi)

    - Gods of Mod -

    Giant Gods:
    - Behemoth,
    God of Order, Father of the Giants
    - Leviathan, spouse to Behemoth and Mother of the 4 races of Giant. Storm, Fire, Frost and Stone.
    - Nadaran, Sister to Leviathan, Mother of the Dragon Gods (Imprisoned by Behemoth.)
    - Golgor, Brother to Behemoth, fathered the Hill Giants with Leviathan. Not consensual. Exiled by Behemoth. Went on to conquer the Greenskin Pantheon.

    - Ulthian, Daughter of Storm and Patron of the Storm Giants.
    - Amathar, Son of Ice and Patron of the Ice Giants.
    - Ulhuin, Daughter of Fire and Patron of the Fire Giants.
    - Astaen, Son of Stone and Patron of the Stone Giants.

    Higher Earthbound Gods:
    - Modrogi
    - Earthfather, Justice, Law, Circle of Life.
    - Modrega - Earthmother, Flora and Fertility.
    - Modrogen - Earthchild, Fauna

    (Mod=Earth, Drogen=Child)

    Lower Earthbound Gods:
    - Arayhua,
    the Lizard. Patron of the Lizardmen.
    In a friendly rivalry with Qetzalla on the issue of who's patron race is superior.
    - Qetzalla, the Snake. Patron of the Snakefolk.
    In a friendly rivalry with Arayhua on the issue of who's patron race is superior.
    - Rasqocha, the Condor. Guardian of the Mountains.
    Surveys the great mountain chains of the world, roosts in a different mountain chain every century.
    - Cusillu, the Monkey. Guardian of the Forest.
    Guards the Heart Green forest of old Rhatosh, unkind to humanoids who enter his domain.
    - Pacapa, the Saurian. Guardian of the Plain.
    Ancestor to the great reptiles of the West, sworn enemy of Dhokaar Dollakar.
    - Uru, the Spider. Guardian of the Desert.
    Sworn enemy of the Ak'Eron the Elven Goddess of Desert and Poisons.
    - Hariscu, the Tiger. Patron of the Tabaxi.
    Drove the Elves from the lands of Nyanpon and claimed the islands for his own children, the Tabaxi.

    Elemental Lords:
    - Vaalsh,
    Lord of the Earth, Patron of Builders.
    - Kopek, Lord of the Sea, Patron of Sailors.
    - Yaera, Lady of Fire and Brimstone, Patron of the Hearthfire.
    - Nilea, Lady of Air and the Horizon, Patron of Travelers'.

    Vaalsh <> Yaera

    Kopek <> Nilea

    Ghollun: God of Death, an ancient Lich who ascended into godhood to guide the souls of people into the afterlife. Decided to bind himself to this faith in order to stop souls from getting taken by devil's, demons and other malevolent entities. Ghollun however stores these saved souls in stasis,

    Goddess of Light and the Sun, worshipped for her bountiful warmth and benevolent tenents. Unlike Modrega she cares for Soulbearers and is often called upon for bountiful harvests. Her rivalry with Modrega is also depicted by her signature weapon being a sickle.

    Empyrea is worshipped by all humanoids in tandem with the Higher Earthbound Gods for they are similar but different. Empyrea only allows the most devout of her worshippers to enter her afterlife. A way that is very much disliked by Ghollun, who often finds the desperate souls of Empyrea worshippers at her Heaven's Gate being preyed upon by demons and devil's. Empyrea's heaven is truly a wonderful and blissful experience for the lucky souls who are allowed to enter.

    Human Gods:

    - Rhowarion, Patron of the Rhowari
    A bit of an oddity amongst the human gods, and also their weakest companion. Originally a man from the island of Arkoya near Afriya. He ascended to lead his people across the sea towards the island now known as Arkovia. Has recently lost influence to the followers of the Witch Gods, but maintains a strong base of devout followers in Rhovania below the Vaolskland Province of Hrodan. His tenants are secretive and only known by the initiates of his faith, Rhowari culture holds several castes of which each higher caste knows more parts of the true lore.

