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I'd imagine India just had an exchange with Pakistan...although I do wonder how France got involved.
The US launched, Russia launched, which hit NATO assets in Europe including several airbases in France, France went tit-for-tat, including two secondary strikes.
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Light Blue: New England, the birthplace of America.
Dark Blue: The Northeast, the core of America.
Ice Blue: Appalachia, the legends of America.
Green: The Midwest, the heart of America.
Red: The South, the faith of America.
Light Red: The Upper South, the rivers of America.
Purple: Florida, the vacation spot of America.
Yellow: The Great Plains, the breadbasket of America.
Brown: The West, the frontier of America.
Pink: The Southwest, the future of America.
Hot Pink: SoCal, the entertainment of America.
Orange: NorCal, the brainpower of America.
Dark Green: The Pacific Northwest, the nature of America.

All in all, 13 cultural regions of the continental United States. I'm actually really proud of this, what do you guys think?
Part of Upstate NY should be part of Midwest in my opinion, or at least the Buffalo area
But how would you define NorCal?

Distinct from Central California, for one thing. Of course, Central California isn't notable enough to warrant its own region when there's only 13 in the Lower 48. There's three approaches to dealing with this: (1) rename your "NorCal" (not sure what you'd call it), (2) combine your "NorCal" and SoCal regions into one big California region, or (3) lump Central California in with another region. If you were to do number 3, I think the best region to combine it with would be the brown one. A lot of it is more "Breadbasket" than "Frontier", but whatever. I wouldn't call it the Southwest, but your original pink region seemed to be defined by large Hispanic populations, and most of Central California fits that perfectly. Your northern border for SoCal is perfect, I wouldn't mess with that.

I also wasn't quite sure what you were doing with that northeastern spur in the first map, though obviously all of that is firmly Northern California. The PNW and "Frontier" overlap with NorCal, so that's not a big deal.
Part of Upstate NY should be part of Midwest in my opinion, or at least the Buffalo area
I did research and many disputed the idea of Buffalo being midwestern, but I’m not totally sure I live in Arizona I’m not familiar with the Midwest or northeast.

As someone coming from Buffalo, we don't think of ourselves as being the Midwest, but culturally the difference between Buffalo and say, Cleveland, is small enough you could make that argument.
As someone coming from Buffalo, we don't think of ourselves as being the Midwest, but culturally the difference between Buffalo and say, Cleveland, is small enough you could make that argument.
So should I put Buffalo and it's surroundings in the Midwest or the Northeast?
Sometimes I run across a scenario and I am compelled to map it.

Sometimes I run across a scenario and I am compelled to map it.

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Wow that was a blast from the past. If you want to know how absurd this world is, I named an HRE player Albert Einstein Jr.


Inspired by a discussion thread about "natural" borders: here are my personal interpretations of what such borders ought to look like for Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Note that these proposals are not aimed at creating countries that would magically have a homogeneous population. In fact, there are cases where parts of the national populace are left outside the borders. The goal here is to depict borders that would create the most territorially cohesive, defensible countries. There are situations in OTL where I believe certain countries actually hold more land than would be ideal for that purpose.

(To be clear: this is a thought exercise, not a scenario.)

natural borders.png

Some notes:

-- We see the Carolingian inheritance reflected here. This is to be expected, but it's even more strikingly clear than one might expect.

-- The area of Germany that I believe the Netherlands should claim in this context has significant correspondence to the historical Low German area. Similarly, the area that Austria should claim has significant correspondence to the historical Upper German area. The region in between, similarly, greatly reflects the Middle German area. Even without attempting to create divisions along those lines, we see them pop up anyway. Geography isn't destiny, but it sure does stack the deck!

-- The most heavily contested regions, seen together, greatly resemble Lotharingia. Despite the fact that the Middle Kingdom ceased to exist while France and Germany coalesced, it remains visible as the proverbial (and occasionally literal!) no man's land where the strategic interests of France and Germany both overlap and clash with one another.

-- The topographic basemap is is not mine, and comes from over yonder in the Q-bam thread.

