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Invasion of Macau 2020

A fedora tip towards the current situation in the Pearl River Delta

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Frozen Once More.png

*Note: The darkest color in Mitteleuropa is core territories, the second darkest is autonomous regions, the lightest is puppets. In addition, this scenario isn't meant to be anywhere near realistic.

1919 was the year that had marked the end of the 5 year long conflict that engulfed the world, and it was the year that granted the Central Powers all they could ever ask for. Large chucks of Africa and Asia had been taken by Germany, and the Ottomans established dominance over Arabia and a sphere of influence stretching from Egypt to Afghanistan. But, after years of war, the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed, and Germany marched in, before establishing the Mitteleuropean Union. While Germany had their year in the sun, it would be shortly lived, as the Freezing set in. Slowly, every year since Germany's victory, the global temperature went down, only slowed by the massive oil guzzling machines across the world, draining the worlds oil to make wonderous effects. Flying machines, metal exoskeletons, trains that move across Europe in less than a day, all where possible with the wonderous liquid.

Time would show that Mitteleuropa, while strong, was not perfect, as far right rebellions in Finland, the Ukraine, and Cambodia would be crushed by Mitteleuropa in bloody rebellions, but this would only show how truly weak the state was Across Asia, American sponsored rebellions would break out, and Germany would be forced to send her men to die in war as the global economy would come crashing down, as Germany flooded the Congo in an attempt to bring prosperity to central Africa. This weakness is what was driving the Dutch and Bulgarians to become less dependent on Germany in the Final Days.

Russia, after falling into a 7 way revolution in 1917, was the most war-torn of any countries. With Germany supporting separatist groups and integrating them as puppets, the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks having their rebellions, and the republicans trying to gain power, a United Russian Front was formed, which was a union of various groups headed by the Mladorossi.

In the British Empire, however, reform was needed to support themselves. India, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand where granted greater autonomy, and the remaining colonies got more infrastructure built in them in an attempt to keep them happy. However, all of this changed when the Freezing happened and the Technocrats took over. They restricted democracy, abandoned Canada, and when Northern Scotland started to become uninhabitable started a project of mass migration to India.

Meanwhile, the greatest losers of the war, France and Italy, fell to radicals, Sorel in France and Mussolini in Italy. They, along with Franco in Spain, would form the Latin Bloc, the only true competitor with Mitteleuropa. While they started as an anti-German pact, they evolved into a mission to preserve their nations live in Africa when Europe freezes. Originally anti-British and anti-Russian, they accepted the Mladorossi in Russia and the Technocrats in Britain as friends in the Final Days.

In America, the global depression and the freezing struck hard, resulting in the election of Huey Long in 1932. He instituted massive populist reforms, and greatly limited the power of democracy in America. In addition to this, he sought to increase American influence in Asia and the Americas turning Canada into a territory and forcing various Asian liberation rebellions to become puppets of American generals.

China was on her deathbed, as several factions where formed. The Manchuria Protectorate and Tibet where some of the smaller ones with good chances of success. The Uyghur Free State was another similar movement, until other regions of China willingly joined them, making the Republic of West China. In the east, three sides stood, the (Japanese) Protectorate of China, the Republic of China, and the Union of Chinese Socialist Republics. While the Republic was the official state, the UCSR offered a way out of the oppressive autocracy, and the PoC offered safety under Japan.

All of this changed during the Final Days. Every week starting on April 7th, the global temperature would drop by one degree Celsius. The nations of the world struggled to send as many people to Africa and other safe locations as possible while the uninhabitable zone expanded. This all stopped on May 27th, as the temperature around the entire world dropped anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on the region.
All of this changed during the Final Days. Every week starting on April 7th, the global temperature would drop by one degree Celsius. The nations of the world struggled to send as many people to Africa and other safe locations as possible while the uninhabitable zone expanded. This all stopped on May 27th, as the temperature around the entire world dropped anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on the region.
That's enough to cause an Ice Age and mass extinctions. Humanity's screwed.
[QUOTE="MrMonsterGuy18, post: 19375701, member: as the temperature around the entire world dropped anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on the region. =[/QUOTE]
With that amount of freezing, the Sunda, Sahul, and Beringian land bridges should have been restored, at the least
With that amount of freezing, the Sunda, Sahul, and Beringian land bridges should have been restored, at the least
It takes thousands of years for ice caps to be built, and so in the first years of a new ice age, the sea levels should stay just about the same.
It takes thousands of years for ice caps to be built, and so in the first years of a new ice age, the sea levels should stay just about the same.

