Map Thread XIX

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Hey this is a dumb question but can someone help me find that map of that Buddhist Russian empire vs Pagan Nazi Germany that got posted here a few days ago? Thanks in advance
Turn it upside down.
I did that! Sort of. Good ol‘ Mediterretidem. I had intended to turn it upside down, but then this came out of that and I liked it more.
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Franco-Britain (1932).png

This weird monsterous map is an improvement, I think, to my last one. This timeline has 2 POD, one in which the colony of Vinland is survived and the second one is where England one the One Hundredth Year War and United with France. Due to the English being more involved in European politics, They focus less on colonies allowing other states to colonize other parts of the world. The Nordic nations would keep Vinland a secret until the late 1400s with European discovering the rest. IRL Christopher Columbus attempted to allow the English to travel to India through the Atlantic however they declined due to wanting to stay out of European politics. In this timeline they allow Columbus to sail across the Atlantic, and with Columbus landing in the Caribbean, he would claim it for the Kingdom of England and France. By 1700 the English-French would have conquered the Caribbean, Mexico and Lousiana. The Scandinavians conquer Canada and the East Coast of the US. The Russian conquer Alaska. The Portuguese conquer Brazil and Spain colonize the rest of South America. Eventually, The United States of Vinland is founded after the Vinnish war of independence. By 1890 the Europeans left the Americans but begin colonizing Africa. Germany and Italy stills unite, With the Germans annexing Austria. in 1915 the First Great war occurs between Germany, Hungary, Ottoman Turkey, California, Qing China and Italy until 1917, and the Commonwealth of Britain, Ireland and France, The Nordic empire, Russia, Japan and more. Russia stills fall into civil war. The allies would win thanks to the intervention by Vinland and Lousiana. The Russian White army and the surviving members of the monarchs dose a Taiwan and escape to Alaska, establishing their own republic planning to reclaim Russia from the reds. Mexico falls into a civil war, Qing dynasty is barely holding on. The economy sucks, and some mustache man came in power in Germany.

Another map from OTL! Same projection and scale as my Scottish map. Feedback is appreciated

The name 'Derry' is chosen over 'Londonderry' because most people in the county and city refer to 'Derry' in casual conversation over 'Londonderry'.

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Welsh towns that do not fit on the map are…

· Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen

It is said that humanity has suffered four blights: One of Nature, that allowed our rise; One of Plague, created from lack of knowledge; One of War, fought for glory and collective green; and One of Desire, of selfishness and ignorance.

The Eight Nation Federation is the first re-civilized people that the exploration fleet came across after their departure, but it remained mysterious, with Empiyr making sure that as little information leeks about her and her sister nations to the outside world, escorting travelers as needed. For the longest time, the only information we knew about the Eight Nation Federation was the Stone River, the fortress of Cleveland, and the deserted capital known as the "Urban Jungle," only ever occupied by passing travelers, a symbol of the Fourth Blight. However, the Eight Nation Federation has finally opened up to Nation of Taurs.

The Eight Nations are as follows:
Empiyr, the leader by default, controls and operates the Stone River that allows ships to travel between the West, the North and Sea. For decades now, they've been fighting a small statelet in their north-east known as the Green Mountain Commune, who are fiercely independent and, if the Federation is to be believed, a threat to their northern regions. Rokester makes up the capital
Appalashia: Westernmost region, dominated by the fortresses of Pitsburg and Cleyvland that protect the Federation from barbarians like the Oio and Viskonen. They also have a large timber industry. Pitsburg is the capital.
Pensilvania: Wealthiest member outside of Empiyr, and contain the second largest city with Filadelfea, which is also their capital and is a popular place starting point for many expeditions southward.
Jersey: The lower part of this state, along the coast, is waterlogged and is among the poorest regions of the federation. The upper regions are fertile farmlands. Trentin is their capital
Coneticut: Federation member centered on the Coneticut river. Despite their capital being the coastal Hayvin and controlling most of Long Island, they're more focused on expanding north and trying to establish land routes from Bostin to Albaney.
Providens: Small federation member with a problem of too much influence in the hands of the Lords of Providens. Otherwise is a smaller version of Masachusets (see below). Capital is the city of Providens.
Masachusets: Third wealthiest federation member, it dominates the sea with a large fleet. This fleet is mostly used for fishing, but can also be summoned for war (mostly as transport to attack northern and southern coastal enemies) and exploration. Its capital and main base for the fleet is Bostin.
Hampshire: Poor, landlocked region centered around Mankester. Their warriors are seen as the finest in the federation, but are reserved to fighting off raids from Green Mountain.


Yet another addition to the the Four Blights scenario, heading back to the Americas this time. Got inspired by this after seeing maps for the "Six/Multi State council" on re-opening after Coronavirus in Eastern United States, and I felt like adding something similar to that in this world.
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