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  1. Ashtagon Very Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    That's really faint support for the idea.
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  2. pixlation Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2018
    the united kingdom of anglos and celts
    the kaiserreich.png like communism these maps keep getting revised

    what's new:
    - edited ottomans border and provinces
    - less german-trademark border gore
    - border fixes and additions (some bits were missing)
    - new british raj colour (stolen from toast3r)
    - jabal shammar and saudi arabia
    - rassidi yemen
    - protectorate of uganda
    - darker borders (8/8/8)
    send help
    i need it
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  3. ryhs Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2014
    Kuresk on Tuskor'
    You are doing it wrong.
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  4. Vylinius Long Ranting Intensifies

    Oct 18, 2013
    The Golden State
    Could be at some point further in the war with the forces of the government having pushed into Louisiana and Philadelphia. Though they've also been cut in twain as usually happens with the CSA and AUS pushing on their line from the midwest to the capital.
  5. SaveAtlacamani Napoleon the Red Donor

    Jul 5, 2011
    United Humanities of Germany
    Help? What sort of "help" do you want? I do love independent Venice/Veneto! And I quite like French Commune - does it use the French Republican Calendar as any far-left France should do?
    What system of Government is North Italy under, and what about South Italy?
  6. The Plainsman Some call me Bazinga

    Apr 27, 2017
    Some city in Kansas
    The border between Texas and Arkansas is incorrect.
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  7. SpicyJuan Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2015
    Thank you very much, to answer your questions:

    Banat is indeed annexed by Germany.

    Iceland and Greenland are still Danish colonial holdings.

    Vichy France has control of around half of its pre-war colonies including Algeria, and French West Africa. Lots have been shuffled around in Africa, though. Spain has been awarded Morocco, Italy has all of the Somaliland, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, Aden, and Tunisia. Germany has all of its former African colonies back and also has the Congo and Angola (which Salazar sold). It is likely that America forced a sale on the Caribbean colonies.

    The St. Petersburg/Adolfsburg exclave is-along with Crimea and Banat-a direct Gau of the Third Reich

    Sudan is a direct Italian colony.

    The Axis are doing very well going into the fifties, receiving their own baby and economic boom. However it's not all roses for them, The east is proving to be a significant strain both economically and in terms of manpower and is no easy task to keep a British-American alliance from fully forming. All of Europe is a part of Mitteleuropa-a Nazi EU-which ensures that Europe's economy serves the interest of Germany.

    There are 3: Siberia, Turkestan, and Mongolia. The former two are German puppets, feeding the German war machine with valuable resources, the latter a Japanese ally. The Far East is a direct Japanese acquisition.

    The Pacific War never really happened. Although the Japanese did occupy Indochina, they were not confident in going to war with Britain or France, especially after they made peace with Germany and Italy. Although the US emplaced their oil embargo on Japan in early 1941, it was repealed after several months. China was subdued in early 1944.
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  8. SpicyJuan Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2015
    Thank you very much for all of your corrections. I left Sues and Erserum because I found them being marked that way from maps of the time period. Nancy and Besancon became Nanzig and Bisanz purely for naming convention. Burgundy isn't a nazi puppet for several reasons: It would cripple France more than the British would allow and Hitler simply didn't want to set up a competitor.
  9. ETGalaxy Long live the King of America!

    Oct 8, 2017
    Equatorial Commonwealth
    Here's a map for a collaboration TL over in Shared Worlds called Axis Victory Collab (which you can find here) on New Year's Day 1950. As you can guess from the name AVC is a TL where the Axis Powers win WWII, however, Germany and Italy haven't had the best last few years.​

  10. Tyche Where is Alioth?

    Apr 20, 2012
    Human cultures on Jaredia as of Chapter 3 (6000 BCE - 5000 BCE) of Tilted History V.2!
    If any of you are interested in the lore or in participating you can see the official post here!
  11. GreaterMars8844 Active Member

    Jan 2, 2018
    This is a timeline where these species were never able to expand.
  12. KitFisto1997 Eat Hall and Oates for a healthy musical diet Banned

    Aug 23, 2015
    Free City of Gladstone, Capricornia. Australia.

    Idk what this is, but have some more MBAM related stuff. :3
  13. Clandango Disestablishmentarianist

    Jun 15, 2012
    The Germans actually were wanting to have a separate city next to Trondheim. They were going to call it NorthStar. Well, the equivalent in German.
  14. mdc_1957 Moved on from the forum

    Jan 24, 2010
    Manila, Philippines
    Well, better late than never. But here's my take on the Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge mod Mental Omega. More specifically, it's an "Aftermath" map following a possible outcome for the overarching plot.