Yeah, but that map shows major ice caps on land. Though I guess maybe it just indicates permanent snow fields or something.
I decided to give another shot at my "Reverse US Civil War" Timeline. The Great War happened between 1896 and 1899 (there's an error in the notes that says it started in 1893, that's wrong), resulting in an Alliance victory, except for the Americas, in which the US invaded the FS, forcing them into the war, but it backfired and the US was defeated and thrown into a really nasty civil war. The map shows the state of the world in the year 1929.

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Pacific & Federates states are switched.
Hey guys, I've made another MotF entry, and I'm posting it here first. I'm sorry in advance

Small Iberia.png

The last land of Savages: A look at Iberia – Julia Reynits, World Press, June 3rd, 2040

In the 21st century, most countries have accepted the modern way of living. The multitudes of cults have been quelled, especially after the great Reunification, where the Eastern spirit was brought to Europe and North America. But some countries still stand steadfast against progress and strive for a world of brutality and murder. The list of countries that practice cannibalism has dwindled considerably over the past few years, but still one holds out, after the Satanist Republic of North America officially banned it just last year. That nation is Iberia, home of the Dark God’s followers, called by many the land of blood and tears.

The nation of Iberia was forged in the chaos of the post-fall years, where a number of revolutions and counterrevolutions decimated the populations of France and Spain. The lack of food due to crop failures and blights caused widespread malnutrition and cannibalism in some cities. Into this atmosphere was born Francisco, who took the surname Carnicero after murdering all the townsfolk in his native village and going on the road. He arrived in Zaragoza in 1941 at the age of 16, and quickly rose to power within it. The natives of Zaragoza followed a local cult, which Francisco borrowed and adapted, creating a high legate of holy monks, who were forced to eat human flesh as initiation. He then began to send raids across the countryside, in what was the beginning of the Great Crusade.

For the next thirty years, the rule of the Butcher king increased over land, as loyal soldiers captured every city in Spain, one at a time. When Madrid fell in 1948, Francisco proclaimed himself king of “those old lands of France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and all other land under serenity of the most holy Black God” this declaration scared local warlords, who united together to defeat him. The coalitions were pushed back by the sheer weight of Francisco’s devoted followers, who rushed the countryside in the tens of thousands and threw themselves to their deaths regularly. By the 70’s, the whole of Iberia and France were conquered, and the rate of expansion slowed and stopped, as Francisco attempted to quell rebellion and turn his conquests into a state. At this he was surprisingly successful, creating a better education system, and outlawing murder for the sole purpose of eating. In the following decades, steps towards democracy were even proposed, with the division of the country into 143 counties which each appointed a count to serve in the lord’s chamber. While things were getting better, they weren’t getting better fast enough, and so when the Reunification came, things got ugly.

When the Fifth Singapore conference declared that “It is the right of all lands to experience freedom and peace, and so it is the responsibility of these assembled powers to bring peace and freedom to them,” Francisco was preparing for war. Now 77, he was near death, but still strived to push back any “foreign incursions” on Iberian soil. Unfortunately, nothing the weak economy of Iberia could do would be successful against the modern, advanced armies of the powers coalition, which destroyed all resistance, and made it to the capital after about a year, finding the King dead upon the throne of a heart attack. The war was effectively over.

While their King was dead, the Iberian people still fought on, as resistance was systematically crushed over the next ten years. After that, Iberia has remained a satellite of the Singapore Conference, although many parties within push for economic and political independence. It was this anti-Eastern backlash that most likely led to the referendum result, rather than actual support for cannibalism itself. As we look to the future, we hope that Iberia will come to its senses eventually and join us.

