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Nice, what happened to the Free Texan republic?

The Free Texan Republic was overrun when the Second Republic of Texas made peace with the US and Mexico, allowing them to focus on taking back their territory.

The POD is Truman deciding to intervene in the Chinese civil war, resulting into the division of the country between the communist north (extremly pro-Moscow, since Mao's "mysterious death" in 1951) and the nationalistic south.
Tibet is a theocracy backed by the US, but in recent years it has been plagued by the Red Guards, a communist militia whose ideology mixt marxist ideas with the teachings of Buddhism.


What are the differences between the slave revolter factions? I assume ideological?

Well, the different slave factions obviously aren't fighting each other while they work together against the Confederates, but there are ideological differences. Lafayette and New Afrika are close allies under a weird blend of marxism, abolitionism, and whatever Haiti is. The AFR, BBR, and FTR are more conventional republics, albeit with a twist of afro-nationalism similar to Liberia. Meanwhile the SRT and Florida are pretty much nationalist white-lead Apartheid states, and Sequoia is basically just an independent native government meant to keep the reservations intact.
Tbh I dont see the North American states going "MEIN LEBENSRAUM" and taking all that land. Like. That's an incredible amount of conquest for 30 years and while sure it wont stay terra incognita forever it also isnt going go be swept up like this. Most people dont wanna go and have to start a new life in the middle of the woods right after 3/4tts of the earth's population disappeared. And the few places that might (like Haiti) dont move much to boot.

With some inspiration from Battlefield thinking on why a US soldier is using a Ribeyrolles 1918 and some alt hist maps. Another WWII map? Why not.

Anyways the world have united into a series of Federations to fight each other. The allies stand with the US and the Imperial Federation. With minor friends in the American backed Congo, Free France, and neutral nations not friendly to the Reich. The Germans absorbed their allies outside of Italy and Spain and are lead by the late grandchildren of Reichsmarshall Goering. The Japanese have unified East Asia under a banner of anti-western imperialism. The only people who resist the Japanese are the Filipino's some Chinese, and the Viet Minh. The Soviets are spurred on by Stalinist ideals and the non-aggression treaty with Japan carries on. WWII continues on, forever and ever with each side fighting each other for land and resources.
This is an alternate map of France, where in this TL, France tooks again West-Flandre (Tournai, Ypres, Furnes) to Austria, and after keeps his borders of 1814 (Sarrebruck, Landau) and takes Wallonia and Luxemburg in 1830.

I start by using Paint 3D, then move on to more complex softwares. Also, why Photoshop?

QGIS and ArcGIS are both specialized mapping software, but to take things to the final level some sort of focused graphic design software is necessary. So, I use Photoshop to organize the layout of all the different elements, insert text (legend, title, sources), any additional graphics or to blend rasters together to create terrain.
Just realized I forgot to label Corpus Christi, fixed.

Okay, that's very, very fascinating.

Are USA and Mexico the only major powers intervening? I'd except at least Britain to have a go at intervention as well.

Is there any major unification movement between the United Communes of Lafayette, New Afrika, Black Belt and the Altantic Free Republic? Where did all the whites flee to?
so, two things have been disappointing me:
1) there are not enough '12 countries' posts
2) people making 12 countries arrange them in the grid unsystematically

and here comes my try to solve both problems!

this is 12 countries post for Saratov Oblast, Russia. each column describes a thematic set of timelines sorted by date (the latest in the row 1, the earliest in the row 3).


A — Saratov as a part of communist and post-communist Russia
A1: Saratov Oblast, Russian Federation (August 2019): just OTL.
A2: Saratov Oblast, USSR (June 1954): Stalin doesn't fall in love with deportations so he allows the Volga German ASSR to continue living. Also, Balashov Oblast was established in 1954 like in OTL.
A3: Lower Volga Krai, RSFSR (February 1933): Lenin chooses to realise the autonomisation plan proposed by Stalin instead of an OTL federalisation plan but changes it drastically. Krais as highly autonomous first-level divisions remain until 1946. Guryev Governorate is taken from the Kazakh ASSR and given to the krai.