    You can find the DeviantArt version here.


    Red Alert 2: Mental Omega: Aftermath

    In 1946, Albert Einstein traveled back in time to erase Adolf Hitler from history, with far-reaching consequences which only really come into play after his death.

    In 1953, an alternate World War 2 drew to a close, resulting in the defeat of the Soviet Union and Stalin's death. The victorious Allied Nations, through the United States, picked Alexander Romanov, a distant relative of the late Tsar Nicholas II to be a puppet leader in the hopes of winning over and subdoing the defeated USSR. This proved to be a grave mistake, as behind Romanov's charisma was a committed Communist and a seething anger at the Allies' hubris. In the years that followed, he appointed a mysterious man known as Yuri, a psychic who had been Stalin's most astute prodige, to be his chief advisor. Even as relations with the so-called Free World began to deteriorate, the Soviets rearmed themselves, experimented on new technologies and once more spread the Socialist message to lands as far afield as China and South America.

    In 1982, it culimnated in World War 3. After decades of plotting, and with the aid of Yuri and his special "PsyCorps," Premier Romanov ordered a full-scale invasion of America, soon followed by a declaration of war on the Allied Nations. Despite setbacks, including an attempt by the People's Republic of China to usurp power, the Soviets reigned supreme by the end of the year. Amidst the celebrations ringing across the Communist world, however, Yuri and his PsiCorps went rogue amidst suspicions over the man's motives. Only for these renegades to go underground following a raid on Leninsk Cosmodrome, though it wasn't to be the last time the world would hear of them.

    In 1984, Yuri resurfaced with his personal army, now known as Epsilon, in a brazen attack on and mental takeover of Moscow that resulted in Premier Romanov's death. The ensuing global conflict came to be known as the Mental Omega War, named after a powerful device serving as the culmination of Yuri's work and the key to his true plans. As Epsilon forces, a potent mix of psychic, genetic and generally unconventional weaponry, struck various parts of the world at the behest of their master, the remaining Allied Nations united to face the threat. Pooling much of their resources into the Paradox Engine, the brainchild of the late Einstein's associate and SteinsTech CEO Siegfried, the Allies eventually launched a last-ditch assault on Epsilon's headquarters in Antarctica. Meanwhile, the Soviets and their Latin Confederation allies staged their own counterattacks against the enemy, even while fending off the backstabbing PRC once again. Though they failed to capture the young, brilliant Yunru, who had gone rogue against the Chinese government amidst the fighting, the Communists nonetheless were able to reclaim research lost in the Leninsk Cosmodrome raid, among others. Using the spacecraft Epsilon had devised, Soviet forces even went so far as to challenge the psychic menace on the Moon, ultimately claiming it for the USSR. From the recovered files, it was soon surmised that Yuri has been in Moscow the entire time, allowing them an opportunity to finally exact vengeance.

    Then, everything changed. Thanks to their lunar position, the Soviets were able to mount a direct strike on the Russian capital. Despite the loss of many lives and the ensuing devastation, the traitor Yuri was finally killed. But this bittersweet victory was too little, too late. For Stalin's prodige had been grooming his own successor: a young, powerful psychic woman named Libra, said to be the apple in Yuri's eye. Her mentor's death only bolstered her resolved as she assumed direct control, brutally fighting off the Allied assault long enough for the Mental Omega device, hastened to completion to be operational. A desperate suicide run by the Paradox Engine managed to damage part of the mechanism and power supply, but what had begun could no longer be stopped. Whether it was Libra or perhaps some essence of Yuri that actually brought it online may never be known. But while the damage sustained meant that the infernal machine was active only briefly, it was enough to shatter ice and Allied forces alike. It also unleashed a massive surge of psychic energy, which while not all encompassing was still powerful enough to affect much of the world. The Communists, using what Epsilon data they could scounge and reverse-engineer, hunkered down and tried to evacuate as many of their compatriots as they could beforehand. The shattered Allies, barely in any position to fight, suddenly found themselves cut off. Others though hid away from view, biding their time until they could confront their true foe and start their revolution. For much of humanity, however, had been reduced in one degree or another into mind controlled drones. For many of them, there was only one world, one will, one mind. Hers.
    It's the year 1999. 15 years had passed since the catastrophic end of the Mental Omega War, but it's not peace in our time.