-- ETA: After it was pointed out to me that using the relevant stretch of the Meuse as Germany's "natural" western border, instead of following the Moselle for a bit there, I found myself having to agree. I have correspondingly altered the map. (The resulting boundary happens to more closely reflect the historical frontier of the French "core", as well, just as the Rhine can be seen as the historical frontier of the German "core".)
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ALT2 1_1945.png

Basically a WW2 ATL (or post WW2? Well the change from main TL is TTL's WW2 at any rate) from my "The Kaiser, the Tsar, and a Springtime Revolution". One of three scenarios I had about that TLs WW2 going differently. This shows the Anglo-Britannic and Anglo-Indian wars ending with British (Anglo) victory, which leads to US and Mexico later defeating Socialist Central America and there being no intervention to save Socialist Uruguay and Paraguay from Argentina. Allied Powers of Germany, Russia and Italy were defeated by the Latin Entente (only thing that makes that name inaccurate is South Slavia and later Finland). This is the immediate post war world where decolonization could not happen yet. Now getting to notes:
1: French State is victorious, that much is certain. And as such a scion of House of Orleans now sits in Paris. Jean, Duke of Guise might not have been crowned but now that Germany and Russia have been defeated Regent Charles Maurras has finally managed to get the Count of Paris to be crowned Henri VI, King of the French.
2: The House of Lords, the Legitimate House of Commons (now no longer in exile), and King Edward are all in a very celebratory mood now that Union of Britannic Syndicalist Commonwealths is defeated. Otherwise rebuilding continues. The Kaiser and the Tsar might have been their enemies but they were still family to the house of Windsor. Also an Orleans might be reigning in Paris but His Majesty's Government finds it hard to not see Napoleon and his continental system. Safe to say the Foreign Office is working hard to gather allies so that France's domination of the continent will not last.
3: Unsurprisingly, France did not let Germany stay united. But with Action Française in power they are still monarchies. Dutch, Saxon, Bavarian and Liechtenstein monarchies remain, While in Brandenburg Wilhelm III had to abdicate but Hohenzollerns kept the throne. House of Hanover is pretty thankful for their "Westphalia" while in Bohemia the Romanov king has been replaced by a Czech aristocrat.
4: In Italy France has tolerated 3 Republics however (Switzerland also remains a republic). House of Savoy also got to keep Piedmont. Italy also shows some of the gifts Spain has gained. Naples is a Spanish puppet under House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.
5: Neutrality in both World Wars has helped the Ottoman Empire much. The House of Osman now reigns over an Empire that rivals France and Britain in strength. Its late declaration of war on Russia was an opportunistic move to secure Caucasia and "liberate" Turkestan. The Sultan-Caliph has invited the King-Emperor and the Tenno (with their Prime Ministers) to hash out a treaty that will make the anti "Latin" Entente alliance that is tentatively called London-Constantinople-Tokyo Axis (shame that League of Three Emperors had already been used).
6: Russian Republic or West Russia. Eastern Europe is weirdly republican when you consider that they are satellites of the Actionist France. New government in Petrograd is appropriately Religious, Nationalistic and Anti-Semitic for Paris' tastes however.
7: Indian Republic invading the remnants of the Raj during their war with UBSC was first seen as bad in Ottawa. But they managed to defeat them and restore the Raj to how it used to be, so London is fine with it. That war would eventually happen so it is all well that it was handled sooner.
8: China can be considered the beating hearth of socialism. How long that hearth will continue to beat is debatable however.
9: France gave Spain a few more prizes in the form of colonies. Regent Francisco Franco was forced to crown the Legitimist Pretender to France (under the name Henry VI) and (unpopular among Carlists, who had fractured in 1936) Carlist claimant to Spain, Jaime Bourbon as King of Spain. This was mostly Maurras throwing a bone at the Legitimists. Like Maurras, Franco did not cede any power to the newly crowned King.
10: The Empire had to give most of Africa, Ceylon and Burma dominion status to keep them without rebellions. The areas reclaimed from UBSC are not going to get that status as long as His Majesty's Government can help it.
11: A Romanov reigns in Vladivostok. The Tsar and his ministers often ponder about whether losing European Russia or becoming a puppet to Japan of all nations is more embarrassing.
12: Mexico is quite happy with their alliance with the US and their gains from the war against socialists. "The Perfect Dictatorship" is quite content with its circumstances. Some consider abandoning US to join up with the Entente however. (The fact that this might lead to US joining with Britain-Ottomans-Japan is mostly ignored)
13: Argentina is quite close with UK and will likely remain so. the, Entente member, Integralist Estado Novo Brazil is a much bigger issue than Malvinas after all.
14 (not on map): Nuclear Weapon hasn't been invented yet but France, Brazil, Britain, Japan and Ottoman Empire all have programs at various levels of advancement.
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