    - Great Smoke Spirit Sesaso, Patron of Afriya, and the Men of the West (Gunpowder, Sacrifice)
    The Great Sesaso has always watched over the Men of the West, said to have been a shaman from the dawn of mankind, he stands for the shared traditions of the West. Said to be responsible for the deeply superstitious and ritual adhering nature of the Afriyans it is quite remarkable that he picked up Gunpowder as his newest domain. The powder, which is quite volatile and difficult to use, has been refined by the Smoke Priests of Sesaso. This allowed the Talyans to conquer all the Men of the West and unite them under the Afriyan Empire. The great Smoke Temple in the capital of Remiya is a constant reminder of his power. It does however come at a cost, his favor stems from blood sacrifice. Either on the battlefield or otherwise.

    - Toshukra, Patron of Rhatosh, and the Men of the South (Trade, Civilization)
    After Rhowarion the weakest of the human Gods, but for the longest time Toshukra was the mightiest of them all. It wasn't until the Earthbound Gods struck him while he was vulnerable that his power waned for centuries.

    The great city of Rhatosh, now a great ruin, stands as a monument to his fall. The dense, almost impenetrable Heartgreen jungle overrunning the old core of Rhatosh's Empire. However Toshukra remains, supporting his people and slowly regaining his power. The successor states of the Rhatoshi Empire still revere him and powerful states have emerged under his guidance. Next time he will be ready.

    - Balderon, Patron of Hrodan, and the Men of the North (War, Honor)

    The mighty Balderon, friend of Behemoth and the greatest warrior among the Gods of Men. His friendship with Behemoth originated in him helping to uncover Nadarans' plot to hatch the Dragon Gods. Balderon has inspired many champions amongst his people, all driven with purpose. This saw him succeed where the other human Gods failed, he blessed the first King of Hrodan known as Athor the Great who then united the current Hrodan Empire after defeating a Dragonborn invasion. Artaxar, one of the 3 Dragon Gods was captured by him and locked beneath High Hrodan. Balderon stands for honor, pacts and war, which are his domains.

    - Dverger, Patron of Dwarfs and the great Holms. (Craftsmanship, Underground)
    The wise and stout Dverger guided his choses at the dawn of mankind into the caves of the great mountains of the world. He taught them to survive in this dark environment, to see where there is little light, to build great homes or holms and to craft amazing tools. The Dwarves, under the influence of Dverger, grew short, stout and strong and often allied themselves with the Men of the North to fight of invasions of Greenskins, Elves and Dragonborn.

    Greenskin Gods:
    Originally a Triumvirate of Gods as well, but a true godly house after the mighty Golgor conquered them.
    - Golgor, Father of the Hill Giants and Ogre's. Conqueror of the Greenskin Pantheon. Encourages the Zagobyani to see which of his adopted children will be stronger.
    - Dhakaar Dollakar, the Skyfather and Patron of Orcs and Wargs. The first Dollakar of all Orcs.
    - Mardhuk, Master of Discipline, Patron of the Hobgoblins.
    - Zharrigan, Trickster God, Patron of the Goblins.

    Lesser Gods and patrons to large groups of Soulbearers. But individually not strong enough to compete with the higher gods, but they can compete when working together.

    Elven Gods:
    - Ok'Laine,
    God of Magic and Learning.
    - Ak'Eron, Goddess of the Desert & Poisons.
    - Ik'Sitian, God of the Sea and Trade.

    Many Elves hate the Elemental Lords for what they did to the ancient Elven kingdom of Tritonia. Which is now below the Sea, but used to be a great nation and the center of the Elven realm.

    After the fall of Tritonia the Elves scattered, some started to devoutly follow the Earthbound Gods. Others turned to the most powerful of their own race, who ascended to protect the Elven people and make them independent of the Elemental Lords their favor. A group of Elves known as the Tritonians however still worship the Elemental Lords and continue to live in the now sunken realm of Tritonia.