Protests Mount Against “Cannibal State” – Jude March, The Victoria Sun, June 11th 2040

Thousands have blockaded roads throughout the province, demanding “Death to the cannibals”, and to “End all barbarous practices, here and everywhere.” His Majesties government has not yet made any claims…

Brigham Burgers Shuts Down, Cites “Internal Problems” – Joe Carlston, Liberty Independent, June 15th

Following the controversial release of the ‘Mountain Man’ burger, which contained ‘30% Spanish Pork” in may, Brigham Burgers has been hit with a number of international embargoes, with Singapore condemning their actions as “A blow to the moral fiber of the world” …

Bombing in Madrid! – Angrezi Times, June 19th

…5 dead and at least 30 have been injured today in a terrorist attack, which occurred in central Madrid, near the Jardines del Palisco del Liria. More details coming later…

Indian Ambassador Killed – Angrezi Times, June 22nd

… This morning at 9:00 Am, Farley Cook, ambassador from the Three Kingdoms was driving to the government ministry in Sevilla when an assailant jumped in front of his motorcade and shouted “Glory to the Dark god! Death to the Empires!” before shooting straight at the ambassador. He was shot twice in the abdomen and once in the thigh, and was dead within minutes. The assailant evaded capture, eventually biting down on cyanide when cornered. Protests are currently rolling in from Mumbai…

Imperial Regiments Move into Cadiz - Nairobi Star, June 28th

... Following the murder of the most honorable Mr. Cook, our soldiers are finally taking action against this cannibalistic menace. It seems that those d-med Iberians have forgotten the licking we gave them then, and so it's best we give them a reminder. they need to remember that anyone who dares kill a foreign minister of our glorious empire will get the overwhelming punishment that they deserve no matter what the case. As we mourn the death of Cook, let us rejoice in knowing that those savages will soon know the full light of southern civilization!...

Cooking the European way, a look at recipes from the dark continent – Paula Hiers, released 2011.


This delightful sauce comes from Iberia, where its spread on bread leaves or eaten on its own. When I went to Iberia, I had lots of this stuff, and it was great. the recipe here is some I got in the small town of Bilbao, and it was really something. With its rich spices, its full of exotic flavor, that will be sure to make the whole family smile.


1lb Ground ‘Pork’ Loin

3 cups roasted tomatoes

1 large onion, diced finely

1 tablespoon flour

½ cup water

½ cup red wine (can be replaced)

¼ cup chopped bell pepper

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoons pepper

Salt to taste (can be replaced with tears of guilt)

Start by browning the meat in the bottom of a pot or bowl, then add the onion and peppers and cook until see-through. Deglaze with wine and water, and follow by adding tomatoes to the pot, spices and flour to thicken, set to low heat and leave to simmer for twenty minutes. Season to taste, and serve atop rice, bread or any other filling. Enjoy your great meal!

Serves four, requires five
This is very aaaaaaa

What the hell happened to the Northern Hemisphere?

With mentions of "the Fall", "The Angrezi Times" and the devil worship, I'm pretty sure this is a fanfic of The Peshawar Lancers.

TL;DR: Earth is struck by a meteor shower in 1878; the resulting global dust cloud causes a nuclear winter, forcing European powers to evacuate to their colonies as civilisation collapses in Europe and North America and hundreds of millions starve from crop failure. By 2025, the premier world power is the Delhi-ruled Angrezi Raj, composed of three Viceroyalties (India, Australia and the Cape) as well as territorial claims in barely-recolonised Britain and North America.

Map below courtesy of B_Munro:

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A3: Lower Volga Krai, RSFSR (February 1933): Lenin chooses to realise the autonomisation plan proposed by Stalin instead of an OTL federalisation plan but changes it drastically. Krais as highly autonomous first-level divisions remain until 1946. Guryev Governorate is taken from the Kazakh ASSR and given to the krai.
Do you have any more more info about that autonomisation plan? I'm interested in this, but I don't know where to look for info... DM me if you can.
well, i finally mustered up the courage to post something from my alternate history setting onto a platform other than discord, so...

Bear witness to my first post on this site!

in a nutshell, The map is set in an alternate timeline where the British were less pleased with the Stuarts than in OTL, causing britain to have a civil war. Instead of Britain, France and the Netherlands become the dominant colonial powers, with the Spanish and Germans joining in too. after the scramble for Africa, Germany's opinion of france changed from "neutral" to "rivals" after a string of Bush wars and diplomatic incidents, and Britain (Now in charge of one of the descendants of Oliver Cromwell, who was less humanitarian than his father) sides with them in order to get back at France.


