Map Thread XIX

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So here's my submission. It's basically a combination of several of my Victoria 2 campaigns into a single world, with the map depicting its state in 1901, 20 years after the Second Napoleonic Wars and the American Reunification. Including:
-The Empire of the East Indies (the Asian rising star-aside from Japan-, a weird Anglo-Indian mix that may surpass Britain herself in the not-too-near future)
-The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (not even the second son of God could end the Century of Humiliation)
-The Northern Qing Empire (nobody cares about the claims of Taiwan's Southern Qing, they're mere puppets of the Japanese)
-The German Confederation (more chill with the new French Republic than you would expect)
-The (re)United States of America (the Confederate exiles in Cuba will get what they deserve for destroying the first Union, once the issue of Texas and California's extensive autonommy is solved)
-The United Republic of Peru-Bolivia (disputing with the Empire of Brazil the title of "main South American power")
-The United Kingdoms of Scandinavia (pretty chill compared to other European countries, but nationalistic claims over Finland and Estonia may change that)
-The Italian Empire (the dominance of the state by the calcified southern nobility and clergy makes many among the northern burgeoisie long for the days of the Savoy, even if they were puppets of Paris)
-The Kingdom of Britanny (Britain's way of keeping a foothold on France's doorstep in case they get expansionist ambitions for the third time; will probably cause the next great European war)
-The Mali Empire (their conquest of French Senegal showed the European powers they should look elsewhere to establish their colonies)
The South African Republic (debating wether the natives deserve more rights or not; will probably cause a civil war, which the UK is ready to take advantage of)
-Nouvelle-Zélande (conquered from Britain in the 1840's, nowadays they are independent from France in all but name)
And much, much more...

20 years after... ...American Reunification.
You say that, but I still see several wayward states who need brought back into the fold and foreign occupation of the whole of Oregon Country...

How’d you manage to keep the west as... oh, several Vicky campaigns. And I’m sure you took artistic liberties in some way. I can’t imagine even the AI leaving states as territories into 1901. A very interesting idea; taking the strangest ideas from multiple games and putting them together
You say that, but I still see several wayward states who need brought back into the fold and foreign occupation of the whole of Oregon Country...
This is loosely based in a US campaign with the HFM More Stuff mod, where after getting my ass kicked by Britain and losing New England and the Oregon Country (and some other territories) I became the FSA and forced the US to slowly release Texas, Deseret, California and Lousiana. I eventually reunified the nation with the released states becoming puppets, but had to renounce to New England and the former US territories in Canada because I didn't have the numbers to face their British overlords. The actual lore here is somewhat different: the CSA revolts and with the Treaty of New York decision it forces the US to release California, Deseret and Texas. After licking its wounds, the reorganized FSA fund a slave rebellion that establishes New Africa in Alabama and northern Lousiana, and in a minor war against the CSA they conquer Arkansas and release Oklahoma, now the Cherokee Republic. Confederate Lousiana, seeing the painting on the wall, declares independence just before the FSA deals the final blow to the Confederacy, with its leaders fleeing to independent Cuba. The FSA declares the restoration and goes to war against Texas, Lousiana and California (Deseret having been conquered before), but they manage to force a stalemate that ends with the St. Louis Compromise, which sees California, Texas, Cherokee, New Africa and Louisiana rejoin the US in exchange of ample autonommy. There are few who want to reconquer New England and support the American immigrants in British Columbia who seek independence from Canada, but for now the British Empire is too powerful.

Also yes, I took several artistic liberties here and there, but for the most part what's exposed is either the result of a particularly interesting campaign, and interesting outcome of an event or decision or just the AI doing something cool.
The Dominguez-Escalante Mission and the Discovery of Lakes San Ignacio and Lahontan (9413x5595)

For a timeline about the Bonneville and Lahontan lakes sticking around until modern times that me and someone else might be developing maybe not too sure.

TL-KBA-777: Provinces of the United Empire of Fredonia


After awhile, here's my return to my on-again-off-again graphics TL, TL-KBA-777! This time, here's a map of the provinces of the United Empire of Fredonia, one of the three global superpowers and the leader of the "Triumvirate" alliance. I won't do a write-up for this particular map, as I already have a decently in-depth write-up of this scenario for the 2019 world map ITTL, not to mention a handful of other graphics that provide context, but the shortened version is that this world diverges from OTL when Benedict Arnold emerges victorious in his conquest of Canada, which causes him to become the one of the most prominent and celebrated figures within the Continental Army. After George Washington is killed in the retreat from Long Island, Arnold succeeds Washington as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and becomes a pivotal figure once the US secures its independence. In collaboration with those who support a more centralized government during the Articles of Confederation, Arnold successfully pushes for a new constitution that replaces the US with the Commonwealth of America, a constitutional monarchy, and Benedict Arnold is crowned its first monarch, King Benedict I of the Commonwealth of America. Mexico later goes through an American-backed war of independence of its own, led by Miguel Hidalgo ITTL (who is later crowned King of Mexico), and American King Richard I manages to secure a personal union by marrying the heir to the Mexican throne, Princess Sabine. This later leads to a Mexican-American personal union by the 1820s under Benedict Augustin who declares the United Empire of Fredonia as a unification of his two realms in 1840. By the present day, the UEF is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with Empress Alexandria II presiding over a chaotic and highly pluralistic Imperial Parliament.

EDIT: While making this write-up, I realized that I forgot to label the constituent kingdoms of the UEF on this map. Basically, the blue provinces are part of the Commonwealth of America, the red are part of the Federal Mexican Kingdom, and the yellow are part of the Kingdom of Oregon. None of these constituent kingdoms hold any real political power in the same way that the constituent nations of the UK operate in OTL, however, they each have their own appointed viceroy that serves as a local representative figurehead of the Fredonian monarchy.
So here's my submission. It's basically a combination of several of my Victoria 2 campaigns into a single world, with the map depicting its state in 1901, 20 years after the Second Napoleonic Wars and the American Reunification. Including...
That actually is a really interesting timeline, nice job.
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