    Much of what remains of the old world is led by the Soviet Union, which had largely retreated into Siberia and parts of northern China when the cataclysm came (thanks in no small part to using nuclear, chemical and even seismic weapons). As leader of the New World Socialist Alliance and under the Premiership of a pragmatic general said to have been the late Romanov's closest friend, what's left of the USSR is the closest thing to a old-style "superpower" left. While still committed to Communist principles, even if infused with militarism and Russian nationalism, the "Interim Politburo" works at the behest of the KGB, Soviet Armed Forces and the off-world Soviet Space Agency or Sovcosmos. Indeed, with a growing number of its citizens living in the lunar territories thanks to Sovcosmos incorporating and improving on Yuri's work, much of the Siberian tundra has been delegated to mass industry and military R&D; by contrast, the less sophisticated if largely unified Latin Confederation has become the most populous nation in the bloc, through ingenuity and sheer luck becoming much like the Chinese of yesteryear in terms of clout though more trustworthy. Sure, the days of expendable conscripts are long gone (save perhaps for the Latinos' gratuitous use of theirs) and attempts to arm everyone with the lasers used by Sovcosmos cosmonauts has proven to be impractical, but Soviet military doctrine has adopted fairly well to the post-Mental Omega world. A combination of mass-produced conventional arms, potent Tesla weapons, reverse-engineered Epsilon tech, highly-trained, laser-toting elites like the Spetznaz as well as the infamous Volkov, and growing use of mind control-resistant cyborg infantry ("recruited" from both volunteers and the gulags in China) have made the Communists a potent force to be reckoned with. All these, on top of substantial social engineering and access to enough nuclear warheads to glass the entire planet.

    Outside of the Communist bloc, meanwhile, the "Allied Remnants" desperately cling on to what little of the Free World that managed to survive the ensuing chaos. Compared to the Soviets and Latinos, however, these scattered lands are but a shadow of their former glory and after 15 years have been reduced even further such that only a handful remain. The unity brought about during the war against Yuri in '84 is now only on paper, with the constituent nations in practice being more like networks of organized survivor enclaves, military holdouts and nominal governments than functional states; such is their seemingly pitiful condition that the Soviets had since written them off as convenient buffers. Despite the odds, however, the Allies still have much fight left in them. Even if partially jury-rigged at this point and seemingly running on fumes, their armies continue to fend off Epsilon forces and the throng of mind-controlled slaves through careful use sophisticated tech (including access to shielding, lasers and weaponized weather manipulation) and heavy fortifications, along with whatever they could scrounge from fallen foes. And unbeknownst to even the KGB, Allied leaders have been cooperating with, if not deferring ever more resources and authority to another, much more powerful force that had risen up to fight Yuri's legacy: the Foehn Revolt.

    The origins of the Foehn Revolt could be traced back to the Mental Omega War, more specifically to Yunru and her motley crew of mostly Chinese renegades. Amidst the conflict, they managed in secret to garner backing from the Allied Nations (especially the Pacific Front), while recovering whatever prototypes and data they could from facilities owned by Kanegawa Industries and SteinsTech before anyone else could seize them. Quickly realizing the seeming inevitability of a worst-case scenario, however, Yunru through her AI VOLKNET arranged for various contingency measures (such as specially-modified bunkers in Alaska and Australia) that were hastened to completion just before the infernal device went active. Thus, they bided their time, building their strength until they resurfaced 10 years later. Based largely in "hostile territory," the self-proclaimed vanguard of "Free Humanity" has since evolved from a ragtag resistance to a global military order that takes pride in freedom and a firm dedication to solving the world's problems. As such, they're arguably the most advanced organization on Earth, relying on nanotechnology, climate manipulation, cybernetics and experimental tech that far outclass the Soviets' own research. What the Foehn lack in numbers, they make up for in firepower and the quality of their elites, whether it's potent Knightframe exosuits deployed from the flying fortress "Coronia," or deadly agents like Eureka, Fin and Alize who can wipe out whole divisions by themselves. Yet with all that might, which depending on who you ask makes the Revolt either mankind's last best hope or an enemy of the Soviet Union, not even the elusive Yunru seems certain if they're truly ready.