Tell me what you think, and what could use improvements!
I have been an’er for 4 years and never once posted an Axis victory scenario, time to correct this gross oversight. Also my first map with a built in legend. Here's some appropriate music
When Freedom Burns (1980).PNG

WW2 starts at the same time as OTL but takes a turn for the worst fast. The Poles are interned in Romania instead of allowed through when they try to retreat. When operation Barbarossa is launched it’s with support from the Japanese in the far east taking Vladivostok quickly. The Finns push a bit harder and manage to isolate Leningrad fully and cut the Murmansk rail line meaning no lend-lease aid gets to the Soviets. Stalingrad is a smashing German victory and eventually Moscow falls. The front stabilizes near the Volga with no further advances been made for the time being. Italy manages to achieve their goals and not require German assistance in Africa. Instead of being pseudo-neutral Vichy France joins the Axis.

Operation sea lion goes ahead and successfully crosses the channel, beginning a slow crawl north across great Britain. Japan rolls sixes in the Pacific war and takes Hawaii and the Aleutians after wrecking the American navy. America just never gears up for war and decides that rebuilding the navy to fight the Japanese is more trouble than it is worth. Alaska is isolated and made independent in the peace treaty with the stipulation that it is forbidden to rejoin the USA, 5 years later they join Canada instead. The British royal family and millions of Britons flee to Canada as the isles are lost to the Germans. The British empire outside of North America subsequently collapses. Once a ceasefire is agreed to Germany allows discontented britons to emigrate if they wish, but with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Millions more leave.

When the Americans bow out of the Pacific war so do the Australians and Kiwi’s. Eventually the USSR is crushed and divided along the Yenisei river. The Japanese annex most of the costal parts and spin the interior off as a protectorate while the germans divide all of Russia and northern Kazakstan into Reichskommissariats with the long term goal of liquidating the local population, Leningrad is razzed. As the large scale fighting winds down the African colonies of Britain and France and partitioned between Germany and Italy, Spain and Portugal are later bullied into selling their colonies to Germany. An accommodation is reached with South Africa where they keep everything south of the Zambezi and almost all of Namibia. Turkey is cut up with territories ceded to Bulgaria, Italy, Armenia, and Kurdistan while the Saudi’s accept Italian suzerainty and are given aid to conquer the rest of Arabia. Japan at this point has pacified Siberia, Indochina, and the Pacific but is fighting in China, Indonesia, and India. The extremely brutal practices of the Japanese eventually break the collective will of the Chinese and Indonesians but in India inflame the population further which leads to a protracted struggle. The Japanese kill tens of millions of Indians before finally being forced out in the late 50’s. The Reichskommissariats do their job and by the 70’s there are no remaining Slavs in Germany, the former lands of the USSR are then integrated and Germany has it’s lebensraum.

There are German islands in the Arctic, Atlantic, Southern, and Indian oceans but the two main colonies are Mittelafrika and West Africa, unlike the Reichskommissariats there is no systematic effort to kill the inhabitants here, but profit is pursued ruthlessly, and if its cheeper to replace workers when they die than to feed them, they don’t get fed. The world in the 80’s is a very heavily armed place, Germany, Japan, Italy, India, Australia-NZ, South Africa, Finland-Sweden, Canada, The USA, and Brazil all possess nuclear weapons. The world map hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years and the fear of MAD means geopolitics are quite stable.