    Dragon Gods,
    - Bahamut
    (Good, Metallic.)
    Named after his father Behemoth, and also a God of Order and Good. Wishes to make peace with the other Gods.
    - Tiamat (Evil, Chromatic.)
    Extremely hostile towards Behemoth and Leviathan for their imprisonment of her mother Nadaran.
    - Artaxar (Neutral, Grey.)
    Holds a grudge against Balderon of the Human Gods for defeating and imprisoning him. Has mastered the arts of necromancy and represents both stagnancy and decay. His Grey Dragonborn are attuned not to elements, but to the Necrotic plain from which he draws power.

    Witch Gods,
    - Solael, Master of Chaos & Confusion, God of Sacrifice.
    - Dreeg, Master of Corrosion & Observation.
    - Bysmiel, Master of Beasts & Blood Pacts

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    I really like the kinda "circular" shape of the landmasses, china esque Minotaur Kingdoms are a really great Idea, wasn't their a Chinese Deity with Horns or did I remember something incorrectly?
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    Interesting concept ^^ but that damned kazakh border (and some others like ukraine or soviet curzon line)
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    The border is not the same as IOTL. And people really need to stop ragging about it. Sure, there are loads of Russians in the north of Kazakhstan, but a lot of that came down to the Soviets emptying the minorities east of the Urals into Kazakhstan to be destroyed as nations as serve as laborers. Neither Soviets nor post-war governments are going to do massive border restricting, especially when people who had been deported to there took the first opportunity they had to escape home when given the choice. Also, if the Russians or others took the north they would mostly leave Kazakhstan with desert.
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    I know, the western part is changed (probably created together with the ural border) but the eastern part (mainly northern and eastern borders) are pretty much the same. and if i recall correctly, it especially was the northern one that gets ragged about the most, because thats the soviet border.
    I never mentioned that the border should be moved north or south in russia's or kazakhstan's favor. What I mean is that many people use the soviet/post-1931 Kazakh border even though their PODs lie way back, for example either before the beginning of the Russian Revolution/Civil War or roughly during it. Considering that either this is a completely different Soviet Union (or at least from a differently happened revolt), or a slightly different civil war, and a slightly different post-CW time (no ukraine/belarus and no soviet-polish war or vastly different one) I doubt they would make the same arbritary border in the north as well.
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    Honestly, there are more important things in a map to attend to than the Soviet-Kazakhstani border.
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    I agree. But cladango immediately took my joke-ish comment to pull out ethnic cleansing policies and minority policies from that wet and dark hole of politics and history over there
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    An interesting timeline, where Japan and England divide the world.
    Like the man in the high castle, but more benevolent(?)
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    With all due respect that is a little harsh and its worth remembering that as its hard to tell if somebody is joking or not in text.
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    That's not really a timeline. Just early 20th Century American propaganda. Unless I am completely misunderstanding what you are saying. But yeah what if propaganda was real can lead to very interesting timelines I guess.
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    I have a theory. Much like Pompeii is a fixed point in time, the Kazakh-Russia border is a fixed point in space.

    And there's just no stopping it.


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    OK so here's the latest update to my ASB World Map (still WIP)

    (Now with a (still-updating) list of ISOTs)

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    The circular shape is still a bit to round for me, but originally I basically made an even more obvious parallel to the mediterranean. With Europe-esque peninsula's everywhere, this way the map is a lot cleaner.

    There's one I know from Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, Shennong.
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    Do you plan to add more countries as you go? It'd help if you provided a map legend to go with it, so we could tell which is which.
  19. Gian Wizard of Watkins Mill

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    A) Yes I add more countries as I go.

    B) Much of the colors used come from the COVFEFE color scheme.
  20. jennysnooper87 Proud Albish Citizen Since 2017

    Nov 27, 2016
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