B — Saratov as a part of White Russia
B1: Saratov Governorate, Russian Republic (January 1921): the Whites are winning the Civil War but the Bolsheviks are still resisting in some places.
B2: Volga Soviet Republic (July 1919): the same timeline as B1. After occupying Saratov and Samara in May 1918 the Volga SR was established by local Bolsheviks and SRs. In 1919 Samara and Tsaritsyn were liberated by Denikin and his Southern Army; in 1920 the Bolsheviks were driven out from Saratov and Tambov, and the last pockets of resistance were eliminated in February 1921.
B3: Saratov Uyezd, Tsaritsyn Governorate, Russian Empire (November 1859): the Turkish army manages to dig the Volga—Don Canal in the 1569—71 war with Russia but still loses. Russians save and deepen the canal thus making river trade more profitable; the city of Tsaritsyn founded near the canal becomes the centre of the Volga region, and Saratov is just a minor town.

C — Saratov in other countries
C1: Generalbezirk Wolgaland-Nord, Reichskomissariat Ukraine (March 1946): an ordinary Nazi victory in WW2, nothing interesting, move on
C2: Sary Tau Vilayet, Junior Zhuz of the Kazakh Khanate (October 1760): Ablai Khan decides to make Kazakh Khanate great again while Russian army is busy in the Seven Years War. Of course, his attempt is severely punished in several years.
C3: Ukek Daruga, Kazan Khanate (April 1568): after defeating Ivan IV of Muscovy in the Western War of 1552—1556 Kazan becomes a regional superpower and starts to absorb the remnants of the Great Horde. The city of Ukek (located at the same place as OTL Saratov) becomes the centre of a daruga (first-level division) until Muscovy conquers the region in the mid-17th century.

D — Russian Saratov not belonging to a Russian state
D1: British Provisional Administration of Povolzhye (September 1919): not the TL of B1 and B2. After establishing their authority in Azerbaijan Britons occupy the territories near the Volga River to help Kolchak's offensive but their attempt isn't very successful.
D2: Saratov Republic (December 1905): during the Russian Revolution of 1905 workers imprison the czarist administration and govern their own republic for seven weeks.
D3: Saratov Volost, Cossack Volgota (May 1775): Pugachev's Rebellion ends successfully, and the Cossacks supported by the Ottoman Empire establish their own free state between Don and Yaik.
If you remember my last post here, you'll know I mentioned making a wikibox for the map I had made.

Today, instead of doing that, I produced this. It's a map I would call "obviously very serious", except the zombie Churchill apparently didn't tip some people off to its nature when I posted it elsewhere, so I may not have cleared the bar for "obvious satire" as well as I thought I did.

Getting a version that's both willing to be directly linked here and high-resolution enough to let you read the little description boxes is being a pain, so here's a link to the full-sized one.


Hello, this is my map of what Europe will look like in n+5 years, where n is the year you're viewing this in. If you look at the map and see politics based on it, you are correct. Unless those politics are racism. I am not racism, thank you.

Now the description of the map.

Mucho Communisto: Imagine the Soviet Union, but more. After the revolution of [n+3], which came about as a result of the spiralling out of control of the [current divisive political issue], Mucho Communisto was formed as a union of the revolutionary states that rose from the mayhem. They have policies, but because I don't understand political ideologies other than my own personal hodgepodge of unrelated beliefs, I will not go into more detail, unless someone in the comments presents something that sounds plausible and all I have to do is nod and say 'yes, I meant this the whole time, indeed'. They own part of North Africa because "Mucho North Africa" is funny, and also because I don't like putting more than two countries in Africa if I can help it.