    For much of the world remains under the seemingly permanent thrall of Libra, who has tried her best to remake the world in her image. Having suffered much in her youth for her abilities, she had quickly taken to her late mentor's true plans, where all the divisions, delusions and petty shortcomings of humanity would be swept away forever. In seeking to "bend the minds of everyone on the planet," as Yuri once said to her, it would be the dawn of true peace, not a loss but a gain. In practice, however, her utopian, "benevolent" reign could be best described as a warped form of Stalinism, the overarching architecture and even the language used still having vestiges of Yuri's supposed origins in the USSR. The collective masses work in lockstep to advance the cause, forcing any survivors and mind control-resistant individuals not yet rescued in by the Foehn to be constantly on the run. Of her minions, however, those of Epsilon remain at the forefront of enforcing her rule. Incorporating Allied and Soviet technologies and knowledge with their already unconventional if not unethical arsenal, Epsilon's warriors and psychic adepts continue to pose a threat to those who have refused to submit. This is saying nothing of their use of intimidating weapons like the Aerial Fortress "Irkalla" (among the last to be developed by Yuri), the throngs of cannon fodder in the form of mind-controlled drones who can and will die in her name, or the use of the dreaded Psychic Dominators to crush anyone unlucky to be in its range.

    As of late, though, it's become apparent that even with the aid of Psychic Amplifiers, Libra's reign isn't as ironclad as she hoped. Not long before the Foehn Revolt made its presence felt across the world, a powerful psychic by name of Yuriko had woken up from an abandoned Kanegawa Industries research lab and managed to find a way to "override" much of the region to her whims. Thus "liberated," if at the insidious command of its female Shogun, the so-called "Empire of the Rising Sun" has since launched a campaign of imperial conquest. With a perverse mix of Japanese culture, militarism, modified Epsilon tech and mechanized monstrocities reverse-engineered from leftover Allied weapons, these latter-day samurai have proven themselves to be no pushover, even for the Soviets or Foehn.

    An even greater blight, however has emerged in Africa. Like a cancer, pockets of rebellion have popped up with a strange resistance to mind control. While Epsilon initially thought these to have been "Scorpion Cell" traitors from the Mental Omega War, it soon became apparent that they're dealing with something worse. Called either by its cryptic codename "REPTOIR" or simply "The Brotherhood," not much is known of this mysterious organization, save for its cult-like nature, penchant for stealth and its enigmatic leader: a man known only as Kane, rumored to have been an advisor to Stalin during World War 2 if not the inspiration for the Biblical Cain. If hearsay's to be believed, then it seems like he is rather dismayed by how the course of history had strayed too far from his own plans and that he intends to set this right, with himself leading the path to a better world. Some go so far as to suggest that his "Brotherhood" is finding a way to trigger an asteroid impact, which would have happened in 1995 had it not been for a Soviet early warning strike.

    With the year 2000 fast approaching, perhaps this may explain why Libra is devoting more and more attention to rebuilding the Mental Omega device as it was originally intended, despite Foehn and Soviet efforts to thwart her. Or why most everyone seems keen to eliminate Kane. While in the Moon, at the behest of Sovcosmos General Cherdenko, research is being conducted on an abandoned lab complex where Yuri had been working on an experiment involving modified Chronospheres. If successful, the results would not only allow for chrono-manipulation to a degree that not even Einstein could have imagined.

    But also open up all of time and space for one to command and conquer.

  15. Promethean Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2007
    I made a generic Netherlands/Belgium Pokemon region for a Pokemon Tabletop United game.

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  16. Remitonov Yousoro~! :3

    Sep 11, 2014
    Crown Dependency of Singapore
    "She's but a mere child, trying to play House with the world. One day, though, she will grow up, and face up to reality. My reality."

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  17. mdc_1957 Moved on from the forum

    Jan 24, 2010
    Manila, Philippines
    You are like a baby. Watch this.

    ...Actually, you're not wrong that in that premise, the "Brotherhood" actually is run by an impatient and slightly irritated Kane.
  18. Max Sinister Retired Myriad Club Member Kicked

    Jan 15, 2004
    The Chaos TL
    OK, then Nordstern.
  19. Historyman 14 Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2013
    In the Land of the Ancients.
    I am not surprise, given how Kane is more, or less impossible to kill, or put down for too long. What are Kane plans besides trying to get tiberium down to Earth?

    How was the USA between the Third Great War and the start of the Mental Omega War? Did the Red Army abandoned North America when it started?

    If the USA had won the Third Great War? Or if the USSR and Allies had kill Libra?
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  20. mdc_1957 Moved on from the forum

    Jan 24, 2010
    Manila, Philippines
    From the campaign missions available so far, the US was successfully defeated in the Third Great War and was reorganized into the United Socialist States of America, with the Soviet General in charge (though it didn't stop American rebels and remnants of the US military fighting on). By the Mental Omega War, though, Yuri's attempt to subvert the USSA threw the whole continent into chaos, with the Latin Confederation trying to secure what little they could control while the Soviet General was evacuated.

    I'll leave Kane's true plans for you to decide. ;)
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