Being an Axis victory map it’s a very dark world so I didn’t want to to a full write up and more just hammered out a timeline of events to get to what you see above. If you have questions please ask them.
So i decided to modify the map of America to something of a Exiled America that was made after a popular coup similar to the Republic of China which is currently collapsing in on itself in a sense. I changed the color of Deseret to symbolize its structure as a tibet like state, and Mexico is japan in this situation. Speaking of Japan, they're currently mauling what little of the Pacific Fleet is left of the Americas, McAuthur is sweating his balls off. I'm still continuing the idea of a russian exile in american alaska, but, im not sure what they should be escaping from, Soviets, fascist russians, or other democrats. That's up to you to recommend to me, thanks!
still continuing the idea of a russian exile in american alaska, but, im not sure what they should be escaping from, Soviets, fascist russians, or other democrats
I think the idea of a democratic Russia forcing certain political elements to flee to Alaska could be quite a fresh take on the theme. Since Russia hasn't ever really had democracy as we know it, the emergence of whatever system they use to organise it could alienate a Russian political faction equally in favour of democracy but extremely alienated by the methods to declare a rival government abroad?
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By the year 2203, when the British Archipelago had reclaimed enough land to resemble the island of Britain once more, gene editing techniques were easily available, and many subcultures had taken advantage of them. One of the most enthusiastic groups was LARPers, who saw a perfect opportunity to make high fantasy into a reality - in fact, 'to modify one's genetics to resemble a fictional character or species' became an additional definition of the verb 'larp'. And so in 2203, with the support of the North Atlantic Federation, the Free Commune of Tolkien Hill was founded in Britain.

While other such communities were more diverse in their choice of fantasy races, the majority of Tolkien Hillers had modified themselves to resemble elves: they had pointed, cat-like ears; their eyes were able to see in extremely low-light and detect visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light, as well as radio waves; and they'd given themselves padded feet and hollow bird-like bones to tread almost as lightly as the elves found in high fantasy stories. Not only that, some of them had given themselves the ability to produce telomerase so that they would age much more slowly than the average human (although they were not immortal). All this was augmented with the use of advanced technology to simulate elven magic.

Then, in the year 2352 CE, the impossible happened: the residents of Tolkien Hill found themselves and their community transported tens of thousands of years to the past. The library just outside of the town, containing both fantasy material and history books, had been transported as well. Over the course of millennia, their society grew and changed, and as generations passed the view of the past changed. Increasing numbers of elves now speculate that the World That Was is merely a myth, although still a meaningful allegory. The Library of Tolkynn Hill is almost as holy a site as Tolkynn Hill itself, holding both the holy scriptures - such as the Silmarillion, the sacred text of Illuvatarism - and the books of prophecy. And while the elves have felt little need to properly interfere in the affairs of men, conveniently allowing history to retread a very similar path to the previous one, their influence is making larger ripples every century, and now a tipping point has come.


A rough map of the invasion of the Socialist Commonwealth of the Americas (SCA) by the Russian Empire, 1935. From one of my more ridiculous half-worked out TL ideas (sort of a TL-191, 'OTL analogue' kind of thing), that exists largely because I think it's funny.

Short and sweet of it is, Jack London's socialist America has been invaded by the reactionary revived Russian autocracy of Maria Romanova, who survived her family's massacre with a burning hatred for bolshevism. Lots more nonsense below if you're game.

It has a few PODs, one being a much more brutal gilded age of capitalism in the US and its early entrance into WWI, precipitating a socialist revolution in 1915 (a la 'Reds!', more or less). While the US dissolves into civil war, the still-intact Russian Empire moves in and reoccupies Alaska (along with a number of other powers that come in to take their pound of flesh).

In 1917, the Russian Empire has its February and then Bolshevik revolution in spite of the butterflies, ITTL funded and partly organized at Comintern headquarters in Haywood City (formerly known as Chicago).

However, the reds lose this round. One of the early signs things aren't going well for Lenin & co. is that Yurovsky and friends botch the execution of the Romanovs, leaving Anastasia and Maria alive. The Czechoslovak Legion storms Ekaterinburg a few hours later and finds the Grand Duchesses clinging to life in a puddle of their and their family's blood. They both recover physically, the drunken chekists having proven pretty bad marksmen, but their minds are another story.

Fast forward to the end of 1919--the Reds have been successfully swept out of power. Wrangel has taken Moscow and Yudenich Petersburg. The Bolshevik leadership scatters. Lenin himself is killed in the shelling of Moscow. Trotsky and Zinoviev are probably the most prominent who manage to flee to Red America.

Russia is slowly reconstructed by a shaky white coalition. After three years of tumultuous interim government, it is decided to restore the Romanov as a mild constitutional monarchy. In practice, the country becomes a conservative military dictatorship under Kolchak, with saintly Maria Romanova (blind in one eye thanks to Bolshevik bullets) as a figurehead.