Nationalist France: To differentiate them from the other France on this map. "Nationalist" is used primarily because when I look at maps of civil wars between "Reds" and "Whites", the White faction is generally called nationalist. And the French are fighting Mucho Communisto, so it fits pretty well, right? Yeah. Anyways, Nationalist France is sandwiched between the openly-hostile Mucho Communisto, the breakaway regime of Britannia (I am sure that the people of Britanny are just yearing to rip off the Parisian yoke, any day now), the incredibly confusing but probably also hostile regime of Switzerland, the European Union Reich and the Kingdom of Monaco. The last two have gobbled up areas of France, including its most populous and wealthy regions. As a result, Nationalist France also has policies. They do a lot of stuff like: conscription, building tanks, militarized schools. Wow!

Britannia: Headed by a ruthless dictator who spurs the region's development and seeks to strengthen his own rule during the Mucho-French war, Britannia is mostly characterized by what I think a smart dictator would do. So they have policies, which are very effective, meant to increase industry and strengthen their armed forces. They also do a lot of political repression, which I will mention offhand but mention so infrequently you'd be forgiven for thinking Britannia's people want to spend 12 hours a day slaving away for miniscule wages in order to support a disproportionately large navy and a fortification system that would earn the title of "Maginot 2" if I knew who Maginot was.

European Union Reich: Ruled by cyborg Merkel (long may she reign; I sure hope I don't date this map by satirizing the lengthy political career of a politician who has announced she's leaving politics) from Cyber-Berlin 2, the EUR is a bold step forwards, in the sense that it combines every "Fourth Reich" trope with a vaguely 'the EU is tyrannical'-hued message. The EUR is way stronger than the normal EU, despite the fact that it's lost most of its members and has apparently decided to attack France instead of defending it from Mucho Communisto. Anyways, the EUR also invaded Dover in order to stop Brexit by force. I am not worried that Brexit jokes will become old, because by the time of [n+25], it will still be happening!

Switzerland: Did you know that Switzerland technically has no federal capital? Neat! I bet they'd keep that if they turned into vaguely authoritarian communists. Also, they're not allied to the SRI or Mucho Communisto because of leftist infighting, or something. Maybe they're just third-way-ists?

Kingdom of Monaco: Bravely manning the front lines of capitalism using stolen French land and lots of tax haven money. It's a kingdom because whatever title they have in real life is lame, and with no one to stop them I'm sure they'd upgrade to King anyways. They're virulently anti-communist, but not embroiled in a suicidal two-front war because they're smart, or something. Ignore the pressure of being pinned between two hostile regimes and the inevitable friction of internal politics which is part of what caused a lot of historical "dumb moves", they're smarter than that.

Socialist Republic of Italy: It turns out a lot of people in northwestern Italy like Kaiserreich (the popular HoI4/DH mod, in case you're not familiar). They're syndicalist! That means communism, but less angry, I think. They don't like Stalin, and they have cool stuff on their flags. Also, none of them have accused me of harboring beliefs I'd rather not confront, so they're automatically better than adherents of actual political ideologies.

Italy: Mussolini 2 (no, that's not "Mussolini the Second", it's "Mussolini Two") is preparing to take control of the country to fight the Slovenian Empire and return the SRI to the fold. His critics say things like "but you can't just say last time wasn't real fascism, that's not a counterargument", but he has successfully distracted them by annexing Corsica.

Slovenian Empire: It's always the ones you don't expect. Slovenia is embroiled in a massive air war with Greater Slovakia, as they decide to settle who the real SLO will be from here on out. They mostly fight in the airspace of NEUTRAL Hungary Neutral in Slovene-Slovak War. Please do not attack, whose economy is at this point built on selling wrecked airplanes to either side. They also grabbed chunks of Italy and North Africa because I don't understand the reasons why some countries were able to temporarily seize large areas of land in the past, and so I just handwave it as being "like when Germany got so much land in WWII".

Macedonia: Years of nationalism are finally paying off for Macedonia. When asked the question "is Macedonia Serbian, Greek, or Bulgarian?" they made the big-brain move of reversing the question. Instead, Serbian, Greek and Bulgarian are Macedonian!

