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A reverse civil war scenario. I don't know much about American politics, so this may be pretty far off from reality.
A reverse civil war scenario. I don't know much about American politics, so this may be pretty far off from reality.
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My biggest critique is that secession is the last ditch effort of a dying movement. The CSA left because if it didnt the North definitely would have enforced abolition. In this scenario, the South both won a major victory but the North is still mostly in control. I could see this US being more likely to go have an Imperialist adventure to gerrymander some more slave states in rather than secession
A reverse civil war scenario. I don't know much about American politics, so this may be pretty far off from reality.

Not bad, but why wouldn't the Pacific States join the Federated States? They're Americans and they're anti-slavery.

Hell, the resulting country can also call itself the United States of America and decry the rump South as having abandoned the principles of Americanness.
By the way, to continue our conversation from yesterday on organic vs "high" culture, if you're interested in that sort of thing you'll probably enormously enjoy reading Riddley Walker, by Russell Hoban. It's set in an Iron Age Kent about three thousand years after a nuclear war - I won't give any more of the plot or setting away, but it's well worth a read, particularly if you know that part of the world quite well (one for@DrWalpurgis as well, probably).

Will definitely check it out, it sounds good even if I'm not that familiar with Sussex's northern neighbour. Thanks!
Hate the concept (both the actions taken in-TL and the tying of Saxon identity to backwardness and intolerance), but love the map design and use of Anglish. Curious that orthography wasn't overhauled too, but that might've been a bridge too far.

Frankly, it'd be a good deal more worrying if you liked the concept of a Saxonophile Khmer Rouge...

On the orthography, there are two possible explanations to choose from:

1) I was simply too lazy to look up the unicode for the letter thorn and the various dipthongs that are used in Saxon orthography; or
2) At some point in the 1940s, England went through the equivalent of the Fraktur-Antiqua dispute in Nazi Germany, with orthography ultimately being simplified for ease of use.

Which you select is entirely up to you.

A Map of my Jurassic Reich series, as found in the Photos of the Alternate Worlds Section.

The island of Groscostow was situated in the Baltic nine miles off the coast of East Prussia. The Island's history goes all the way to the 10th Century AD, when it was discovered by Christian Missionaries back when an Ancient Slavic Tribe called the Gronii inhabited the island, hence the name for the island originates from the Proto-Slavonic words for Terror Island. In the 1600s, the island came under the control of the Kingdom of Prussia and became a private island for the Hohenzollern Family. On the island was built a chateau called Zahlrenberg, which was constructed in 1832. In 1907, the Imperial German Navy established a small reserve installation on the island, along with it, built a power station on the Western end of the island. In 1935, the Nazi Party purchased the island from the Hohenzollern family, and the following year, was decided to be used as base for the Project Regenesis team, in which the Germans started construction of a research facility on the island and use the already existing Chateau Zahlrenberg and the Reichsmarine Facilities to support the planned facilities. Among the newly built facilities was an Airfield, a Lagoon for breeding Mosasauruses, railway lines and facilities, large fence parameter, radio station, and paddocks for Dinosaurs.​
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What to the slaves?

And who are the communists?
Slaves (or any blacks in general) in the Confederate rump state were not treated nice at all, slaves who actively fought against the communist Confederacy would have been sent to prison, though most Blacks in their territory would have been left alone.
The Communists in this case were mainly a mixture of working class people, immigrants, and other minorities who would have been mistreated by the southern aristocracy.
I'm surprised that the Slave Rebellions and the Communists didn't simply link up
A fair few of them did join the Communist forces, though many also resisted due to the Communists generally hostile nature towards organised religion, and for many slaves, their faith was a major part of their identity.
I think that's all a casualty of the fact that alternate history as a whole tends to be simplistic retellings of a different past. Most AH focuses on war and violence, presents things in a black-and-white mentality, and either makes the world into a utopia, a dystopia, or a reflection of our personal political beliefs. Real history, meanwhile, is neither nearly as fun nor nearly as up front about its leanings. The taming of the Wild West didn't rely on gun-toting cowboy outlaws and shootouts at high noon, but rather railroads and barbed wire. Wars are fought in shades of gray. There was no one "bad guy" in World War One--both sides did wrong, even if the Central Powers did arguably more wrong than the Entente. The only war I would without question apply the term "bad guy" to is World War Two, because the guys with skulls on their hats and mass genocide camps in their backyards definitely fall in the shade of pitch black. And you'll be lucky in any alternate timeline to find out who invented the airplane, or the steam engine. You'll be lucky to find out who invents the light bulb.

We tend to see history as a straight line of events, dominoes falling in place one after another, when in reality, it's a great big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey... stuff. A million things are happening at once. Wooly mammoths were still alive when the pyramids were being built. Constantinople, and with it the Roman Empire, fell in 1453; thirty-nine years later, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The French used the guillotine for the final time on September 10, 1977; four months earlier, Star Wars had debuted on the big screen for the first time. It's hard to capture all of that in a timeline, things happening simultaneously across the world and making no sense, having no rhyme or reason, just as it's hard to capture all the crap going on in maps. Even in using something other than a WorldA, it would be extremely difficult to capture all the intricacies happening in colonial America.
Personally I think of a few other forces on par with those aftermentioned skull capped genocidal thugs, namely those under the Hammer and Sickle, the Rising Sun, and of course some hooded theocrats with "Allah" in their flag; that and WWII having some shades of gray albeit as the textbook example of a just war (it didn't happen in a vacuum you know), followed by the 1991 Gulf War as the #2 example.
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