Back in the SCA, the socialists go on constructing their new world. Since the US had been one of 'the developed countries', in the more industrialized areas, experiments are made in transitioning directly to lower communism, abolishing money and the market. This has mixed results.

In 1925, Big Bill Haywood, guiding light of the revolution, dies. What ensues is a many way power struggle that ends with the ascension of Chairman of the Communist International Jack London to overall leadership of the SCA. London proves something of a hard driver, if effective. He oversees massive efforts at the large scale irrigation and development of the deserts in the west, in an attempt to make the SCA self-sufficient, as it is still unrecognized by many of the great powers. The project sees the deaths of many workers (many of whom are forced laborers) and provides much grist for the anti-communist propaganda mill abroad.

In 1927, Vozhd Kolchak dies mysteriously in a plane crash. Empress Maria Romanova drags her feet appointing a new Chief of Government, though the Duma moans and prods. Now 28 years old, Maria has for the most part stopped waking up screaming and the seizures have subsided. But that horrible night in the cellar at Ipatiev House have changed her irrevocably. She is a paranoid woman, seeing socialist assassins in every shadow. She has developed a rabid hatred for communists, liberals, Jews, and Americans (didn't the reds in Chicago spread the Marxist plague to Russia?). In the past few years, she has pushed heavily for rearmament, fearing a phantom Liberal-Masonic-Jewish-Communist international will soon send the armies of America, Germany, and perhaps Britain and France, marching against Holy Russia. She is beginning to chafe at the ceremonial nature of the restored monarchy, and grabs more and more at real executive power. Kolchak held her largely in check, but now he is dead.

To the horror but not surprise of many, Maria appoints Boris Brasol, former Black Hundredist, arch-reactionary, and vicious anti-semite, as Kolchak's successor. The man has few talents in the sphere of statecraft, but he confirms every one of Maria's fears and doubts for her, and heaps on some of his own. The rearmament goes ahead, the peacetime Russian Army swelling to 10,000,000 by 1932. State funds are poured into tanks, warplanes, and technical advisors from Europe, to the detriment of the consumer economy and national standards of living. Maria keeps always a hostile eye turned south of Alaska, at the den of red beasts that is America. She militarizes Alaska to the point that the entire territory becomes one great armed camp. Internally, she launches a renewed persecution against the Jewish population of the Russian Empire. Jews are barred from government positions, the military, and finally from owning wealth above a certain threshold. A 1927 pogrom near Kherson is allowed to go on for days before the gendarmes intervene.

Europe is still a basket case. Germany still lost the Great War and became an unstable republic, and is riven by spats between left, right, and everything in between. It is bordered at the south by Socialist Italy, which underwent her own successful revolution in the last months of the war, but represents a milder breed as against that in America.

In July 1928, a disputed election plunges Germany into civil war between the left-wing Spartakists and the rightist 'Steel Helmets'. The SCA supports the Spartakists with weaponry, funds, and advisors. Russia leaps into the fray and does the same for the right, despite the pleas by Maria's advisors to do otherwise. Even Brasol urges against it, but is overruled. It soon becomes clear there is no more power behind the throne, and that Empress Maria is intent on a revival of the Romanov Autocracy. The civil war ends in a leftist victory in March 1930, and the establishment of the German Social Republic, which affiliates itself with the Communist International. Empress Maria's paranoia intensifies, as she now has what she sees as a puppet of international jewish communism right at her doorstep, kept at bay only by the thin strip of Poland.

Upon the conclusion of the German Civil War, Maria severs what few unofficial diplomatic relations existed between Russia and the SCA. She begins blaming red American agents for most everything that goes wrong in her country. President London, for his part, is not unwilling to lay blame for the occasional factory accident or drought at the feet of 'reactionary Russian provocateurs'. Russia and the SCA become one another's bogeymen.

Terrified of socialist Germany in central Europe and America across the Bering Strait, Maria signs the Franco-Russian mutual defense pact, France similarly unnerved by a red Germany across the Rhine. This becomes known as the 'Reims Pact'. Britain meanwhile, antagonized by Russia in central Asia and on the Indian borderlands, and driven away from France by popular opinion blaming her for British involvement in the eight year Great War and the hundreds of thousands of dead British boys that resulted, signs an anti-French-Russian treaty with socialist Germany, over the protests of not a few conservatives.