Megalia: Megali himself wept a tear when he saw this country declare itself. Why it happened, I don't know. I like the aesthetic of Megali Idea maps, but don't like the associations of ethnic cleansing, suppression of minorities, or tensions that would come with the likely efforts to Hellenize the areas that would follow if this ever happened. So I'm going to handwave it, and say the locals just wanted it really hard. There's also no Greece, so I guess they're just their own thing now. Turkey didn't stop them because they're too busy doing magic.

Syria, Syrian Rebels: Assad got the incredibly skilled idea of just attacking most neighboring countries after letting the rebels conquer areas of Syria between him and those countries. So to get to him, those countries would need to beat the rebels for him! Unfortunately, the rebels instead just won, and annexed all of the land.

Iran: Finally living up to their name, Iran saw all the shit going on in Europe and decided to leave. They're traveling west, buying condos on Sri Lanka to move into. Behind them is Uncolonized Land, because that's how this works.

Kurdistan: The top minds of Europe decided to finally solve the Kurdistan issue. Drawing on the spirits of the finest 19th and 20th century European statesmen, they used a ouija board to determine where to put the country. For some reason, the Kurds are still upset.

Kyrgyzstan: I'm going to level with you here, until I looked it up again I'd been calling it "Kyrgygstan". Oops! Anyways, they eat Russia because BigRussia is boring, but Russia is so big that it's a lot of work to break it up. There also aren't many good ways to do so, at least if you want to seem realistic. So it's really best to just replace the whole thing with something new, to draw the viewers' attention away from how low-effort a move it is. As for how they conquered Russia? I dunno, man, how did the Mongols do it?

SCAM-dinavia: A Swedish guy lied to me once, and ever since then no one I've talked to in Sweden has recognized the vague description I gave them. From this, I've decided that Scandinavia is fake, or something. You know the joke about Finland being a conspiracy? Imagine that, but more half-assed.

Greater Slovakia: I like the twist on there being a Czechoslovakia-esque country, but instead it's just Slovak imperialism. Honestly, they should've had their hour in the spotlight of repressing other peoples. Anyways, their capital is Ultra Bratislava, which is build on a giant platform atop Gerlachovský štít, the tallest point of Slovakia. They did this because it sounded like a cool idea to me, personally.

Evil Hungary: Not actually evil. Briefly under the control of a fascist regime, they swiftly realized that they had accidentally scapegoated the wrong set of minorities, so they had no one to commit politicized violence against or deport. As a result, they lost popularity until a miltiary coup happened to them. However, the junta ran into the issue that they don't have enough land to form Transylvania, and can't form Eastern Hungary until Western Hungary exists. So they're stuck!

Poland: Poland saw all the shit that was happening in Europe, remembered what happened last time things went to hell, and said "nope, not this time". Rallying behind the only party whose patriotism was utterly unquestionable, the Polska Partia Przyjaciół Piwa, they proceeded to annex the ever-loving hell out of their neighbors in what I'm not going to call a Blitzkrieg not because I know the term is one invented by journalists and not a proper technical term, but because that would kinda be poor taste, y'know? Anyways, they won all their wars because they're fast.

Northern Ireland: The Irish issue is a bit confusing, and in the context of a British Civil War I'm not sure how things would go - it'd be messy, though, and probably involve a worseing of the situation and some violence, though. So instead I went with a compromise that everyone involved would hate to their very bones! The capital is Limerick because in English class I heard that's a type of poem, and that was funny, so yeah.

Britain is self-explanatory, really. It's just what's currently happening, but without the need to appease John Bercow. He does a vanishing act, like the Avatar in A:TLA, and that thows the whole country into chaos. The Queen straps on a jetpack and two flame-throwers to search for him on the Moon, and I don't think the Brits are held together by anything more than those two people, so I don't need to explain the civil war any further than that.
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