In February 1931, Poland's Marshal Pilsudski dies. In ensuing months, a bloodless coup topples his built-up dictatorship and installs a democracy in its place. Though it is a mild liberal state, with Poland's socialist party holding only a few seats in the Sejm, and the communist party, none, Maria views this as proof that the Jewish communists are inching ever nearer to the Motherland. In the winter of 1931, the Russian army invades and annexes the Baltic States, to the outcry (and non-action), of the international community. Only France (under its new Action Francaise dominated government), of the western European states, defends her new ally Russia. Russian troops mass on the border with Poland. In early 1932, Poland signs a treaty with Germany, the latter promising to come to Warsaw's aid in the event of a Russian attack.

In January 1933, the Russian Foreign Ministry presents a long list of grievances to the Polish government, blaming 'Polish-American-German-British-Italian-Jewish saboteurs' for a number of outrages within Russian borders, up to and including the death of Kolchak six years earlier. It demands that Poland turn over whatever agents have been involved in such activity, and also the documents proving Polish complicity with the Communist International. Since these do not exist, Poland prepares for war.

When no answer is received, the Russian Army assaults Poland from the east on May 1, 1933, beginning the second Great War. The German People's Army surges forth to aid her Polish ally, and combined with Poland's own stout if outgunned soldiers, clashes with the Russians just east of Warsaw. Italy also joins in the fray, in support of Germany. France, honoring her pact with Russia, attacks from the west, but is halted at the Rhine. Europe descends into bloody chaos once again.

Vozhd Brasol stands in the Duma, and declares that the war against 'International Jewry' has begun. Halfway through his speech, Empress Maria, unsatisfied with the venom on his tongue, shunts him aside and finishes the speech herself.

Britain, despite her treaty with Germany, is kept out of the war by the Conservatives, who dominate Parliament. However, a December 1933 snap election brings a Labor majority to power, sympathetic to the 'anti-reactionary' struggle of Germany, Poland, and Italy. When a French ship fires on the HMS Hood, Britain declares war on Russia.

The SCA, despite the Comintern membership of Germany and Italy, and wrecked relations with Russia, does not formally intervene, but sells weaponry and supplies to the Alliance. Empress Maria is furious at the devious red dogs in Haywood City who abet her enemies and yet refuse to enter into the fray themselves.

The war in Europe rages on, with the Russian army conquering Poland and pushing on into East Prussia. In the west, the Germans have managed to throw back the French and drive towards Paris, but the Russian behemoth lumbering into Brandenburg necessitates a shifting of troops from the western to the eastern front, allowing the French to lift the siege of the capital and push the German People's Army back towards the Ardennes. Germany resists fiercely, but only the copious aid from the SCA funneled in via the Royal Navy keeps her afloat.

With Poland subdued, Germany squeezed from both sides, and Britain impotent on land, Empress Maria decides it is finally time for a reckoning with the SCA, her great bête noire. On September 9th, 1934, the Russian Army pours down from Alaska, ripping through weakly-defended British Columbia and marching down towards old California. President London's government had expected a Russian onslaught, but not this soon.

The Pacific Northwest falls almost without a fight, and it is not until the Russian Army is knocking at the Golden Gate that the Sixth Red Army under Marshal Butler is able to halt the enemy outside San Francisco. However, even this only lasts long enough for the Jewish population and communist party functionaries to be evacuated from the city. The Russian Army pushes on, rounding the southern tip of the Rockies and then fanning out to drive on the republic's capital at Haywood City.

By January 1935, the Russian invaders are advancing on the Mississippi River. President London issues his famous "every step forward" order. Prince Tukhachevsky's Third Army Group is tasked with taking New Orleans, while Volkhov in the north pushes on for St. Louis. The goal is to control the Mississippi, thus squeezing the SCA to death.

New Orleans is heavily fortified, and the cream of the Red Army from various sectors of the front are transferred here. Citizen militias are raised all along the Gulf Coast for a desperate defense of the Crescent City.

On January 14th, the residents of New Orleans awaken to hear Russian artillery booming to the west.

The hinge of fate prepares to swing.
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